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  1. This coming week is max week and I have a strong belief in myself right now. If all goes to plan I will come out with a 260 bench 375 squat 165 OHP 475 dead. The support on this forum especially from the Alpha Crew can't be touched!
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by Randoja
    This coming week is max week and I have a strong belief in myself right now. If all goes to plan I will come out with a 260 bench 375 squat 165 OHP 475 dead. The support on this forum especially from the Alpha Crew can't be touched!
    You got this brother!!! I have faith
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    Coach AB @

  3. 8-06-12 Chest Max

    Bench [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@185
    Pec Dec [email protected]
    Chest concentrations [email protected]
    Inc Cbl Fly [email protected]
    Rope Pulldown [email protected]
    Dips BW 5, 4

    Didn't get 260 like I wanted today, but decided to try to work on form a bit with 205. Finally I got some solid setups, leg drive from the heels pushing the traps into the bench. I really felt like I was locked onto the bench and immovable. It may not show that well in the 205 vid but keep in mind it was my 4th of 5 sets.
    260 attempt
    3x205 set 4

    Still loving the purple wraath taste and no chunks of Leucine is a luxury that I find rare in intra products is great.
    Purus Labs Rep

  4. 8-7-12 Legs o fail

    Squat [email protected]@[email protected]@375
    Front squat [email protected]@295
    Sldl [email protected]
    Leg xt [email protected]@180
    Seated calf raise [email protected]@[email protected]@180

    Not stoked on my 8 week squat plateau. Felt a pinch near my adonis belt on the first attempt at 375 really hoping it was my belt. No pain from it on attempt 2 or FS.
    Purus Labs Rep

  5. 8-9-12

    Shoulder Press [email protected]@[email protected]
    DB Arnold [email protected]
    Lateral Raise [email protected]@17.5 Normally I would do one arm at a time, simultaneous today<weight.
    Front Raise [email protected]@25
    Cbl Face Pull [email protected]
    Rev Pec Dec [email protected] alternated between a regular and hammer style grip.
    HS shrugs [email protected] 3 second hold and contraction each rep.

    Really wanted to get a 165 mil press today, but my gym is in the middle of an extremely asinine rearranging of equipment. They put in a sh!tty oly platform where you always see me doing squats. So the squat rack moved too into the spot where mil press was. Right in the middle of all the bench press and db area. Gonna be a silly place to squat, and dangerous imo. So since the squat rack was where mil press was supposed to be mil press was just out in left field and the guy working said I couldn't use it. Immediately I was super irritated after the week I have had with maxes this was going to be the only PR I hit, but got denied even the opportunity. Got a beast of a pump though minimal rest times plus doing both shoulder at the same time for db work gave me a sick burn and really sped up my workout as a whole. Another note hammer style grip on Rev pec dec is a really good feeling, hard, but you start to feel every part of your shoulders swelling.
    Purus Labs Rep

  6. 8-10-12

    Deadlift [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@225 w/10second hold
    BB Row [email protected]
    Lat Pull [email protected]@100
    Supported Row hammer grip [email protected]
    EZ Bar Curl [email protected]
    BB Curl [email protected]

    Pretty good workout today, was deadlifting raw hence my grip fail on 365. Gotta get me some of those grip things. Deload then 5/3/1
    Purus Labs Rep

    Powerlifting for the vertically gifted

  8. 8-13-12 Chest Deload

    Bench [email protected]@135
    HS Incline Press [email protected]
    Pec Dec [email protected]
    Chest Concentrations [email protected]
    Rope Pulldown [email protected]
    Dips 3x10

    Easy deload workout, went slow on all the reps and negs, got a huge pump. #food for thought This week is deload so I'll just be finishing up the product throughout my easy week at the gym. Loving Purple Wraath as an Intra, taste doesn't get old.
    Purus Labs Rep

  9. 8-14-12 Legs Deload

    BS [email protected]
    FS [email protected]
    SLDL [email protected]
    Leg Xt [email protected]

    Pretty simple and quick today. Still deloading will be trying a 2nd max week on Monday 4 days of blue gene left. I will include any new PRs in this log and my final review vid.
    Purus Labs Rep

  10. 8-16-12 Shoulders Deload

    Mil Press [email protected]
    DB Arnold [email protected]
    DB Lateral [email protected]
    DB Front [email protected]
    CFP [email protected]
    HS Shrug [email protected]
    RPD [email protected]

