JAC3D nothin' micro 'bout it!!

  1. JAC3D nothin' micro 'bout it!!

    wow thanks guys!!

    got home to box fulla goodies--a tee the jack3d and a bottle damn!!!!

    start killin' tomorrow

  2. wow that's one nice shaker bottle guys!!

    well I live and die by my preworkout cause--I have $ teenagers-a disabled wife-work 65 hrs a week !

    mixed it in the morn and stuck it in my work fridge-
    clocked out and drank the jack3d--good taste and started with 2 LITE scops
    started my 1/2 hr commute home and when I pulled into drive-I WAS READY TO SMASH SOME IRON

    taste is very drinkable also guys

  3. also gettin' a decent pump guys

  4. ffffffff==12 hr shift so no lifting leaving for a 14 today

  5. 35 hrs in three days
    but got Sunday Monday off

  6. Unbreakable
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    All my life I've never stopped to worry 'bout a thing,
    Open up and shout it out, an' never try to sing,
    Wondering if I've done it wrong,
    Will this depression last for long, wont you tell me,
    Where have all the good times gone.

  7. taste is def "growing" on me-and don't mis-understand-very drinkable as I said before-
    More I use it the more I like it lol

    2 scoops definitely seems to be the go to dosing for me tho-
    hitting legs

  8. took Labor day off to relax-grill-enjoy life

    back to work for a 13 hr shift today and the jack3d pulled thru great

    rows-dips-kick backs-skull crushers

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    had to run errands after work yesterday...got home 9pm in my uniform ughh

    back at it today


  10. took a rest day yesterday--

    chest today my fave

    really diggin this jack3d guys!

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Size:  177.6 KBdoin' legs--but this log is quite so here's some pics to liven it up!!Name:  megan-fox-wonder-woman.jpg
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  12. well been havin trouble gettin on the site guys--
    but still been rockin the JAC3D !!!

    doin dem deads!!!

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Size:  22.7 KBkillin' chest

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  14. had an AWESOME chest workout hoping to pull some good squats out today

    lovin the jack3ed !!

  15. this is a great product guys definitely gonna pick some up

    doin' row row rows tonite

  16. also like that I am not really building a "resistance" to this--take a day off and next day BAM! Kicks in big time again

  17. feelin' good bros--smashin' on bench tonite

  18. few more days left in the container

    must say good stuff guys!!!

    good taste
    mixes well
    good pump and good "lift"


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