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Okay. Let's get down to it.

Athletix Formula-X

  • Increased testosterone
  • Increased libido
  • Increased IGF-1 levels
  • Increased recovery
  • Increased aggression
  • Increased mTOR = Protein Synthesis
  • Great Pink Lemonade Taste!

This is a preworkout. I used it for 3 weeks before each workout. Now is time for the review.

Taste: 9/10. This would receive a 10/10 except for the little chunks of DAA that I often find at the bottom. It really is very little, but still can get a little nasty.

Energy: 7/10. Okay so this might seem a bit ridiculous. A 7/10 for a preworkout is pretty damn good considering the primary goal of this preworkout isn't stimulation (no caffeine, no 1,3, etc.). However, I felt very, very focused on this. Even after my workout I would still have tons of energy. Not recommended right before bed.

Fat loss: N/A. Certainly not the goal of the product, but if it's your goal to lose fat, this will help.

Mass: N/A. Same as above.

Libido Increase: 5/10. Already high guys! Haven't cycled in a while. The DAA did its job, but I'm 23. Let's face it, I'm already all there. Balls did increase in size. Load size increased as well.

Aggression: 8/10. I was much, much more focused in the gym and really tearing it up. That focus and drive really kept me going and I was able to pump myself up much better AND consistently. No "blah" days with Formula X.

Recovery: 8/10. Not so sure about this. At this point in the game I am lucky to be increasing weight much (and I rarely try). While not on anything I'm all about maintenance and slowly gaining muscle and trying to stay lean. Definitely felt an increase in my endurance during the workouts but can't say for sure if I was literally recovering faster.

What I do know is that I was able to crank out a few more reps each set and a lot more reps per workout. Which is huge going into the total volume/TUT during the week/month.

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

I absolutely recommend this especially as an alternative (or a stack with!!) stim preworkouts.