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  1. Big guys T911,SNS, LECHEEK LOG

    OK so I guess its time for a new log and new sponsor. Thanks to Lg sciences for the new liquid T-911 . I have not tried anything from this brand in a LOOOOONNNNGGG time!. So I cant wait to see what all this does for me.


    HYPER T2
    Speed extreme x3
    NITROX ll
    vit c
    Frat pack
    ALSO added SNS agmatine and MCC.

    I also won the new usp labs asteriod stack 2.0 and recieved 2 extra bottles of compound 20 too but I think I will wait and run those after I do these logs and take a short break.
    I will continue to do the DTP program as I am liking this style.
    Today will be arm day on week 2 .
    So I will post that later. thanks.
    Here is my log

  2. Subbed!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. Thanks man! I really thank the world of anyone who follows me and motivates me. Thanks!
    Here is my log

  4. In this ride fo sure!

  5. Ok Im sorry but I will have a huge update tomorrow . I have been so covered up with things I just have not been able too.
    Here is my log

  6. Enjoy the T-911 brother!

  7. Ok So I owe a huge update.

    So last Thursday was a cardio day and that was all I did.

    Friday was arms.
    It went like this.

    Standing cable bicep curls Superset with Over head tricep ext
    60 x 40 reps 70 x 40reps
    65 x 30 70 x 30
    85 x 20 70 x 20 Fail
    95 x 10 90 x 10
    100 x 10 100 x 10

    Barbell curl superset with Skull crushers
    Not sure weights on these

    10 , 10 , 20 , 30 , 40 reps

    Hanging leg raises 5 sets

    saturday was straight up HIIT cardio

    Sunday was Shoulders

    Seated military press superset upright rows
    95 x 40 bar x 40
    120 x 30 60 x 30
    160 x 20 70 x 20 fail
    180 x 15 75 x 15
    180 x 10 75 x 10

    DB press superset with shrugs

    10 , 15 , 20 , 30 , 40 reps
    I didnt write the weights down on this.

    Monday was legs and I didnt go as heavy as I have . I just was not feeling it to well.
    I was wore out from the weekend.

    Leg press
    200 x 50
    400 x 40
    480 x 30
    600 x 20
    600 x 10

    600 x 10
    550 x 20
    400 x 30
    200 x 40
    200 x 50
    Here is my log

  8. Notes. I love the new lecheek speed x3. Great stuff. taste awesome!. Even got to tingles from the beta alinine which is not common from a pwo.

    T911. Nothing to note as of yet.
    Here is my log

  9. Quote Originally Posted by bigguyn10ec
    Notes. I love the new lecheek speed x3. Great stuff. taste awesome!. Even got to tingles from the beta alinine which is not common from a pwo.

    T911. Nothing to note as of yet.
    Glad you likes the Speed X3 we are very excites about this version!

  10. Excited my bad

  11. Quote Originally Posted by vitaminstore3 View Post
    Glad you likes the Speed X3 we are very excites about this version!
    X2 and IN
    Use code marms for 25% off also works with IRON LEGION

  12. Good stuff man

  13. OK So yesterday was just aggravating at the gym I had to modify everything on my workout. I dont know where all these guys was coming from. It was international Bench and arms day I think.

    Current stack.
    Next level formulation protein
    SNS MCC and agmatine
    Fish oil
    Hyper t2
    Joint restore
    SPEED X3

    Yesterday Like I said I had to modify my DTP so this is what I went with

    Seated cable back rows SUPERSET With PEC DEC
    Sets was 40 , 30 , 20 , 15 , 10 reps

    Next was
    Flat bench on smith machine and LAT pulldowns
    10, 15, 20 , 30 , 40

    I actaully failed the last 2 sets on both parts.

    I was fried.
    I had a good pump from this change up though. The pec dec was Incredible at that rep range. I have never had a burn like that.

    Hanging leg raises for 5 sets. I was done with the workout in about 38 mins. Pretty good time I think.

    I think the test boosters are starting to kick in but ITs still nothing like the DAA feel I get. I am loving this luminite stuff though. Great sleep. I just dont want to get out of bed in morning. Not due to groggy just I was sleeping so good.!
    Here is my log

  14. Bro solid workout and yeah some days just suck when it's crowded unless it's hot nude chicks lol. How is Humapro? I've never tried it but hear good things about it.

  15. actaully If I was to stay on humapro I think it would do wonders. when I first started it , It really worked. I lost midsection some and was still putting up solid numbers. I think the science is there its just a bit weird profile. I want to try the tabs.
    Here is my log

  16. Come to Penn State, everyday is chest and arms day....

  17. ^^^ lol
    Here is my log

  18. Thursday was Cardio and I changed it up a bit
    I tried the filthy fifty wod.
    AND DAMN!.

    I had to modify that

    25 box jumps
    25 BW pullups
    25 kettleball swings
    25 lungs each side
    25 knee to elbow jumps
    25 trx rows
    30 sec rope chop
    25 wall ball squat throws
    25 burbees
    25 situps

    All for time.

    I dont know what it took for sure but I think about 20 mins

    I then did eliptical HIIT for another 15 mins
    and then abs for 5 sets to failure.

    Great sweat. I think I will do this more often.
    Here is my log

  19. Yesterday was one of those days where I ate everything I got my hands on again!

    Yesterday was also arms

    Standing cable curls with tricep over head cable ext
    40, 30 , 20 ,15 , 10 reps

    Barbell curls with Tricep ext
    10 , 15 , 20 , 30 , 40 reps

    Had one heck of a pump on this workout. was only in gym for 35 mins. FAST AND FURIOUS SETS . lol

    I did however focus a little more on the negative part of the rep and could tell a big difference.
    Here is my log

  20. Woo woo woo friggin killer it man cardio is intense arm day intense that's what I like to see.

  21. Yesterday was shoulders DTP STYLE
    Military press with upright rows.
    40, 30,20,15,10 reps. Last set I got 195 for 8.

    DB press with shrugs
    10, 15,20,30,40
    315 on first set.of shrugs. And 55 on DB press.

    I also.added some side raises to all this too.
    And hit ABS really hard too.

    Today was supposed tl have been legs but I took off. My body needs a rest. I think I will end the DTP on this as well. I will searching new programs too. If not I will just finish this week out and change next. I have leaned out a ton on this. I tried to keep calories down while on this instead of bulking like it asked. I think one can use this program for a multitude of changes.
    Hope you all are liking the log so far.
    Here is my log

  22. Good shoulder lift man

  23. Thanks. I gonna try the bear complex soon and would love to 225 with it.
    Here is my log

  24. man can't wait to see your picture updates that shoulder workout is killer!

  25. Yea I don't know if pics will show what I have noticed. If that males sense. But another week or so and I will post.
    Here is my log


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