AWW YEAH!!!!! FOCUS XT IS HERE!!!!!!!!! Caffeine Free Focus XT log

  1. AWW YEAH!!!!! FOCUS XT IS HERE!!!!!!!!! Caffeine Free Focus XT log

    SO I have a tub of this here Focus XT Caffeine to tell you guys about. My history with Focus XT is a love affair. 6 Plus years well over a dozen tubs Im sure. From the days when no one knew about it, to the days of smurf blue ****s from the new flavor launch I love this stuff.

    I take it for school and for studying for promotion.

    2006 I tested for E-5 at my 3 yr mark and blew it out of the water, I **** all over that test and made E-5 I was sold. Pink lemonade everywhere

    I used this all through school but caff would keep me up at night so that was the only downfall.

    2009 I got my face in the books again focus xt hard every other day studying for E-6 The average time in service of those selected was 13 years. I made it at 6 years again dominated the test.

    a tub or 2 in recent years to finish my degree and now I am balls deep into grad school and studying for E-7 now the mountain is huge. Im testing at year 9 making it at year 9 is close to impossible although its been done, the average time in service was close to 17 years so i have a lot ahead of me.

    putting the caff free to the ultimate test............ Follow along bitches

    [img]****48 11213&d=1345769634[/img]

  2. Look forward to hearing your feedback Joe!

    Serious Nutrition Solution ~~

    SNS/CEL Black Friday sales

  3. It's good stuff. Works exactly like I expected.

    Have you stacked anything with FXT in the past?

  4. Never stacked it with anything in the past. Too much of a fan of the formula to ruin it lol

    First doe this morning at 1030, tried to squeeze in some reading while at work. Bond Valuation and Yield to Maturity, really fascinating awesome material sure to keep anyone awake.

    1030 mix up and drank on empty belly. The smell if this is awesome, I put a scoop in a baggie and took it to work so my desk area smelled like this all day

    Flavor like all focus XT flavors is superb, you guys are the XF protein 2.0 of the flavoring world. Just awesome

    within 30 min or so I felt it, very focused, very quiet just into the book, then i got pretty talkative and chatty so I started walking around to my troops chatting it up.

    about an hour or so later I had a small headache and stomach was kind of meh, I knew I needed food. I also felt like I could destroy a toilet but refrained lol

    after I ate the headache went away, I kind of felt like a small crash but not kind of hard to explain, some ergopump mixed up for the gym at 315 and all was well

    no aftereffects

    overall I felt good i wont use this ED as to not lose effectiveness ill play with EOD EOOD type dosing and before test time

  5. stand by for 2nd dosing update

  6. In for more input. Sounds good so far.

  7. If I take this a little bit after a meal it minimized the headaches and weird feeling afterwards. no real comedown today. I took it prior to surfing and just felt awesome. this weekend im gonna make my first attempt at and evening dose to see if it affects sleep

  8. I never normally take this on multiple days back to back, i tried this weekend and I got a small headache again but it did not last long little bit stiff in my neck, and it mae me thirsty lol

    so far after a week or so of use

    mixing is great, flavor is great, effects are noticable and recall is coming around, i cracked open the books for the first time in a few years and many of the study test questions came back like i read them last night

  9. Im currently TDY but just wanted to note that

    ive taken it in the evening with no effects on sleep which is a plus


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