Hyper T2 & Revamp – LizKing’s stim-free quest for abs

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    Yeah - I like it a lot better... At 3 caps, I would wake up really groggy & it didn't seem like I was recovering as quickly as I had previously. Granted, I was taking HGHPro for the first 3weeks coming off a deload, and I've been taking MassHGH on the 3 weeks leading into a deload - so part of me can give MassHGH a little break, as my body could just be needing a timely deload.

    At 4 caps though, everything seems to click - I'm waking up much more refreshed than at 3 caps & I'm looking pretty shredded upon waking the last few days. My aggression seems to be up a bit recently as well. I've had a bunch of random stressors in my life, so some of that could just be my own nerves, but either way - it's managable & quite honestly, if I could keep it confined to the weight room - it's a-ok as I keep smashing PRs

    I'm planning on keeping at 4 caps for now, unless anything changes. The only thing that has came into mind lately has been a bit of lagging libido - early AM it's raging, but damn near nothing more than a whimper in the evening. I'll call it nerves, I guess....
    Thanks for the update.
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  2. This was a great natty recomp stack - my scale numbers hardly changed - lowest I got was 168 - highest went to 175, but starting & finishing weigh-ins were both 170lbs. I feel leaner (& feel I look a bit leaner as well). My diet started strong, but got a little more lazy as time went on & stresses piled on... I feel I could've probably made better fat-loss progress had I been more meticulous & less stressed - live & learn...

    Strength numbers stayed high thoughout. The main takeaway for me was just how little this stack took up my attention - no surge of energy & crash, no cracked out feelings, just a lot of overall warmth & consistent appetite. If I needed a little extra boost, a simple cup of coffee would be more than enough kick for the day...

    I enjoyed this run & would definitely recommend to someone looking for a little help with a recomp without heavy stims. I feel a good momentum building in me to continue this journey - AM's a good group to have around - keeps the questions answered & the motivation high.

    This as well as my concurrent Volatile log are the first of hopefully many more as I continue to learn & grow -

    Final pic attached - taken first thing in the morning 10.19.12 –
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  3. Nice work!
    Thanks for the log and review.
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  4. Thanks!!! looking forward to where this journey takes me next -

  5. Starting a new workout log - Average Jo-No-Mo: LizKing’s Training Log



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