Kokos test powder/AD3PCT log

  1. Starting numbers-
    Height- 6'3"
    Weight 231

    Thanks for looking guys this is my second log and looking forward to see what happens with this. Always had good luck with USP products and had to jump on the IC deal. Lecheek is also a promising new company and when I saw the profile ha to jump on it. Everybody likes to run DAA and EP or erase so I figured I would switch it up and run something like this.

    I was intrigued by test powder since it had DAA 3,120mg and 1000mg of agmatine in it. I think it might actually save me some money in the long run.
    When lecheek had a huge opening sale on NP I jumped and bought 2 bottles of ad3pct. I like this since it was similar to EP AND powerfull. Also a 2 in 1.

    I plan on running this for 8 weeks. I can't decide on if I want to run TP another 4 weeks after this? Or switch too intimidate and run that for the second 4 weeks with AD3. Open to suggestions?

    Training will consist of 5/3/1 since rodja and a couple other guys helped me out with it and tell me how to do it correctly.

    Im gonna make this a lean bulk. My diet will consist of complex carbs, roughly 1.2-1.5 grams of protein per lb. between 90-110 grams of fat as well.

    I'm really looking forward to this stack and make you sure let me know if you want to see intimidate the second four weeks or another TP.

  2. Day 1

    Took my first dose about 630 am on an empty stomach. I decided to have a protein bar for breakfast because I was short on time to make my omelet. Within 20 minutes of the TP dose I started getting my pump and 30 minutes after the dose had a scoop of my PWO (c4). 1 scoop.

    Monday's I usually do back

    I recently had an injury o do I'm trying to get the lbs back up on my deads after a long break.

    My 1rm is 395 so I based my calculations off that






    I really thought I coulda pushed 7 on the last one but I felt my form was going off so I stopped.

    Assisting exercises-
    Good mornings - 5x100x10
    I didn't go crazy on these because I've haven't done them in quite some time but next week I'll bump it up and see how it goes.

    Hanging leg raises 5x10

    After the assisting I felt pretty beat and I knew I had a full day at work ahead so I called it there.

    After the lift had 2scoops of whey, 5g of glutamine with a little OJ

  3. Day 2 rest day

    Woke up at 8 and felt like a million bucks. Very well refreshed and ready to kick ass at work.

    815 am- took my TP
    845 am- breakfast - 6 eggs whites 4 yolks a 1/4 of cheddar cheese and a banana with my cup of coffee.

    1055 am update log at work and getting paid for it lol.

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