Getting my Lean on with LEAN-EFX REFINED(sponsered)

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  1. Getting my Lean on with LEAN-EFX REFINED(sponsered)

    DAY 1 SEPT 4 2012

    ok well i want to start out by saying thanks to bolanrox and fahrenheit nutrition for letting me log LEAN-EFX Refined. this os my first log so it will be a learn as i go kind of thing. also i will be using AI SPORTS preworkout MANAIC which is not sponsored but i will be adding little tidbits in here about that product. i havent gotten the lean efx yet but am starting the log today because this was the day i planned on starting my diet, i will be sure to included when the product is received. i am 24 years old i have been lifting weights since freshman year of high school so thats about 9 years or so. i am going to be running a cut i am sitting at 247 lbs right now at 5'10'' and am planning on getting down to 210-215.
    the diet:
    IF with a feeding window from 1700-2100
    starting with the first week my macros are planned to be around
    protein 370g
    carbs 100g the first week then will cut carbs each week after and adjust protein and fats
    fat 146.6g

    training will be fasted and i have four different weekly plans that will be rotated each week
    cardio will be 5-6 times a week and will also be going between LISS and HIIT cardio and cardio will also be fasted.
    i will be using myfitness pal to track food and cals.
    i will try and attach pics when i can and also the workout and diet for the day


  2. ok workout for today was chest and tris
    4 set of 5 bench
    3 sets of 12 incline bench
    3 sets of 12 db flat bench
    1 set of 40 db flyes

    2 sets of 5 close grip bench
    2 sets of 12 seated french press
    1 set of 40 cable extension

    diet for to today will be posted tomorrow morning

  3. ok so i got my diet put into myfitnesspal and my macros were a little off but its a work in progress
    total cal 2128
    carbs 121
    fat 122
    pro 164

    i know i need to put my protein for the day and lower my carbs based on the plan i set

  4. ok got my workout for today day two sept 5 in as follows
    bb rows 4sets of 5
    t bar rows 3 sets of 8
    db rows 3 sets of 10
    lat pulldowns 3 sets of 10
    cable rows 1 set of 40

    bb shrugs 2 sets of 5
    db shrugs 2 sets of 12
    bb shrugs 1 set of 40

    i will post diet tonight after my feeding window
    and also will try my best at updating thrusday-saturday but iwill be going to work and like i said i am in the coast guard and will be running a search and rescue boat crew down in venice louisiana while we r trying to get cleaned up after hurricane issac, if i dont post while down there, i will post for each day once im back home due to that i will be writing everything down

  5. hey man !

  6. IM in to see the results.
    Here is my log

  7. So I got home yesterday from two long days of hurricane clean up to find that my bottle had arrived.
    I'm gonna start out taking just one a day like the label says and then go from there. Most likely will just add a second pill in the afternoon.

  8. Ok took my first pill this moring . Its somewhat large compared to others but not bad the coating on the pill made it go down easy. Will post pic later to show comparison. And will update throughout day on how it feels . So glad its football Sunday. Enjoyed watching lsu win last night and now its tine for a saints win. WHO DAT

  9. After my first dose yesterday everything is all good. No jitters and really helps with the hunger. Took my first dose this morning and will take a second at linch . Headed back to work for two straight dqys . Will update when can

  10. Will Maniac be the only other supporting supplement you are taking? NO multivitamin, etc?

  11. I will be taking a multi and also bcaa through the day

  12. In on this

  13. Well finally home from two straight days at work. Been up since four because of a medavac. Getting rdy to hit up the gym in bout a hour will update when back

  14. welcome back!

  15. ok workout for the day is done
    it was back traps and forearms
    bent over rows 4x8
    deads 4x8
    pulldowns 4x12
    db rows 3x12
    cable rows 4x12
    shrugs 6x10
    behind the back bb wrist curls 4x fail
    diet will be posted later tonight after my fast ends or tomorrow, i will be starting today no more than 50g carbs with a high day once even 6-7 days to see how that works. been taking two leans efx a day and no jitters or upset stomach so its all good to go. thats something i really like about this product along with it killing the hunger which really helps with this 20 hour fast.

  16. Diet for yesterday at the end of my fast ended up being two steaks a bundle of asperagus. Two cans of tuna and a spoonful of peatnut butter( yum). No gym today but got in 40min of cardio this morning just jogging g around the neighborhood. Getting rdy to end my fast on about five min. Made my first loaf of paleo bread and can't wait to try some of it. Tomorrow I will be headed back to work for three days. And we finally got power back so I can update using g the computer and moved all of our weights out of mud and outside so all this weekend workouts will be in the sun. Hopefully add on top of the intensity I alrdy have. Still running the two a day pills and still loving it. I will definitely recommend this product to others.

  17. Fast ended at 2100 was able to get down two chicken breast. Two corn on the cob. 1/2 cup of almonds and two slices of my paleo bread which by the way is not to bad.

  18. diet and workout for friday sept 14
    workout was chest today
    flat bench 4x8
    incline bench 4x8
    incline db flyes 3x12
    pullovers 4x12
    decline db press 3x8
    dips 3x fail

    diet for the day was tuna, almond, pork steaks
    cal 897
    carbs 22
    fat 38
    pro 115
    everything for the day was lower than i would like

  19. will be uploading a new pic of myself, and also what im working with as far as gym at work and also some pics of work before we got it cleaned up

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  21. mud in pics are bout one foot deep and water is about 4 feet deep

  22. sat the 15th.
    leg day
    leg press 4x8
    leg curls 4x12
    leg ext 4x12
    calf raises 4x12
    stiff leg deadlifts 3x15
    diet was tuna, corn, steaks, and almonds
    cal 1973
    carbs 82
    fat 134
    pro 140
    sunday the 16th will be just a cardio day, will be getting it done early so i can enjoy some football today, and still really enjoying this product nd the energy it gives with the jitters, i havent noticed any side affects such as the warm hat feeling rushing over my face or anything like that.

  23. monday the 17th was cardio and delt day
    behind the neck presses
    military press
    lat raise
    front plate raise
    front raise
    reverse pec deck
    reverse flyes
    diet was hamburger no bun, chicken,tuna, and a little bit of pickles ended up at
    cal 713
    carb 2
    fat 19
    pro 129 for the day

    tuesday the 18th
    arm day
    close grip bench
    overhead db ext
    ez bar curl
    wide grip curl
    hammer curl
    con curl
    protien shake,chicken, beans, and paleo bread
    cal 722
    carb 26
    fat 14
    pro 117

    wed the 19th
    cardio day, ran 1.5 mile at normal pace, then 20 min hiit
    diet tuna, corn, and chicken
    cal 728
    carb 19
    fat 15 pro 129

    thursday 20th
    cardio day was same as wednsday and diet will also be the same for the day.
    get to go home tomorrow and be off for the weekend
    i am still taking 2 pills a day and all is good, still no side effects or problems

  24. Workout for the day is in the books.
    Incline press
    Incline DB press
    Decline DB press
    Decline flyers
    Bb rows
    Cable rows
    T bar rows
    And wide grip pull ups four sets to failure
    After workout got a little jog around the block for 30min followed up by some yard work now the rest of the day is open for some football.
    Took my second pill after yard work today and in still loving it one of the best weight loss supps to help with hunger this is great for me while fasting. Won't break fast for the day till five and plan for dinner will be eggs and some bacon gotta love breakfast for dinner


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