PowerMax by Performax Labs

  1. PowerMax by Performax Labs

    This is my first log ever, so any advice/feedback is welcomed.
    Product: PowerMax by Performax Labs
    Stim based preworkouts I have tried in the past: N.O Xplode (as my first prewo back in 2007), jack3d, assault, craze, and bullnox. My favorites have been MP Assault and Jack3d. DS Craze seemed to be a little too strong for me when trying to do high intensity workouts. Also, I must advise that I am currently cutting with EC stack and did take a full morning dose 4hrs prior to taking PowerMax so this may have had an added effect. The sample pack (Fruit Punch) contains 2 servings, I took half the pack for a full serving.

    I took half the pack with 6oz of water and begun my workout about 45mins later.
    I didn't have time to hit the gym for some weights or anything since I had to work so I just did some BW stuff at home.
    Warm-Up 10mins: Jog/Stretch/10 Squats 10 Pull-Ups, 10 Push-Ups, 15 Chair Dips, 10 Decline Push-Ups
    5 Pull Ups
    5 Pull Ups OverHand grip
    10 Wide Grip Push-Ups
    10 Chair Dips
    30 sec rest
    Repeat 2 more times.
    -Rest 2 mins, then:
    Jumping alternating lunges with 25# each hand (10)
    Hammer curls to shoulder press (10 each arm)
    30sec rest
    Repeat 2 more times.

    This workout was suppose to be a quick burn out, didn't want to do anything too hard since I hadn't actually hit the gym in about 2weeks.

    MIXABILITY: 10/10
    Didn't even used that much water and it mixed in great! Didn't have any fizz and very little if any residue left at the bottom, i added another 1-2oz and downed the rest.

    TASTE: 7/10
    Taste was a little too sour for me and it reminded me of N.O Xplode's fruit punch taste (which I can't stand anymore after taking it for so long). Remember though, I only used 6oz of water and of course you can always fix this with a little extra water. It's still a taste I would put up with it.

    PUMP/ENERGY: 10/10
    I did get a feel of pump from this and the energy was perfect!! I felt a little jittery but not too much. My guess is that the jitters was actually from the EC and not from the PowerMax. Besides the slight jitters, the energy was amazing. About 30mins after I took the serving I got a burst of energy. I was laying down on my laptop and knew right away when it started to kick in. I didn't feel ants crawling over me, like from high beta-alanine servings, or anything like that (i actually love that feeling) but I just felt like I needed to get up and do something. I started putting on my shoes and would see clothes laying around and started cleaning before I noticed what I was doing lol.

    FOCUS: 10/10
    Definitely felt focus during my workout! I usually train with music... either laptop, radio, or ipod but this workout was done without any music and I stayed focused the whole time. I payed attention to my movements more and made sure I was feeling every rep.

    To sum it all up, I would buy a bottle of this and cycle between Assault as my staple preworkout. I gotta say I loved it. Although I want to try it again after i finish my EC stack to make sure everything I felt was REAL! Lol. But in all honesty, this is a pretty good pre-wo! I kind of already had a high expectation as a buddy of mine (who is actually pretty stim-resistant) told me he loved it after I gave him a couple sample packs to try out as well. This supplement sure exceeded my expectation... I have been out of the gym for about 2 weeks due to financial issues + shoulder injury, but with the energy and pump from PowerMax I felt like I could just keep going and the focus helped me forget about the shoulder pain. I kept pushing myself and some rounds did extra reps with less rest. Going to have to try getting some more packs to share with some freinds. All in all, I think I am done here. Hope you guys enjoy my review!

    P.S. This has been my first actualy review in my 5-6 years of lifting/being on this site... would appreciate any feedback/advice!

    Thanks guys!
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  3. Will be posting next week again new review. Will try it without any EC

  4. I missed this. Did you ever try this a second time?

  5. Just tried my sample of PowerMax.

    Fruit Punch. Taste was sort of like fruit punch Kool- Aide meets cherry cough syrup but in a good way.

    Dissolved easily with no residual powder leftovers. I used the entire 2 scoop packet as I'm not prone to overstim.

    No stimed out feeling just heavy duty focus. I actually did a DL PR this morning. I was surprised at this.

    After Effects
    No crash at all just a feeling of well being. Rating this a "must buy more".
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