Murk's Complete Carnitine Stack

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  1. Murk's Complete Carnitine Stack

    Been sitting on this for about a week now its prime time!

    Serving Size: 2 Capsules Servings Per Container: 60

    Free Testosterone Matrix
    Acetyl-L-Carnitine ; 3,4-Divanillyltetrahydrofuran ; Narangin == 1420mg

    [I]Serving Size: 1 scoop - 6000mg Servings Per Container: 50

    Athletic Enhancement Matrix:
    L-Carnitine L-Tartrate = 1000mg
    L-Carnitine Fumarate = 1000mg

    Endurance Enhancement Matrix:
    Citrulline Malate = 500mg

    Anti-Catabolic Matrix:
    Whey Protein Hydrolysate = 500mg

    Performance Enhancing Electrolyte Matrix:
    Sodium Phosphate = 115mg
    Potassium Phosphate = 85mg
    Magnesium Aspartate = 50mg
    Calcium Aspartate = 50mg

    Mental Edge Enhancement Matrix
    Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Vinpocetine = 100mg

    Natural Energy/Antioxidant Matrix:
    Vitamin C = 50mg
    Vitamin B12 = 250mcg


    Start 9:15am

    Hit the gym fasted.
    PWO = 1 caffeine, 1 bronk

    Cardio 2.25 miles @30min

    High Pulls on Smith (lb + what ever bar on slider is)
    150x4- not able to raise to chin

    Clean and jerk (plates and ez bar)
    125x6 --major cheating
    135x 4
    135x0 --done

    hanging Clean

    Cut a little short.
    Stop 10:50


    Todays work out was completely out of program, not sure if i want to keep my same routine which is high volume or switch over to a 5x5 and really put Testabolan to the test.

    Because I hit the gym fasted i waited on the TESTABOLAN till I got home and had a late Saturday morning breakfast.
    (4 eggs , 3 strips turkey bacon, 1 Green pepper, 1 slice bread; Protein shake = 2 scoops whey 50g protein, 1 cup raw oats, 2 tbls olive oil, 3 tbls spoons natty PB, 5g creatine)

    My history with intra-workout drinks has never been that good. After spending a few bucks over 10 years ago. I decided plain water was the best suited , everything else was a waste of cash. So we'll see if Compete can change my mind.

    First Impression on Compete, Flavor Tangy Tangerine:
    I usually pick up a liter of water for my work out so thats what i mixed it in. was not sure if one scoop would be enough but thats all I used to start with. Taste was good, enjoyed drinking it. Seems to have a slight artificial sweetener flavor to it, 2 scoops might be a little over whelming, if your not into sweats. Compete did a very good job keeping hydrated And as the workout progressed i seemed to crave more and took bigger gulps of it. Will try 2 scoops in 1 half gallon next work out.
    so far, so good.

    I will only be using basic staple supps thought out

  2. WOW, am I first in on this party?!?! lol.... great start to the log man. Its great to see someone doing olympic lifts like the clean and jerk

  3. What are your staple, basics bro?

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  4. count me in
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    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

  5. Quote Originally Posted by baldwanus View Post
    count me in


  6. Im in !!

    must learn how to get freaky forearms like yours

  7. My staples, i may have forgot a few.
    -fish oil
    -joint supp
    -bronks, for the long days

    Took the day off from the gym, my front, back and side yard was starting to look like a fukin jungle. Needless to say the neighbors have been giving me dirty looks all week. So before sh!t started getting worse i decided to pull out the lawn mower. Not even a quarter of the way through i was sweating balls. My front lawn is on a hill so its way more of a work out then it should be. If i move again it will be into a condo.
    I ran inside pulled a cold gallon of water out the fridge. Grabbed Compete off the shelf and mixed in 2 scoop. Finished every section of my lawn . Weed whacked the edges and blowed off the driveway. My place looks like a national park right now

    That sh!t was took all morning, but at least I don't have to sneak out the house and into the car anymore.

    Noticed a clicking sound when Shaking the Testabolan pills around and decided to uncap. On the inside you have what looks like a wood pellet except green. Green and it smelled sooo bad. Through it down the hatch with some water. It tasted as bad as it smelled and now my breath smelled like it. Ill keep then in the cap from now on.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Loudy Rowdy View Post
    Im in !!

    must learn how to get freaky forearms like yours
    thanks Big Dog!

  9. Loudy Rowdy, StackedCop, baldwanus, criticalbench and GHO5T.

    Welcome guy, Feel free to comment or critic any thing.


    Just wanted to share a link i came across fairly basic, but useful!

