first of im 28 6-3 222lbs 18% bf
im a pescatarian, so no meats other than limited fish.
my diet is clean i consume around 80 to 100grams of protein daily with around 50grams of carbs.

im not looking for a major cut . my goal is to move up in muscle weight to about 245 14bf.

im not a rep for anyone , i had to scour the internet to find these supps and its taken me years to find the right ones that work well with me and my body type.

supplements i have been taking.
iforce intimidate at nights.
bps endosurge.
pes erase pro, which i am switching out for forma surge.
creatine hcl
muscle feast premium protein blend.

let me start of by saying that bps endosurge is the real deal hear. i have tried a ton of test boosters ,and "this **** right here" is gold , i will not be with out this one folks.

since taking these my strength has gone up significantly in the past month. which is whats causing me to want to log this now, this changes have been so drastic.

i will begin my log once the formasurge arrives .
i find that it will be easier to do videos so i will put them on youtube and link to here.
i am really excited here folks.

so to recap what i will be logging over the next month
bps formasurge- will do 8 to 10 week low dosage run.
bps endosurge- will do for my final 4 weeks
creatine hcl- 8 weeks to go
i may continue the iforce intimidate ,but ultimately switch it out for good old daa
i will add in some agmatine.

im open to suggestion ,if anyone feels i could benefit from running something else im down to listen.