ai sports nutrition 3z sample review

  1. ai sports nutrition 3z sample review

    I received my free samples from ai sports nutrition a few weeks back and decided to give the 3z sample pack a try tonight. I just took them and it is 12:45 am. I tend to have alot of problems sleeping for I work second shift and dont get off till 1am. Im usually in bed by 2 but cant sleep or dont get to sleep for a few hours. I will continue my review in the morning when I wake to update you with how I feel compared to my normal sleeping habits.

  2. alright so I didnt get the best night of sleep last night, after about 45 min i did feel super tired. When i did finally fall asleep I slept like a rock not waking and rolling around like usual. Although when I woke I felt pretty groggy and restless as i usually do when i wake. I think this product could be useful for people that have a sound sleeping schedule and dont deal with insomnia as i do, I beleive I didnt get the full effect from this product due to my lack of sleep. I have more ai sports samples to try and look forward to getting my reviews out. Thanks

  3. Thanks for the review!

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