Dave's Killer Stack !! IFing w/ BFv3, TZ, XFA, DCP + More!!

  1. Dave's Killer Stack !! IFing w/ BFv3, TZ, XFA, DCP + More!!

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    Greetings Everyone! My name is Dave, and welcome to the log for my Killer Stack ! This is my first time running a log, so hopefully I can get some helpful insight from everyone, and help me maximize my results. I'm planning to run this Killer Stack for 12 weeks, and I'm hoping to see some great results ! I am just coming off a cut, and I'm hoping to regain the strength that I lost plus more !

    Caloric Intake:*3300kcals[WORKOUT] 2200kcals[REST]

    I plan on running Layne Norton's PHAT Training, but I will only be starting off with 4 days of training as oppose to 5. I'm thinking that several weeks in, I'll add the lower body hypertrophy day. On two of the off days I plan on doing some HIIT cardio as well as abs. Here's how i currently have my schedule planned:

    1. Upper Power
    2. Lower Power
    3. Back + Shoulders Hypertrophy
    4. Chest + Arms Hypertrophy

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    Triazole - BFv3
    DCP - TTA500
    XFA - Abliderate Advanced

    Other Staples Not Shown:

    Slin Sane V2 - NutraPlanet ALCAR
    Protocol + Bulk LCLT
    Glycerglow - SNS BA

    Dosing Protocol:

    Upon Waking Up:
    2 Triazole - 4 BFv3 - 2 DCP - 2g Alcar

    45mins Pre Wo
    4 XFA + 2 scoops Protocol + 1g bulk LCLT + Glycergrow + 1 TTA 500

    1 Triazole

    2 DCP + AA

    I just recently started Intermittent Fasting, and so far I am loving it. I'm hoping that this stack and the change in lifestyle will help me achieve my fitness goals! I will be posting my daily workouts, as well as my daily Macros!

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    Please Give me some input on my macros! It would be greatly appreciated!

    I hope you all join along for the ride !

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    Today was my first day on my Killer Stack, and it was refreshing to go to the gym again with a different goal in mind. After trying to cut for a while it was time for a change, and I think this stack will keep me on track and motivated. I realized I have to start lifting heavy again just to get back to some of my old lifts, but it will come in due time. Below is my workout plus my macros for the day.

    Exercise Name Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
    Bench Press 185x5 195x5 205x3
    Dips 10xBW 8xBW
    Pendlay Rows 135x5 145x4 155x4
    Seated Cable Rows 150x12 180x8 180x8
    Straight Bar Curl 65x10 75x8 85x5
    Military Press 75x8 85x5 85x5
    Skull Crushers 60x9 60x8 60x6

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  3. Intense stack. In to see how this goes.

  4. I'm in
    Training log:


  5. Thanks for joining in !!! Feel free to chime is every so often !

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    I just got arrived home from finishing my 2nd workout on the stack, and it was an alright workout. I did lower body power today, and I felt that the workout overall was around a "B". As important and I know lower body is (probably the most important), I've done a lot of cardio the past two weeks and kind of neglected giving them a good workout, and It kinda showed today. My squats were alright, but I should've gone lower on them. The one exercise that I noticed gave me more problems then usual were Leg Extensions. I feel that I use to be able to bang them out like nothing, but for some reason I didn't have the usual kick while doing them. Overall considering I haven't done legs (besides cardio) in about two weeks, the workout could've been much worse. I'm hoping this Killer Stack will help increase my Squat dramatically. Also next week I plan on doing some deadlifts as well!

    I'll be posting my macros later on for those interested !

    Exercise Name Set 1 Set 2 Set 3
    Squat 225x5 245x5 245x4
    BB Lunges 65x8(16total) 85x5(10total) 85x5(10total)
    Leg Press 270x12 300x10 330x6
    Leg Extensions 125x6 125x6 130x6
    Standing Calf Raise 270x12 300x12 330x8

  7. It'll be important to train your legs if you want them to get stronger. The stack won't really help at all if you don't. Cardio won't do much for your squats/deads. I think you know this though. Keep goin man
    Training log:


  8. In, where are you man ?


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