Just wanted to pass this on to folks who may be trying to decide to buy MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN. I am a weight ifter in my 40s. Recovery is of the utmost importance. I went out on the limb and purchased some MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN to try and see if the supplement lives up to all the hype. Here is what has happened so far. I will use the term "Extend Effort Ability". I can tell a big difference in the ability to up my work capacity in the gym and in strongman event training. I am breaking PRs more frequently than before. The handling the higher volume has increased my DOMS greatly but the plus side to this is that my recovery from it is quicker than before using MASS PRO SYNTHAGEN. I just want to thank Rob for creating such a awesome supplement. I understand there are even greater things to come.

  2. I'm a big fan of it as well. I'll have a review of it + BP 3.0 up shortly.

  3. Been interesting in it for awhile. Wish someone here would log it.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by fightbackhxc View Post
    Been interesting in it for awhile. Wish someone here would log it.
    I'm calling for logs too, b/c this is one supplement that once you try it - you WON'T want to be without it! KEEP THIS IS MIND: Through Sunday Sept 30th, we're offering 15% off + FREE US shipping on ALL Synthagen orders. In fact, MASS is even willing to pick up 25% of the shipping on international orders!!!Just enter "SuperHumanRadio" in the voucher code. If ordering the twin pack, we'll even throw in a free tshirt (please specify your size). If you like Mass Pro Synthagen and want to stock up or you've been interested in trying it - ACT NOW.Even the year end sale, won't likely approach this type of deal...

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