AE's at it again, thanks to Fahrenheit Nutrition (Sponsored)

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  1. AE's at it again, thanks to Fahrenheit Nutrition (Sponsored)

    A huge thanks to Brucega for this opportunity. Yesterday afternoon I received a bottle of Endurance and Lean EFX refined.

    I have to tellyou that I am absolutely thrilled about this, as Endurance is something that I have had my eye on for quite a while. Here are some links to the products so everyone is in the know.

    Fahrenheit Nutrition Lean EFX Refined (60 Capsules): Discount Lean EFX Refined Supplements

    Fahrenheit Nutrition Endurance (405 gram): Discount Endurance Supplements

    I will be dosing as suggested with 1 scoop of endurance per day and 1 lefx twice per day. Once upon waking and once 6-8 hours later.

    The goal of this log is to continue to lean out a bit, as I have been having some major stomach issues. Per my doctor, I just started Align probiotic and it seems to be helping a great deal. That has taken a great deal of bloat out of my belly region and I am hoping that this continues that trend. It seems that I have some major allergies to wheat and gluten, so my diet will be changing for the first time. Carbs will only be through fruits and veggies.

    Other supps that I will be taking are as follows:
    1. Multi-Orange Triad
    2. Joint- Cissus XT
    3. Digestion- Align
    4. Protein- MGN Isolate

    My workout routines can vary a bit as I try to go as heavy as I can at all times, hence the need for the cissus. I do fasted cardio7 days per week, and lift 6 days per week.

    I already dosed 1 lefx and hit my cardio as normal. First impressions were very smooth energy with major sweating. I will say it took about 30-40 minutes to kick in, but once it did it was not over the top at all.

    I will be dosing the endurance typically for pre and intra and will do so today.

    As of this morning, weight was down to 211, which is as a result of end of formeron and the powerful probiotic. Would be happy to get back to 205lbs as long as my strength remains.

    Will be hitting legs and bi's today, will be back later with a run down.
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  2. Reserved for final review
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  3. Very solid workout overall. lefx offered up solid energy with a good sweat.

    The endurance was also interesting. Mixes easily, qwith a bright florescent green color. Taste is very similar to a sticky sweet watermelon, not terrible, but not my first choice. Obviously on the first dose, there was not too much to note. There were no tingles from the BA and my energy was good.

    I did have an unrelated issue, as I am also starting to have stomach issues with protein. I think it is time to find an alternative for post workout nutrition. If anyone has any advise, please let me know.

    Here was the workout rundown.

    Box squats (12 sets)
    135,185, 225, 275, 315, 335 sets varied from 10 to 2

    Standing calf raises (10 sets)
    the first ten sets of box squats were immediately followed with standing calf raises for sets of 8-12

    BB Curls (5 sets)
    95lbs to 115lbs set of 8-10

    Glass hammer curls (4 sets)
    50lbs 4 sets of 8
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  4. boom! that was fast.....
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  5. you know it
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  6. Had a solid day today with am fasted cardio of 40 minutes

    Hit chest and tris this afternoon, strength is slightly down from the past few weeks as is body weight. I was quite fatigued today, which I think is more of a remnant of having a sleep over with my 9 year old and the dog, which is never a good way to get sleep.

    Flat BP 9 sets

    Rep ranges were 1 for the heaviest set and 10-12 for lighter sets

    Inline BP 4 sets
    all sets @ 225lbs for 8-10

    Incline flys/press superset 4 sets
    65lbs no rest between all sets @ 8 reps

    CG BP 6 sets
    135,185,225 sets all from 5-8 reps

    Stopped after this as I had no energy left.

    Running a whey experiment which I am failing at miserably. Yesterday, it sent me to the bathroom shortly after taking it....however, today it bloated me all to hell and I had a distended belly. Might have to switch to ON egg protein if this continues
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  7. got in some fasted cardio and ab work this am. WIll be drinking my endurance on the way to work within the half hour. No lifting today

    WIll be back tomorrow with back/bis
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    got in some fasted cardio and ab work this am. WIll be drinking my endurance on the way to work within the half hour. No lifting today

    WIll be back tomorrow with back/bis
    Hey AE
    I do not know how much water you are mixing with it but we see best mix and flavor with one scoop in 16-20oz of water.
    Thanks again

  9. I have been measuring out roughly 20oz, which seems to leave a strong but not overpowering flavor
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by AE14 View Post
    I have been measuring out roughly 20oz, which seems to leave a strong but not overpowering flavor
    Ok Thanks

  11. nice updates....

