Black Lion Research Formeron/Prolactrone Log (Sponsored)

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  1. I'll never go that high again trust me.....felt like I was crazy for a few days....300 seems like my comfort zone

  2. Still gaining size and leaning out...this is ridiculous......strting a Prop finisher in two weeks.....

  3. 300 is about mine as well. Above that BP gets too high and I start feeling sick and nuts.
    It is a magical compound though. The combination of the Formestane and tren and prop must be very nice.
    BLACK LION RESEARCH Take your own path-

  4. Its fantastic.....don't want this to end

  5. Before afters today....promise

  6. Name:  cropped.jpg
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Size:  85.5 KB This is what I am calling my AFTER pictures..... Wait until you see my fat ass BEFORE pics....coming soon

  7. Damn, well done brother.
    Id say this was a successful run!
    BLACK LION RESEARCH Take your own path-

  8. looking for my camera to post the before say I dropped 5-6% bf ...this was the best recomp of my life...tren is incredible

  9. really is. Im not gonna lie...Formestane is pretty good as well at the right dose.
    BLACK LION RESEARCH Take your own path-

  10. The combination literally was changing my body everyday....for those wondering....i ran 750mgs test e...350 mgs tren e...300mgs formeron...EPIC!

  11. I just moved so all my **** is in boxes....still looking for my camera....

  12. Here it is promised...this is the results of a 16 week Test Tren cycle using black lion Prolactrone, and Formeron..... Its ugly but its for real. Name:  DSC02006.JPG
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Size:  125.5 KBbefore and afterName:  cropped.jpg
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  13. As promised there they are...i cant wait to cycle again so I can drop below 10% BF

  14. Hope I get some comments......the weight change was up to 257....just weighed in at 222.....minimal lose of strength.....tren is magical

  15. Damn bro. Good job. Looks like a HUGE difference. Tren is pretty awesome.
    BLACK LION RESEARCH Take your own path-

  16. Lots of hard work was on point and can't wait to start again

  17. My gosh, you straight KILLED that cycle brah! Great work! I just read your whole log.

    So, your libido/other prolactin sides were kept at bay for the most part on prolacterone?

  18. libido was fine...i was running a high test though gyno or anything like that.....TREN is not to be taken lightly.....but its amazing


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