Cordeen Vidatest Log (Unsponsored)

  1. Cordeen Vidatest Log (Unsponsored)

    Ok fellow AM members, maybe it's just me but this 40 year old responded so well to Vidatest in my last "sponsored" log that I was honestly going to start another log but this time however, it's "unsponsored" and the coin came out of my pocket. See I purchased a 270 count bottle towards the end of my last run because I "myself" reaped so many benefits from this stuff.

    I understand that recently I had been chosen as a Vidasupps Rep but I honestly had planned to start this thread before I had been chosen. I seriously think this stuff is tailored towards all but in particular, the older crowd and endurance athletes. I WAS going to log this again! Below is my previous log and a review for those who would like to catch up on how things went during my last run.

    Cordeen Vidatest Log (Sponsored)

    VidaTest Review!

    Today is day 2 and day 1 my sleep had improved and I felt the increased body temperature that I felt in my first log. This diminished after a few days. I am dosing 4 caps in the morning and I open the caps and swallow the powder with water. It is terrible tasting but ah well. I find most capsules get caught in my throat so I do this unless something is time released. I am taking nothing else. Last run I introduced Triazole with it but became edgy so I ceased it. I love Triazole solo too.

    Day 2 my mood increased in that I am much more focused and chatty and able to deliver instruction to students more easily, which is part of my job. I teach helicopter maintenance to new trainees. So we will see what tonight's sleep will bring. I expect vivid dreams, a deep sleep but hopefully not a messy one. Outside of that, libido is unchanged and aggression is zero.

    Tomorrow is cardio and this is where this product really shined in my eyes. We will see.

  2. Day 3

    Slightly increased libido....a few random semis today.

    I felt an improvement in my cardio on my 5km run. I ran at the same pace but had more in store. I held back though. I'll push it more next run. But upon finishing I was not as fatigued as I normally would be.

    Increased appetite hit around supper time. Also I ate a huge lunch and surprisingly was not groggy midday.

  3. Day 5

    Some leaning out. Great sleep. Afternoon drowsiness gone. Mood is normal. Catching myself checking out more women and more thought

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