Things are looking up with Southland Performance Recourse

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  1. Things are looking up with Southland Performance Recourse

    Recourse day 1

    First off,I need to thank the gracious folks of Southland Performance for giving me this opportunity to log their product!! Looking at the profile,it definitely looks like something that I can benefit from. I'm a huge fan of DAA, despite the fact that it sends me to the bathroom. Seeing how this is a 3xa day dosing scheme,rather than all at once,it may help alleviate those trips. I've taken just about all of these ingredients,but usually on their own. I'm very anxious to see how these all work together. I've already warned my wife in advance of what's about to happen this month!! Lol..

    I just moved into my new house a little over a week ago,so it's time for me to buckle down & hit some cardio. I'll be jogging around the neighborhood in the mornings on my days off & then heading to the gym for weights. When I work nights. I'll skip the cardio & just hit the weights. During the build of our house,I ate like crap, drank too much beer,& didn't do one single cardio session. I quit the beer,cleaned up the diet a ton,and have already been out on the roads jogging again. It all feels great! I'll get an accurate starting weight tomorrow afternoon when I wake up.

    Tomorrow morning,when I get off shift,I'll go in & hit legs. If I don't get enough rest,however,I'll just hit the stationary bike for around 40 minutes & head on home for a nice long nap & then hit legs tomorrow afternoon.

    I'll try & keep this log update throughout the week providing any/all physical/mental changes,both in and out of the gym.

    I did a quick back workout this afternoon before coming into work,obviously,with nothing to note as of yet. I'm thinking by tomorrow afternoon,I'll be noticing the test boosting effects. They all hit me that quick.

    In the meantime,here's a quick pic I got today after my back workout. I might be posting a mid-way pic,and will definitely post an "after" pic at the conclusion of this log.

    Thanks again Southland for this opportunity!!


  2. In for what's sure to be an epic log.
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    PM me with any questions!

  3. Subbed

  4. Recourse Day 2

    First official weigh in: 176

    I'll try & get a wake up weigh in at least 2xa week.

    I didn't get one wink of sleep last night here @ work,(I know,I know.. Poor me.. L) lol.. I stayed fairly busy & had to open a few valves that had me absolutely soaked in sweat @ 3am.. I got off shift this morning & went straight home. I wanted to get a cup of coffee & at least go ride the bike,but I figured my body needed the rest. Sure enough,I slept from 8-4!! My wife woke me up an hour early,stating that I needed sleep more than another workout. So,needless to say,I didn't make it to the gym this afternoon either! I brought my gym clothes w/ me, just in case I'm able to get a couple hours of sleep tonight. I'm determined to get that leg workout in! If possible,I try to hit legs 2xa week. One heavy day,& one light day.

    On another note,the obvious is happening. LIBIDO! Not a huge difference yet,but I can definitely feel it kicking in.

  5. Recourse Day 3:

    Wow,what a day! I got a good amount of sleep last night here @ work,so on the way home,I hit the gym & had an awesome arm workout. I forgot my shorts,so I couldn't hit legs. It wasn't gonna stop me from hitting arms though!

    Like I mentioned yesterday,the libido is already feeling it w/ these pills. Very nice.. I finally get to sleep @ home tomorrow night,so the wife better be ready!! Lol..

    This mornings arm workout was a pretty good one. After the 2 nd warm up set for both bi's & tri's,I was feeling a pretty decent pump. The back workout I did the other day had my lats still feeling pretty swollen,so imho,the total upper body package was looking pretty solid by the end of the workout. I had a pretty damn good workout, despite no sort of stimulants. Sure,I got some sleep last night,but nothing like a good night's rest in bed. No strength increase to report from this mornings arm workout,just one helluva pump and some pretty good vascularity.

    This afternoons leg workout was very intense. I left the house about 15 min later than I wanted,so I knew when I got in there,that there would be no time to waste. I saw some other dude in the squat rack,so I hit 3x25 for both the leg extensions and seated leg curls. By the time I was done w/ those,the rack was mine. I walked over there, already noticing a pretty decent pump in the quads. I dosed the 2 Recourse about 30 min prior to the gym along w/ my C-4. For my squat workout today,I did 5 working sets of 25 reps. After each set,I was gasping for air! Felt good though. People were looking strange at me.. I guess they're not used to seeing someone push themselves to the point of failure. Mind you,I workout at the hardcore SNAP fitness... lol.. Being a shift worker,I need a 24 hour gym. Following the squats,I attempted to get 2 sets of db lunges. Again,I hit the 25 rep mark. By now,I'm friggin' spent.. I had to stop @ 2 sets so I could get some calf work in too. I got 3 sets of 25 on the seated calf raises & was out of the gym & on my way to work.

