bulk n shred

  1. bulk n shred

    last cycle sd 20mg/ed wks 1-3 hd 50mg/ed wks 1-2 75mg weeks 2-5 had great results now its time for a new experiment want to try a to put on some lean hard mass and strength want some input on this stack none of this is stupid thanx
    nolva 0/0/0/0/0/0/30/20/10/10
    cel cycle assist

    4 cycles of ph 2 cycles of staking so all these are little to no sides for me minus a little deca dick calf pupms usally
    week2 of sd

  2. either way im going to start in about 2 weeks ill log it for all you guys n gals with befroe and after pics a crazy expiriment hahaha

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