Getting my Lean on with LEAN-EFX REFINED(sponsered)

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  1. great job man, glad it worked out for you!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by mattborn00 View Post
    Diet for the past days has been mostly chicken tuna and ground beef.
    Yesterday I took three pills just to see if there would be any nausea or anything and I am very surprised to say that there was not any. I took my last dose 30 min ago and after this run I must say this is a great product one of the best fat burner I have tried. I lost around 12 pounds in this past month and feel great. Thanks again
    ive replaced ground beef with ground turkey and am very pleased with the taste
    Nutraceutical Innovations
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  3. Thanks man I'll try that out

  4. ground turkey is close and pretty good depending on the brand. it may be total placebo but my grocers organic ground turkey (forget the brand) is really good and sealed up nice (less eh to handle than the usual butcher wrapped in plastic wrap stuff)

  5. Ground turkey is the way to go! Now that I eat that, I can't stand 96/4 ground beef. Throw taco seasoning on it, that and ground chicken are both awesome! And not too expensive.



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