    Now,about 5 hours later,my thighs are tightening up & calves are in knots!! We have some old beat up 3 wheeled bikes that we ride around the plant. I've been around the plant about 3xalready tonight & had to climb a column about 150' up. Yeah,the lactic acid is flowing!! Can't wait to get in my bed tomorrow. Depending on how tonight goes, I'll attempt to go to the gym tomorrow morning & hit shoulders.

    Time to go eat my 6 hard boiled eggs & pop 2 more little green pills!!

  6. Recourse Day 5

    Quick update for today. Just a few notes.

    I'll get my weigh in tomorrow upon waking.

    I went to the gym yesterday & did shoulders. This morning, I went in & did chest. Both days, I felt a pretty decent pump. The vascularity seems to be getting better. I've been working all day yesterday & today out in the yard, and forming up a patio. My whole body is sore right now. Thinking I'll be taking tomorrow morning off to let my body rest a little bit. My back is very tight right now. Too much bending over all day both days.

    I've noticed that my mood seems to be a little elevated & that I get a little energy from this. I've taken Maca before for energy & loved it. I'm thinking that the positive mood may be coming from the little bit of extra energy that I'm getting. I'm already a pretty happy go lucky person, so this just kinda kicks it up another notch. I've also noticed that feeling of full muscle bellies throughout the day. That might have something to do w/ my water intake, (currently around 2 gallons a day because of this heat/humidity) and the complex carbs.. Either way, I'm liking what I'm seeing in the mirror and feeling. So far, no strength gains to speak of. But, as long as my physique is changing, I'm a happy camper.

    The split dosing of the DAA in these pills is working out great for me! Back to my old "regular" self!!

  7. Seems as if more and more people are starting to split their DAA dose. As a capsule and not a powder based product, Recourse makes this a bit easier. I definitely think I will be going half dose 2 times a day when I run it next!
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  8. Recourse Day 7

    Weight - 176 Holding steady, but looking a little fuller all around! Great sign of a recomp!

    Taking yesterday off helped quite a bit. My body has been aching big time from all the shoveling/raking I've been doing. I've also been moving sod around all day too.. Drinking plenty of h20 w/ a powerade thrown in the mix every so often..

    Went in this morning & had an awesome arm workout!

    I walked out of the gym w/ my arms feeling like they were going to explode! Like I mentioned before, I've taken most of these ingredients, but never all together. The synergy of these is freaking awesome! Strength seemed about the same, maybe a little up, but w/ the work I've been doing around the house these past few days, the fatigue may have held me back a little. I know for a fact that the libido is up! WAY UP!!! This stuff is friggin awesome! I might have to give this stuff a shot as part of a PCT later on down the road.

    My diet is still fairly clean, & the lack of beer has definitely helped me lean out just a tad. An ice cold IPA would be perfect though in this friggin heat/humidity, but I'm tired of the love handles, so something had to go.

    I'm thinking by next week, I may take my 3 doses & break it down to 2 to see how my body reacts to the DAA. It might be a little more convenient that way, not having to dose at night.

    So far, this stuff is really doing it's thing! Muscle fullness, DEEP sleep, vascularity, and yes LIBIDO!!!

  9. Great workout this morning interrupted by my wife calling me to inform me of her uncle losing his fight w/ ALS.

    I'll try & get on here tonight for a better update.

  10. in. I couldn't agree more about the ice cold IPA on a hot day. You have a particular favorite?

    Also, sorry to hear about your wife's uncle.

  11. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    Great workout this morning interrupted by my wife calling me to inform me of her uncle losing his fight w/ ALS.

    I'll try & get on here tonight for a better update.
    Sorry to hear that E. ALS is nasty, had a friend's parent lose that same struggle. Thoughts are with you.
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    PM me with any questions!
  12. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    Great workout this morning interrupted by my wife calling me to inform me of her uncle losing his fight w/ ALS.

    I'll try & get on here tonight for a better update.
    Very sorry to hear that, man. I'll be praying for your/her family.

  13. Thanks for the kind words & prayers guys. The wife is doing better & we all know that he is in a better place than all of us.

  14. Recourse day 11

    Weight -177 I think I ate too many complex carbs over the weekend. We made a whole wheat pizza on Friday,& I ate most of the thing myself! We then had whole wheat lasagna on Sat night,followed by jambalaya yesterday.. L Talk about a loaded weekend!