    EZPZ Deload workout, 2 more days of the blue gene left.
    Purus Labs Rep

  11. 8-17-12 Back Bicep Deload

    Dl [email protected]@225
    BB Row [email protected]
    Lat Pull [email protected]
    T-bar [email protected]
    BB Curl [email protected]
    DB Hammer Curl [email protected]

    Quick easy, intense though. Ready to come in hot on Monday. With any luck I'll enjoy my birthday and set a solid bench max. Tomorrow my supplies run out unfortunately. I will be taking one more week to max and will come out with my final review and video at that point.
    Purus Labs Rep

  12. Deload shoulder press at 95lbs? Good christ I can't even do that max for 1 rep lol.
    Powerlifting for the vertically gifted

  13. Quote Originally Posted by DJBeanPole View Post
    Deload shoulder press at 95lbs? Good christ I can't even do that max for 1 rep lol.
    To be honest that's way to high for me at a deload percentage. My 1RM is only 155 at this time. I was just into it at the moment.
    Purus Labs Rep

  14. Thanks everyone for all the support for my birthday and in my log.

    8-20-12 Chest, Triceps

    Bench [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
    Pec Dec [email protected]@[email protected]
    Chest Conc [email protected]
    Rope Pulldown [email protected]@[email protected]@50
    Inc DB Fly [email protected]
    DB Fly [email protected]
    DB Kickbacks [email protected]
    Dips 12,8,7

    No new PR, but my form on 245 was solid, I picked the wrong bench today and didn't get a vid of it. Looking forward to squats. Still enjoying some purple wraath for intra. Will be maxing this week and then come out with final review.

    Hit 185 lbs today.
    Purus Labs Rep

  15. Late to the party, but excellent log bro. Way to go ballsto the wall on your lifts. I'm a big fan of P.W., I've found the effects are more profound for me if I mixed two scoops and slam half about 20mins preworkout sip the rest intra. Killer mill press numbers too.
    Lift Hard, Love Long, and Live Happy

  16. 8-23-12 Shoulders

    MP [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]
    Arnolds [email protected]@[email protected]@30
    DB Lat Raise [email protected]@12.5 w/pause at top
    DB Front [email protected]
    HS Shrug [email protected]@230
    CFP [email protected]@80
    RPD [email protected]@[email protected]@90

    No PR, not trying to make excuses but front delts and tris were a little sore from bench still. May have had it fresh. Not worried about it got some nice work in, my shoulders are smoked. Final review up tomorrow!
    Purus Labs Rep

  17. Can't wait for the final review!

  18. Quote Originally Posted by RenegadeRows View Post
    Can't wait for the final review!
    Thanks man, it will be up in a couple hours.
    Purus Labs Rep
  19. Purus Labs Rep

  20. Blue Gene and Purple Wraath Final Review.

    Purple Wraath:

    Taste: 9.5/10 Nothing tastes perfect but this comes pretty close. Not usually a fan of Lemon but the Purple Lemonade flavor was excellent. I've tried a lot of intra products and some are a bit sickening to be blunt. Purple Wraath tasted great and was refreshing throughout the entire workout, it doesn't get sweet and gross like others I've tried.

    Profile: 9/10 The combo of Beta Alanine, Cit Mal, and Niacin was great. Even though I got a bit red from the Niacin, which is common, it kept me warm, pumped, and tingling during my workouts.

    Mixability: 10/10 It doesn't get better. With just a few shakes the product dissolves, there are no obnoxious chunks of leucine. I can't stand the chunks that some intra workout products have, especially when you're really thirsty. I was glad that this product dissolves easy and stays dissolved.

    Recovery: 8.5/10 I noticed improved recovery as well. I hardly had any doms after 48 hrs, which was nice because it kept my legs fresh after squats for deads later in the week, and the same as far as bench and overhead press.

    Blue Gene:

    This product was a little bit harder to gauge the effects of. What I can say is that I had little to no joint discomfort throughout the entire bottle, which I attribute to the Cissus. Definitely felt like I was lubed up every workout. I didn't have any workouts where "strength just wasn't there" after the first 2 days. I was able to exert a lot of effort in the gym and get it done every day. I set some PRs for reps throughout using the product and improved by 5lbs on my deadlift. I gained 5 lbs during this log and even at a high calorie surplus, it still feels like some semi lean gains.


    Thanks again to RenegadeRows and Controlled Labs for the opportunity to try this product and log it for you guys. I will definitely be getting some more Purple Wraath in the near future.
    Purus Labs Rep


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