I picked up a bottle of T-911 and used two serving a day morning and pre workout and was very happy with my results. I was cutting for a competition from 246 down to 220 from the end of April to the middle of July started the bottle and by the 2nd week I could notice a good amount of my bloat gone which was a great site. joints still felt good and being a powerlifter thats a plus. Most Anti supps kill my joints plus I was taking ghenerate 10sprays at bed only 7 days a weekfor the whole period. after 4 weeks on the T-911 i had lost over 16 pounds but I also was eating a good high protein high fat low carb diet with a carb back loading which I didn't eat carbs till post workout and had two meals post workout with 100 carbs. I'm a ecto/meso morph body type 6ft 220-250 ish depending on how my training cycles are. For the price I say go for it! Looking forward to trying the Pro EQ, Whinny and other LG liquids very soon. I will try this product again during a bulk also with other prohormones and supps