OxyEca Black/Hyper T2 Lecheek Nutrition Sponsored Log

  1. OxyEca Black/Hyper T2 Lecheek Nutrition Sponsored Log

    Big thanks to lecheek nutrition for giving me this chance to log their new products. i am currently finishing a 6 week helladrol cycle, and i am beginning PCT on august 21st. i will be using Lecheek nutrition AD-3 PCT along with their two products. i currently do lean gains protocol with high carbs low fat and med/high protein. thanks

  2. In thanks for the link
    IDL REP http://www.innovativedietlabs.com/

  3. In for sure!

  4. yesterday morning i decided to test the waters with the combo, and in early morning on a empty stomach i took 1 of each, i was wired to high hell and that carried throughout the day i don't even think i crashed , i wasn't tired all day following i don't know weather it was the pill combo or a break from stimulants but it was intense for sure . I am definitely strong for my weight and height but i don't have lot of mass here are some recent photos

  5. yes sir some dtrong stuff here
    IDL REP http://www.innovativedietlabs.com/

  6. Hows it going ?
    IDL REP http://www.innovativedietlabs.com/

  7. Sorry have been busy with work, had to unload heavy equipment and weapons off a train today from 0300-7pm took both pills in morning on empty stomach and had good energy throughout , i went to gym at breakfast break from 0600-700 and good energy. i thoroughly enjoy this stack, i can't tell weather the hyper has compounded effects due to the black, but i believe the supply of black will run out before the supply of hyper so i will tell the difference then, but overall since my first post to today it has leveled out to a good energy level and by far the superior of fat burners i have taken before

  8. You will have energy with this stack that is for sure.
    IDL REP http://www.innovativedietlabs.com/

  9. Been swamped with long shifts and hard days, overall so far i am enjoying the stack as i said i cannot say the difference between solo or stack but the effects from this are noticeable in terms of energy and fat burning i am looking leaner and nothing diet wise or training wise ha changed

  10. Good to hear that energy and fat burning aspect is up from it for you.
    IDL REP http://www.innovativedietlabs.com/

  11. Hows things going ?
    IDL REP http://www.innovativedietlabs.com/

  12. Sorry For slow Responses, i have been swamped in work and training. I will add some stats and changes once i am off work.

  13. starting weight was 165. after nearly a month of this, i have noticed leaner results. i am weighting 162 right now i am going to get body fat tomorrow

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Aznmonk View Post
    starting weight was 165. after nearly a month of this, i have noticed leaner results. i am weighting 162 right now i am going to get body fat tomorrow
    Lower numbers are good.
    IDL REP http://www.innovativedietlabs.com/


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