Danimoz lifts hard with endurance! (fahrenheit)

  1. Danimoz lifts hard with endurance! (fahrenheit)

    Got my bottle of endurance by Fahrenheit nutrition today which is bcaas plus beta alanine and creatinol-o-phosphate.

    Gonna give my first impressions.

    The bottle has alot going on so it's hard to make out what it says but who really cares about the bottle.

    Didn't use it yet just sampled some in a little cup of water. The taste was really good almost the best I've ever had. Smell isn't too great though it's strong

    From the look of the label it's a very strong supplement and I can't wait to get started! Will update every day with my 1 or 2 main lifts from training as well as how I feel on it. Pumped about this product!

  2. Taste change to 10/10 this stuff tastes great!

    Bench press today 225x4,3,3,2

  3. Killed it today deadlifts 315x4 a new PR!

  4. congrats on the pr!

  5. 260x4 squats parellel

  6. Looking good!

  7. Bench press 225x5

  8. How is everything going?

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox
    How is everything going?
    I tore the muscle in my shoulder

  10. Still gonna hit legs since it doesn't cause too much pain 250 5x5

  11. I must say I love this stuff it tastes delicious and energizes the hell outta me

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Danimozz View Post
    I tore the muscle in my shoulder
    damn man feel better

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox

    damn man feel better
    Thanks hopefully I wont be out for long

  14. how are you feeling? shoulder getting any better?

  15. Yep! Doc said I should be good to go in a few days

  16. Ok so finished the cycle. Lifts went up about 20 pounds on compounds. Could be due to me starting westside but either way this supp definitely helped. If your looking for a good preworkout this is the one for you. It tastes great and provides actual noticeable effects. Congrats to Fahrenheit. Great job great product


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