Black Lion Research Formeron/Prolactrone Log (Sponsored)

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  1. Black Lion Research Formeron/Prolactrone Log (Sponsored)

    Here we go.... A little background for those that don't know me.
    30 years old
    6' 240 lbs. 14% BF
    16 years of gym experience
    5x5 Lifting protocol

    My log will consist of Test E @ 500mg/week along with Tren E @ 350mg/week to start out and most likely increasing dependent on sides. I will be running the test for 12 weeks and the Tren for 10. Black Lion has been gracious enough to let me run their Prolactrone for the Tren related sides and some Formeron for any estrogenic related sides. I will be dosing them as directed on the bottles. From what I've been told guys on WAY more gear than I am needed no other ancilliaries to combat these side effects while running these products at the dosages directed on the bottles. I will update as often as possible and provide before and after pics at the end of my run. I may get blood done mid way as well to see how well the products really work. Please ask any questions you may have.

  2. Subbed.
    Cant wait to se how you like these products bro.
    BLACK LION RESEARCH Follow your own path-

  3. Can you stack Prolactrone with Sustain Alpha?

  4. Yes.
    BLACK LION RESEARCH Follow your own path-

  5. Sorry for derailing your log, Im subbing in tho. Very interested in this product. Can you post the ingredients as well

  6. Subbed. Should be interesting!

  7. So....initial impression of formeron.... smells amazing....absorbs fast....pump is great....can't wait to see how this dries me out

    "Go hard or go home"

  8. After discussing it with Brundel I wont be starting the Prolactrone until about a week after my first pins.....which was yesterday..... WOnt see any real effects form the gear for a while and my prolactin should be fine until the tren starts to kick.

  9. Just a note.....This formeron is def. already drying me out..... What ever water I was holding is coming off nicely.... The smell is awesome...I know I said it already but its a pleasure to put on after my shower......very nice.

  10. Its pretty amazing how fast the water loss happens.
    BLACK LION RESEARCH Follow your own path-

  11. Alright...I got a question for the experienced guys....the amount of gear I want to pin is too much for just glute shots.....I want to try ventro-gluteal....I have looked everywhere for a good visual.....can someone help with this....Im terrified of stabbing the wrong site with a 1.5" pin.....maybe a pic with a red dot where I am aiming for? I am pretty solid on the spot but I want to be absolutely sure. BTW Quads are out because I am not buying any more damn pins. I got 100 25g 1.5s.....suck for drawing but are painless in the glutes.

  12. How big are your arms and shoulders?
    Delts and tris work for relatively big shots depending on muscle size. I can easily do 2ml in both.

    PS never get 1.5in lol.....ouch
    BLACK LION RESEARCH Follow your own path-

  13. 1.5 have never failed me for glutes............ive got 18 inch arms...and pretty decent shoulders.....every delt pin I have ever done has hurt for days......ventro glute seems to be the answer...supposedly it can take 3cc......Im trying it tonight wither way....i will update.

  14. Just did a right side ventro......sooooo's going to be sore since its virgin but I have never pinned that easy in my life

  15. Quick update... After some convincing from some vets I am changing my doses: tren will be @ 400 and Test will be @ 250. If my libido takes a **** I will simply double my test dosage back up to 500. I dont like to adjust dosages but I want this run to be epic.....we will see what happens

    EDIT: Started my Prolactrone today......will be updating regularly on sleep, mood, and libido.

  16. Your libido will be fine.
    It tanks with tren due to elevated Prolactin levels.
    You wont have this problem.
    BLACK LION RESEARCH Follow your own path-

  17. Alright then....that seals the deal
    Last edited by kjkriston; 08-10-2012 at 04:45 PM.

  18. Not sure if its to early but my sleep seems to have improved already......I stay asleep longer and if I wake up I go back to sleep much easier....just a note

  19. Yah this is the first sign. Take 3 a day.
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  20. Damn sweating has already started from the Tren...... barely walk around my air conditioned house without dripping.....It will be SOOOO worth it an a week or so....

  21. I think your close to me if I remember the address correctly.
    Its like 100 in my house right now and I live by the beach....cali.
    Im supposed to be working but its SOOOO hot at the shop.
    BLACK LION RESEARCH Follow your own path-

  22. Im east coast bro...used to live in SD.....the Humidity here is ****ing ridiculous......92 outside with 70% humidity.....Heat index of 102.....Cant wait to move back up north.....The tren does make you hot though...I keep my house nice and cool and I am noticeably warm all the time recently.

  23. Sweating is picking insomnia though...this is a good thing.....With the prolactrone I hope to keep the nasty sides at bay....I expect to sweat and probably lose my appetite but I am hoping the tren dick/libido loss stays away and obviously any gyno symptoms. The formeron seems to be keeping me pretty dry....however even at 150mgs I am not getting dry joints.....seems odd to me. Not a bad thing but 6-oxo used to make my joints scream

  24. Believe it or not....150mg isnt alot of formestane.
    Seems like some guys complain at 50mg of joint pain but I wouldnt expect it at 150mg while on cycle.
    If you were clean perhaps but not on cycle.
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