Aniracetam is it safe/ disruption of hormones?

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    Unhappy Aniracetam is it safe/ disruption of hormones?

    I wanted to ask if anyone had any knowledge about this! I took a small dose of aniraetam on and off over three weeks. Following this my periods have stopped for over 2 months
    Is there a particular reason for this? Does it affect testosterone or disrupt the HPA axis? Does it affect hormone balance? If so will things return to normal?
    Cheers for any information

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    sub'd out of curiousity -

    I've taken piracetam a few times - haven't experienced anything negative, except maybe I tend to get "stuck inside my head" if I take it too early in the morning before work - not really a fog, but if I'm not into the task at hand, this stuff definitely makes it easy to not be any more into it either, like my brain wants to focus on what it wants to focus on & nothing else..... Always interested to hear more about these -racetams

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