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Brucega View Post
    Ok Thanks
    Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    nice updates....
    thanks guys

    As an update from this morning, it has been a bit rushed as I am in the majority of this week since school starts soon, and now it is getting everything prepared. Was in a 4 hour meeting already this am.

    As a warmup this am, hit 35 mins on the treadmill, got a hell of a sweat going.

    Wide grip chins BW 4 sets of 8
    TBar rows 5 sets 3 35's 2 25's sets of 7-10
    GOod mornings (5 sets) 185-225lbs sets of 5-10

    1arm preacher curls (4 sets)50lbs sets of 8
    Hammer curls (4 sets) 50lbs sets of 8

    Drank endurance towards the tail end of my cardio session and through the workout. While the flavor is not a favorite of mine, it is growing on me in a good way.
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  13. got in some fasted am cardio, with solid energy and a great sweat

    will be lifting this afternoon when I get home from work
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  14. Didnt get the opportunity to lift yesterday, was at work a lot longer than anticipated. Sometimes I recognize why the perception of teachers is what it is in the public.....unreal

    Got in fasted cardio today and will be back for chest and tris later today
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  15. how are the BA tingles / Flushing for you?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox
    how are the BA tingles / Flushing for you?
    Honestly not too severe. Last for a few minutes then dissipate.
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  17. Ok here we go.

    Hit chest and tris today

    Overall felt great. The beauty of the Endurance is that it mixes exceptionally quickly with little to no extraneous residue. The further along I am in the workout, the quicker I seem to drink

    Here is a rundown of the workout
    Incline BP 5 sets 225lbs sets of 8
    Flat BP 5 sets 335lbs 1 rep
    Incline flys/db press supersets 4 sets 70lbs sets of 8

    JM Press 5 sets 225lbs 5 reps
    2arm db ext 5 set supersets 75lbs/55lbs to failure all
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  18. Had a nice back/shoulder workout today

    Rack pulls 5 sets
    up to 495 for 3

    BB Rows 5 sets
    185lbs sets of 8-10

    Wide chins (4 sets)
    BW to failure

    Arny presses (4 sets)
    65lbs sets of 12

    Side and Rear lateral supersets (4 sets)
    40lbs sets of 8

    energy was good, got a hell of a sweat going thanks to the lefx, and I drank the endurance throughout the workout.
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  19. Won't be doing cardio today. I have an infected ingrown toe nail which seemed to get worse yesterday after my run. Additionally, I will probably just squat barefoot today to avoid any shoe pressure on the toe.

    One other funny thing.....yesterday and today I seem to have gotten a 20-minute niacin flush from the lefx which is a little surprising. Not a major issue....I have had them before....just didn't expect it.
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  20. Looking good so far bro!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by SLW2
    Looking good so far bro!
    Thanks man. Much appreciated.
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  22. Had a solid leg day, but it got coupled with a wheat allergy relapse. The funniest part is that my 9 year old daughter was innocently and with wonderful intentions, decided to make me a PB sandwich on wheat bread. Basically it was a thin layer of PB with 2 pieces of wheat. I had to eat it, and within an hour or so....yikes

    I tried not to let that affect my workout

    Back squats: 5 sets (used for warming up and stretching)
    135-225 sets of 5 per

    Box squats 15 sets
    135,185,225, 275, 315, 365 rep ranges were in 2-10

    obviously the higher the weight, the lower the reps. Decent strength overall, with solid endurance. Will be interested to see how doms are tomorrow, as i have not been getting them recently
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  23. Chest and tris today, and got back to my am fasted cardio as well

    My endurance is great and little to no doms whatsoever

    Flat BP
    135,225,275, 315lbs

    2 sets @ 315 for 3 reps per

    Incline db press
    5 sets @ 75lbs sets of 12

    CG BP
    300lbs 1 rep

    JM Press
    sets at 225lbs for sets of 5
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  24. Fasted cardio is complete......weight is down to 210.
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