Ok I went back to gym on Monday 7/30 after have surgery for appendicitis and also the repair of a umbilical hernia. Before I had this problem I had just switched from a hypertrophy/strength period to an endurance/fat loss period following a slightly altered periodization routine. I had 14 exercises lined up that was my usual routine and I go through that twice with as little rest as possible and as many reps as possible. Out of the 14 I had to take out 4 and only go through it once. I have to say that coming back from surgery really takes a toll on your body. Felt like I hadn't worked out in years when in reality I only really took 2 weeks of from the surgery. Maybe I should have taken more but I'm just stubborn like that and the doctor did say I could go back. He just told me to go easy. I did have some pain on that first day, especially after squats. I think squats are ok but I stay away from leg press. At this point I think I may have re-injured my hernia but I'm not in much pain. Just a pulling sensation in the lower right of the abdomen.

So as far as the RPM/DRIVE stack goes I feel that without I probably would have just walked out of gym and given up. It has definitely given me the energy to be able to get back into the gym. It does seem to help me more on cardio days. On those days it doesn't seem so bad. In fact its like I didn't even miss a step.