Lecheek OXY ECA Black and HyperT2 Fat attack stack!

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  1. nice review, josh....

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    Ok everyone, here is my final review for my Lecheek Nutrition OxyECA/ HyperT2 stack.


    When i set out on this journey i wasnt exactly sure where my weightloss was going to go. I knew id lose weight and i know id lose fat but there were many areas of uncertainty. The first major one is im in the military, so at any point i could be slated for some type of training workup or even deployments, and then diet and training would become secondary.. Also it seems to never fail, i get to a new low and something comes up or attempts to throw me off course, i was not going to let this happen! Next is my nutritionist, very good at what he does but i hadnt worked with him for to terribly long, so i wasnt sure what to expect when it came to cutting cals. Would i be starving? Would i lose muscle? How would i sleep?

    Next as you all know we have our daughter who is due shortly. Anytime between now and monday morning. My wife who is very fitness oriented as well knows how i am, and bet me that id end up putting on baby weight with her, i refused and told her when she has the baby, i will be at or will be close to my all time best. I had a few bumps along the way but who doesnt?

    Fast forward 45 days to today and i must say that i am extremely happy and impressed with the two products i was able to test for lecheek. Not only did they do what they were supposed to do but they went above and beyond my expectations.

    My starting weight was 191 and my end weight was 182. So a loss of 9 lbs in 45 days. Inbetween this time i had a slight injury occur which i documented above. For two days i ate what i wanted and didnt train. I was pretty upset with myself but pulled my head out of the clouds and hit it hard monday. I ended up getting back to where i was the week prior as far as weight goes with a slight bit of water still lingering. By sunday my last day on the stack, i was back down to where i was previoously and then some.

    I beleive that 2 caps a day of Oxy would be a really nice treat, but i kept with the 1 cap a day dosing the entire time and the fatloss was still really good.Whenever i would take the two products togethor the heat would be pronounced, moreso than if i took one by itself. The synergism was really good. When i would workout in the morning that 1 cap was enough to ensure i had plenty in the tank for the workout and for the cardio session afterwords. The sleep on HT2 was insane, crazy crazy deep sleep and dreams. The hunger suppressing affects stopped id say a little less than two weeks into the stack, but the energy kept on.


    Fatloss: 10/10

    Appetite Suppression: 7/10


    Cravings: 7/10

    Heat: 8.5/10

    Energy: 9/10

    Overall as you can see and like i stated above i was extremely happy with the two products and id like to thank Marms and the rest of the lecheek crew for allowing me this wonderful opportunity. I do apologize for the days inbetween some updates and the delay with getting out the final review. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone wanting an extremely effective 1-2 punch.

    Also i will post my pictures from today as the end pictures for the product.

    Thanks for the log and the review. Im glad everything worked out well for you. Good luck with the new one on the way.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by Marms View Post
    Thanks for the log and the review. Im glad everything worked out well for you. Good luck with the new one on the way.
    hell yeah...x2 on the new baby!!!!

  4. Thanks everyone!
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