A little back story, I was lucky enough to be picked to run Ignite 2 and Crea-Trona for a log. I loved the products, but funds didnt allow me to buy any more after i was done with them.


Skip ahead to this past week, I am coming off a chest / shoulder injury, and to top it off, it happened at the end of a 5 week Pro-hormone cycle. to help with the recovery of my chest, i started taking G8, to help me get deeper sleep and help me heal faster. at 1/2 a serving i was sleeping DEEP. i mean the kinda sleep that i have only had when i have taken sleep aides like tylenol pm. so far, this has been the best sleep of my life! and no dreams, no waking in the middle of the night, no tossing and turning. im out like a light!

Side note / caution: i tried a full scoop and i felt dazed and groggy for hours after waking, so be careful with this stuff.

my chest is feeling better, and i was able to work with light free weights this week. im very happy about that, the last thing i wanted was surgery or something.

IGNITE 2 and Crea-Trona

I could definitely tell that my sex drive was down, even after a proper PCT (SERM, AI, etc). so i ponied up the money and got Ignite 2 and Crea-Trona as well (there was a combo sale, buy one, get the other free).

I started taking both last monday, August 13th. As of today, i have a MUCH improved sex drive and my energy levels are way up. Im feeling better, and just want to destroy some weights! the combo of DAA and Agmatine really help push this product over the edge by giving great pumps, and increasing natural test levels.

TLDR; I am picky with products I buy (because its my hard earned money I'm not going to waste it), but Finaflex's Ignite 2, G8, and Crea-Trona are exception products that deliver results!