  11. I feel ya on the lawn mowing. I bought a house a few months back on a half acre. My lawn mower is POS push mower... I'm going to home depot today to look at a new one.

  12. can't believe I missed this, subbed in.

    glad to see you found another use for compete lol, i'll be sure to consider it next time I have yard work to do
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  13. Popped 2 Testabolan v2 in the am, with
    -5 eggs scrambled, Home made potato hash + cheese, 4 strips turkey bacon, 1 fresh tomato.
    -Usual protein shake ( 50g protein from whey, 2 tbls natty PB, 2 tbls extra virgin olive, 1 cup oats, 1 spoon wheat germ,)
    - multi
    -4 un-ilivers
    -3 fish oil

    Lunch steak, beans and huge salad olive oil and balsamic vinegar
    -4 livers pills
    -2 fish oils

    After work out shake,( 50g protein from whey, 2 tbls natty PB, 2 tbls extra virgin olive, 1 cup oats, 1 spoon wheat germ,)
    -multi vit

    Dinner Steak hero with the works, veggies fresh out the garden.

    Thinking about a bowl of Tuna and salad (not tuna salad) later with my 2 P.M Testabolans.

    One thing I cant stand are supp's that make you starve your self for +2hr before you take them. Then you cant eat for at least a half hour after. Fuk that! Testabolan directs to eat with high protein meal, Perfect!. The only time I'll go with out eating is and hour before I work out. So thats a huge plus for me.

    Will be be pushing for PR's tomorrow.

    Stashed a Scoop of Compete into the gym wrapped in aluminum foil. Picked up a two liter at the register. mixed it in the locker room. Looked like i was pouring an illegal performance enhancer.

    Start 3:08

    DB flat
    110x 0 (2 attempt no spot)

    DB incline

    Seated DB militarily press


    Chest Fly machine
    150x6-- super slow and concentrated

    End 4:14

  14. Quote Originally Posted by murk01 View Post

    Just wanted to share a link i came across fairly basic, but useful!
    This is great find. Thanks for sharing the link.

  15. I'm out with the family on a little vacation untill Friday. This workout was from Tuesday morning before we headed out.

    Start 5:51am

    Deadlift sumo.
    320x3 !! PR
    325x - didn't budge! Ill see u next week

    Roman deads
    135x5, 7

    Leg press
    520x6- cheasiling these PR's
    540x5-saving some for next week

    Felt like I could have really started crushing this leg press. I know ppl go heavier. But 540 for me isn't bad I might go to 600lb next week.

    Leg Extention

    Leg curls

    10min sprint and jog

    End 7:10am

    Had 1 scoop compete with my usually liter water. Loved it and loved the work out! Left feeling powerful as fuk! Also not sore almost at all. So I would deffinitly say my recovery is better.

    I'm a lot stronger and its only a few days into Testabolan v2.

    I will be back in town and the gym Friday.

  16. Reduced recovery time = win

  17. Great numbers on the Sumo Deadlifts; one of my favorite exercises. Glad to see your experiencing the improved recovery.

  18. glad your recovery is noticeably improved. Have you used 2 scoops other than the time you were doing yard work?
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  19. Drove back from vaca , quick nap then hit the gym. Took my usual scoop of Compete in an aluminum foil wrapper. Even though i kind of completed the routine, i was unable to get into it. I though after a few days off and on the beach i would have been all in. It must have been the long trip. I'll be hitting the gym tomorrow in the am fasted. The plan was 45min cardio but will try out some of todays moves, kind of a re-do.

    Start 4:29

    High Pulls on Smith

    Clean and jerk

    hanging Clean

    End 5:30

  20. Quote Originally Posted by allnatural923 View Post
    glad your recovery is noticeably improved. Have you used 2 scoops other than the time you were doing yard work?
    Too sweat for me boss,

  21. Murky waters.... What cha doing in here?
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  22. Interesting log. I'm in.


  23. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1
    Murky waters.... What cha doing in here?
    Waiting for u to show up!

  24. Quote Originally Posted by Rucksdaddy
    Interesting log. I'm in.

    Its gona be a party

  25. Got up and hit the gym fasted, liter of Compete in hand. The goal today was to get it in. Make up for yesterday's unmotivated session. And try to hit a PR and I did.

    After the gym had a 50g protien shake, 4 eggs scrambled and steak.

    2 Testabolan
    5 livers
    1 multi
    1 1000ui D
    3 fish oils

    If I get my bro to come with me to the gym Monday night. I will definitely hit some PR's with chest.

    Start 10:25

    Cardio 1.93m 30min

    Clean jerk
    190x no go--- maybe next week

    Hang clean


    Stop 11:49


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