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    250? Thata boy
    Just weighed in yesterday, 242. Damn, but not too far off. I'd like to see myself at 270, but if I got there fast I'd have to stay there for a while for things to happen. That would be scary, though, being 270. Lol.

    Well, sad news, folks. I was trying to hold it at bay, but it looks like I got a full-fledged case of sinus infection. We've had a tremendous amount of rain where I live, not a lot of extreme weather (hot but not humid ... that actually might go against my point), and quite frankly a lot of trees and brushes have been thriving throughout the summer. As a consequence, fall pollen is pouring down heavily. All the cars in the parking lot are caked with pollen, as much or more than you'd on them in the Spring. IT was so much I finally reacted to it, and I think I contracted something Tuesday when I felt very tired and drained of energy. Last night I was congested, meaning I got zero sleep. Going to see if I can score some antibiotics, and if I do I'll abort the stack. Sucks, I still had like over 2 weeks.
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  2. Day 45

    Well, I was put on 10 days of amoxicillin. My science background tells me there should be zero interaction between DAA and this particular antibiotic. I didn't think Erase Pro would do much harm either as its primary function are as AIs. I asked about some of the other ingredients and was told there shouldn't be a problem. The only problem would be the cortisol modulating properties of the supplements, since cortisol plays an important role in proper immune function. But I took a small risk and went ahead with taking these things. I increased my coconut oil supplementation to help with immunity issues.

    Been on antibiotics for 3 days without negative issues. I am feeling much better now, thankfully. I've gone to the gym twice, and today will be my third day. After the first day at the gym, I suffered such terrible congestion I couldn't sleep more than a combined hour. This of course not only hurt my recovery from infection but also probably did some damage to my muscular recovery as well. Anyways, yesterday's gym session was great, hit PRs on some important lifts, and slept well. Today I'm feeling much better, so things should resume as normal.
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    Log: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/235436-tossing-weight-torobestia.html

  3. Day 49

    Hey all. I haven't disappeared yet. Things are still going pretty well with the stack. I've definitely gotten a little more wet, which could be due to either increased weight (I haven't checked for a while now), food choice, or no more Endosurge. I definitely have to say that adding Endosurge to the stack was a great choice, and that it brings something to the table separate from all the other supplements taking. I haven't taken Endosurge alone or with only one other supp, but when it was in the stack I definitely felt its presence. Now, things are just slightly different. But back to the last point I was making, I can definitely see some size added to my frame. Unfortunately, I have done little to nothing in terms of adding size to my thighs. I think I need to go back to doing hill sprints, which I haven't done in ages. My quads just don't like to grow after a certain point and require tons and tons of direct work. My hams make up most of my leg size, and it's great to have strong hams, so I plan to just continue my course with that.

    My infection is more or less gone. I still have some sinus congestion, and my lungs are packed full of mucus, but otherwise I'm doing fine. Energy levels are pretty high, and my gym sessions are great. Last night was an "off night," but I had done some serious work the day before with legs. I knew if I didn't go to the gym for a small/recovery workout I would feel stiff and like ass today and the following days, so after my anatomy class around 9pm last night I took a shot of LCLT/ALCAR/BCAAs and headed to the gym. I did my thing, came back, ate, and went to bed. One of my concerns was feeling lower back soreness. I actually got a little worried I would be in bad shape today because last night I got a ridiculous lower back pump from what I was doing. However, when I woke up this morning, I felt nothing! So, looks like what I did did the trick.
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  4. Day 53

    Going strong still with this stack. Looks like I'll be ending it on a strongish note, although what would have been really nice is if I had programmed everything correctly so I would have maxed at the end of the stack (this could mean on the last days, or the days immediately following the stack). Either way, I'll still try to max in another 4 weeks, which should be really fun. Right now, still working on building strength and speed. I completely dinked my shoulder doing speed squats the other day. It felt "funny" the day of, but now it's really bugging me. Hopefully I can work it out before benching.

    Anyways, that's all I got to report right now. It was funny how yesterday I stuffed my face full of cookies, chocolate, and brownies with no ill sides. Thanks, Anabeta Elite! (why I did this: I ran out of food, didn't have my car so couldn't go shopping; had to eat what was in the apt).
    Check your form: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/exercise-science/190675-proper-techniques.html
    Log: http://anabolicminds.com/forum/workout-logs/235436-tossing-weight-torobestia.html


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