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  1. 7/25

    Didnt have my notebook today and i get bad service in the gym so i tried my best to go as hard as i could and hope i had improvement. lets see

    Up/Down - 45 70 95 115 125 i could have MAYBE done 130 but 125 was still hard for me. no improvement here

    Rack Chins - 35 45 70 80 90 10 pound improvement here

    Tricep push downs - i forget the numbers but i did it on the lat pull down machine so i could do more weight felt really good

    I also did DB curls and over head DB extension. Im getting really worn out from 5x5 and im always tired so i think my run with 5x5 is over. Friday I will start 4x8. I will lay out exactly what I will be doing each training day. Friday I will also weigh in and do a week 2 review. We will still be able to see improvement or not from 5x5...only three rep difference so it shouldnt be too much lighter.
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  2. Friday 7/27

    Got my weight, up 4 pounds total and still look lean from my cut. I have switched to a 4x8 to relieve stress from my shoulder and i was mentally getting worn out


    Flat BB - 185 225 235 240

    Incline DB - 55 70 80 90 (my chest was shot after flat BB. surprised i could even do 90. when i do incline first, i can usually hit 100 sometimes)

    Flys - 2 sets high rep to stretch out and get some added work

    Reverse Grip Flat Bench - 135 160 185 200

    Skull Crusher - 50 60 70 80

    Dips - BW for two sets. just wanted to stretch my triceps out. Will set weight on my abdomen/pelvic region next time

    July 28

    Woke up today VERY sore. have been stretching all day to get it gone before shoulders on Monday. Sorry I havent been logging as often. Im in summer 2 session for nursing and its taking all my time.
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  3. quick update. working 12s for clinical plus exams and papers so barely have time for this right now but i will be able to do ALOT more starting thursday evening through the next two weeks so just hang in there. vascularity is at an all time high. thats one think i really like about anabeta. thirst is still there. usually 20 min after dose i get a dry mouth. Pump in the gym is normal, just veins POP big time especially in the gym. Veins that ive never seen before are coming out now. Strength gains are obvious. Going to hit back and biceps tomorrow. will give a full detailed update thursday after my exam. Hunger is random. some days its very noticeable and others its just normal. gonna step on the scale friday to see whats up. gained 4 pounds so far. clean bulk, not dirty. really watching my sugar intake. dont wanna get that stomach!
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  4. Nice log, Been thinking of trying anabeta thanks for letting us know your thoughts on the AB vs ABE.

    Keep up the good work!

  5. Started AB on Monday and the hunger is rediculous. My DAA supp should be getting here today.
    Always open light. Itís not what you open with, itís what you finish with. Louie Simmons

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Bodock View Post
    Nice log, Been thinking of trying anabeta thanks for letting us know your thoughts on the AB vs ABE.

    Keep up the good work!

    ive answered this many times. personally, ABE for a cut/recomp, AB for a bulk. I will elaborate more tonight.

    I am going to be doing a detailed update tonight. been having clinical back to back with 2 tests in two days but finally done for about a week or so. still been training hard, numbers going up. again, tonight will give a detailed update. i have lots to fill you guys in on. stay tuned
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  7. ill update the lifts i did tomorrow. long day. got a new puppy yesterday and add school work on top of that its been a little busy for me.

    so far, the positives from this stack are:

    vascularity, weight gain, hunger, minimal strength (but better than not taking anything but staples). If i was training 4-5x per week i think i would notice a bit more in strength i just dont have the time for that. in the winter break i plan on going 5 times per week. gonna run IGF 2 + Anabeta + Sustain TD i think. my three favorite products! anyways, vascularity has been awesome. noticing it even on OFF days but not near as much as i do when im training. hunger is random. usually notice it 30 - 60 minutes after each dosage which is great on training days. i get hungry the middle of my workout and eat alot post workout. strength has been consistently increasing. today i did BB incline 225 for 8 reps. could have done maybe 1 or 2 more reps but i was limited on time and needed to get. didnt want to do another set to see if i could do 230. will do 230 or 235 next time i do incline. flat DB i did 95 x 8. this was done after BB incline so thats good. my chest was already shot and still able to almost do 100. next week, will do DB first so we can compare the numbers and see how much difference it makes doing DB first vs second. again, ill update the numbers of what i did tomorrow. i think you will be impressed. last time i did BB incline was on 5x5 and im pretty sure i did 235 or 240 for 5 reps. im almost there with doing 8 reps. not gaining any fat on this clean bulk yet so thats good. scale is up. ill put all that in tomorrows post.
    libido is also sky high. took about 2 weeks to really reach its peak i think.

    the negatives:

    thirst. although this may be a good SE while taking creatine. forces me to drink more. i have the tendency to drink my majority of water during my workout (1/2 gallon). also, acne has been coming and going. sometimes ill have a breakout that lasts for 3 days then other times my face is clear. had a bit on my chest but i got that cleared up and i havent even been tanning. just taking my acne wash and cream every day.
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  8. 8/4

    Really sore today. I love high volume so whenever i get off of DC or 5x5 to a routine like this (high volume for me) i LOVE it. stretching throughout the day. Appetite is still high after each dose. Acne comes and goes. I have a friend running this same stack so we can compare results and he is having the same experiences I have been having. good stuff
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  9. been a crazy week with clinical, new dog and had to work on my moms car. rolls while in park. swapped the cable three times and still does it. thats why i havent been on here much. Going to the gym in about 2 hours then gonna update the log on the past three workouts along with weight and my thoughts. thanks
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  10. Friday 8/3 remember, im doing 4x8


    BB Incline - 135 warmup 185 205 215 225

    DB Flat - 75 85 90 95

    Flys - machine flys.... 3 sets light weight to get a good stretch. did 12 - 15 reps

    EZ Barbell overhead ext. standing - 50 60 70 80

    Triangle push down - 4 x8 dont really worry about weight on here because its hard on my elbows

    Dips - BW + 25 + 45 + 70

    8/6 Shoulders and Legs....will only update on one workout here because i do alot of accessory lifts with legs and shoulders since i have problems with both

    Up/Downs (dont know what they are really called) - 45 warm up 70 80 95 105

    Wednesday 8/8


    T Bar (V Bar with BB) Row - 1 plate warmup, 2 plates 3 plates 4 plates (did only 5 last time i did these. did 8 today)

    V Bar seated row - 135 150 165 180

    Lat Pulldown Machine - 2 plates (each side) 115, 125, 135


    BB Curl - 65 85 95 105 (best ever)

    Preacher (Machine) 1 hand - 45 (too much to start with) 45 50 55

    Pull ups - 3 sets body weight close grip with a drop set of wide grip on my last set to failure.

    Tomorrow I will have more time on my hands to go through here and compare a lot of lifts to see strength improvement. I wont do every lift, but I will do plenty to gauge how much my strength is increasing.
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