    JWA,thanks for following along. As for a particular favorite for the IPA's,that's a tough one! Here in Baton Rouge,theres not a HUGE selection,but its not bad either. For something quick by the house,I'll get Sierra Nevada Torpedo Ale,or Sam Adams Latitude 48,or Long Hammer. I love all those. We also have a local brewery,(Abita),and they make Jackamo IPA. Its pretty good too.

    Yesterday,I was in the gym doing a full upper body circuit workout. I felt great! I figured I need to get back into the swing of things w/ the cardio & I always loved hitting the circuit course. Before I got to the gym,I went for about a 1 mile jog w/the dog. I got about 30 min into my workout when my wife called me & told me about her uncle. Needless to say,the workout ended immediately. The poor cat suffered for 3 long years. Ever since he was diagnosed & as his mobility decreased,I found myself thinking of him more & more when I was in the gym. There he was,sitting in a chair,wishing someone could wipe his running nose,because he couldn't. I found myself thinking of him one time,thinking I was just going through the motions,& this poor dude probably wished he could just move,let alone go to the gym & intentionally torture himself w/ the weights. After that, I've always gone into the gym thinking of him & pushing myself hard. Kind of lifting "for" him... I climbed a 280' column here @ work last month & thought of him all the way up. I'm afraid of heights,but thinking of him kept me climbing that ladder all the way to the top. When I got up there,I took out my sharpie & wrote the date & next to that,"for uncle David"..

    I'm working nights tonight & tomorrow night. Tomorrow morning,I'll probably just go to the gym & get on the bike for a 30-45 min ride before going home. I'll hit legs tomorrow afternoon before coming back to work.

    Dude,this stuff aint no joke when it comes to libido boost!!! I'm talking serious wood!!! It's also giving me a major boost in attitude/confidence that I usually get when running ph's!! Crazy stuff here. Strength seems to have gone up just a little bit. I woke up this morning feeling full all around & took this pic cold.
  15. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Nice delt striations you've got going on there, man.

    And that's really cool the way you've motivated yourself on his behalf. During all the stuff I've been dealing with, I remind myself of my dad's sister's kids -- 2 who have leukemia and 1 who has diabetes. Almost any time we think something is bad, we can think of someone who has it far worse. It puts things into perspective.

    Glad you're enjoying things so far.

  16. Recourse Day 15

    Weight -175 recomp in full effect!!

    Only 5 more days left of these little green gems.. I'm definitely enjoying Recourse & all it's doing for me. Sorry for the lack of updates,but when I'm home,I'm pretty much 100mph from the moment I step out of bed, till I hit the showers at night. I've got like 6 projects all going on at the same time in this new house. Stupid me,I'm trying to get it all done now, rather than just do a little at a time..

    I did another upper body circuit course Wed morning. I got off shift,& went & rode the stationary bike for about 35 min. I went home,& took about a 3 hour nap. After waking,I drank me a cup of coffee & then went back to the gym while the wife & kids were gone. Talk about a great workout! I forgot how much I loved doing the upper body circuit training. It's basically cardio w/ weights. The muscle pump that I'm getting is nothing like I would have expected! It's that much more pronounced when it's a total upper body pump! I only rested between each set of a full circuit,so by the time I got to the 3 rd or 4 th exercise,I was sucking some wind. But,at the end of the workout,the sense of accomplishment is awesome & I'm covered in sweat. I might consider taking Recourse & a fat burner while doing keto. I imagine that would be one heck of a cut!

    The energy,alpha feeling,and libido are all still very active. I'm sleeping like a baby at night & waking up feeling very rested,(even though I'm only averaging around 4-5 hours per night).

    I spent a good 10 hour out in the sun yesterday & sweat my butt off! I took today off from the gym,but will go in tomorrow morning before working my day shift. Legs tomorrow!

  17. Straight to the point. I like it. Subbed in for the rest. Best of luck to you.

  18. Your results have me excited to start this which is only a little while away for me!
    EvoMuse Products Rep

    PM me with any questions!

  19. I honestly didn't expect this much from these pills. Maybe a little spike in libido, but that's about it. This has far exceeded my expectations. I hate to see the bottom of this bottle.

  20. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    I honestly didn't expect this much from these pills. Maybe a little spike in libido, but that's about it. This has far exceeded my expectations. I hate to see the bottom of this bottle.
    It is good stuff mange!

  21. Just finished leg workout. Pics will be up later.

  22. SEMPER FI!!

  23. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post

    Damn those quads are popping!


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