Lecheek OxyECA Thank you "KINGS"

  1. Lecheek OxyECA Thank you "KINGS"

    I like to thank Lecheek and Marms, for making a contest like this. Keep them coming I took a long shot and came out winning. But thanks again. So far I just started the OXYECA and that stuff is kicking my ass so far. I starting by taking one pill late morning. The energy I get from it last pretty much all day. The only I wishing for is that my body doesnt get use to the stuff in the pill. I just dont know what would happen if I take 2 pills. Im gonn try to update this as much as I can, but with work/working out/side job and playing hockey its gonna be tough. Ill see what I can do. But alot of thanks again to Lecheek and Marms for posting this contest and I have to say thanks the L.A. Kings. for winning the cup..

  2. Its been almost 2 weeks taking OXYECA and so far im feeling good. I've been taking only one pills aday. Before I was taking the pill in the am now im taking it around 1230. I feel like it hitting me better. I know I lost some lbs's but i cant tell you in number, cause I didnt weight myself. But I can feel it. One little pill give me so much energy, im loving the feeling and im able to sleep at night. Ill try to update as offen as I can.

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