Log: OxyECA + New Alpha T2 Stack Day 1

  1. Log: OxyECA + New Alpha T2 Stack Day 1

    (This was meant to be posted Friday 6/29, but as I was typing storms rolled through and we were out of power until this morning).

    This morning I started a 4 week run of OxyECA and the new Alpha T2, dosed 1 each upon waking (30 mins pre breakfast) and 1 AT2 30 mins pre cardio. WOW, I'm not sure if it was the synergy between the oxy and AT2, or if it was the oxy by itself, but I was kicked into gear after 7 hrs of fairly interrupted sleep. Great energy all morning, I felt it kick in about 20 minutes or so after dosing. By the time I was driving to the gym to train I was wide awake, close to jittery but not to that extreme which is just perfect for me. I took a stim break for the last 1.5-2 weeks, so maybe I'm a little less tolerant, but whatever it was it was great. My second AT2 didn't give me the same huge boost in energy, but I could still feel it. I pushed through 25 mins of HIIT (20 sec sprint/10 sec recovery on the elliptical) and 3 hours later still have a bunch of energy. If this is any indicator of how this run will go, I'm pretty amped about these effects!

    Beginning stats:

    -Weight: 190.5

    -Bodyfat 6% (21mm)

    -Abs (navel) 31.75''

    -Right bicep (flexed) 17''

    -Right bicep (relaxed) 15.5''

    -Right quad 27.25


  2. OxyECA + New Alpha T2 Stack Day 5:

    So since last time I posted there has been a lot going on. Crazy storms passed through the DC area Friday night and knocked out power until this morning. Over the weekend we had to deal with 100 degree heat & no power...so no a/c, no internet, no entertainment of any sort. I managed to stay on my diet 100% by keeping all my food in coolers and making daily trips to go get ice. Last night we broke down and got a hotel room, which was really nice...microwave & fridge to make and keep food too. They had wifi too, and keeping the room at 65 felt really nice.

    I have stayed with dosing 1 Oxy + 1 AT2 in the AM upon waking, and 1 more AT2 mid day normally pre workout. The AM energy hasn't been nearly as crazy as the first couple days, but I still feel pretty awesome considering I wake up between 5 and 5:30. I think I will up my dosing for the remainder of this run to 1 Oxy + 2 AT2 in the AM and 1 AT2 mid day starting on Friday.

    I've made two changes to my diet/supplementation since last posting. One, I added in agmatine for a 4 week run at 2 doses of 500mg (one at 20 minutes before my pre AM shake/breakfast, the other 20 minutes before my preworkout meal). The second change is I changed out of carb cycling to a traditional steady day to day diet. Macros are 250c/325p/80f; this puts me slightly above maintenance calories, and I may add in 40-60g carbs on Saturday (quad day) and then deduct them from my off day on Sunday. I haven't quite figured that out yet. I'm still going over on protein, mainly due to the large amount of veggies that I'm eating, so I may have to drop complete protein even further but I am going to wait until Friday to see how I'm progressing; if I am staying steady w/ bodyfat I may just keep everything the same until I need to raise carbs further after the wedding.

    I'm still feeling pretty good though, I know I'm only on day 5 but I feel like the Oxy/AT2 combo keeps me at a high and consistent energy level throughout the day. Everything looks like I am staying lean, I am really looking forward to what the numbers will say on Friday.

  3. Log: OxyECA + New Alpha T2 Stack Day 7

    Today was weigh in day, and since this week I upped daily carbs and changed out of carb cycling, I expected my weight to be unchanged at best due to increased glycogen and water storage. Nope...new weight was 189.5, down a full pound from last week. I feel harder and more vascular than I did a week ago. The kicker was when I did bodyfat I fell a total of 3 mm overall, down from 6% bodyfat (21mm) to 5.04% (18mm), all while eating at ~150 cals over maintenance. I feel like I look harder and leaner in just a week. I have bounced back strength wise from my post competition lull, still not back up to my pre comp strength but I am going in the right direction while getting leaner, which I really like.


  4. Damn you are ripped. Is it possible to get more ripped ? Amazing.
    I started a new log at:

  5. Quote Originally Posted by fumoney
    Damn you are ripped. Is it possible to get more ripped ? Amazing.
    I guess we'll see...the real test is I am going on vacation(wedding & honeymoon) so I hope to maintain bf levels until I am back

  6. Let me start by saying this week has been a little harder than most. Diet has been on point as normal, I have thrown in a few more carbs starting on Monday of this week. Dosing this week has been 2 OxyECA/day (1 AM, 1 PM) and 3 AT2 (2AM, 1PM). I will start dosing these PWO from now on, for reasons I will mention later. Sleep has been pretty terrible lately, not because of the fat burners, but mostly because I don't get to bed until 10 or 11, and even on days where I don't have to get up early I get up because I'm really hungry and can't wait to get food in for fear I'm catabolic. So I have been getting about 6 hrs a night lately, which is bad for me because normally if I don't get 8 I'm a zombie. The oxy gives me energy during the day so I don't really feel tired, but I need to work harder on getting into bed earlier so I can get up at 5/5:30 and still get my 8 hrs.

    I forgot dosing both preworkout yesterday and had a terrible lift. I'm not sure if that was why or if it was because my HIIT cardio was later in the morning, about 2.5 hrs before my lift. Even though I felt amazing going into the gym (a little crick in my low back/right hip I feel when I'm overtraining sometimes, nothing major though) I had strength losses from the last comparable lift a few weeks ago, especially in weighted dips. Oddly, the only strength losses came in my compound lifts, not in any of the isolation lifts. And the rest of my lifts this week have strong. Can't really come up with a solid reason for it. I also added in Berberine (Nutraplanet's yellow gold) both in AM doses and before my preworkout meal, so I will cut that out and see what happens for tomorrows lift (legs).

    Results from this week

    Weight: 187.5

    Bodyfat: 4.72% (17mm)

    So a 2 lb weight loss from last week, which I was shocked at...but I did dose much later than I'm used to (5:15pm) which caused me to have a little trouble sleeping (though I did take an hour nap at about 6:30, that could have something to do with it) and I had to wake up a couple extra times to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. This past week I did HIIT cardio 3 times along with lifting 5 times, and like I said added in about 45g carbs on top of what I was having. The large weight loss combined with the strength loss from yesterday made me decide to skip over abs/cardio this morning and make today my off day. I'm going lift on my normal off day on Sunday due to Tuesday being a travel day for me.

    I forgot to take pictures this morning, but before I left I took a look in the mirror and I feel like I looked even harder, leaner, drier, and just as big muscularity-wise compared to last week. This stack seems like it's doing it's job! Just have to figure out what's going on with my strength...

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  8. Day 30:

    So it's been over 2 weeks since my last post. I've been in the Dominican getting married & honeymooning, so I haven't had the time or any regular internet access to continue updating.

    About the trip: I was kind of apprehensive on how the diet & workouts were going to go, I haven't been on a real vacation (being out of town for more than a weekend, flying, etc.) in almost 3 years. Turns out everything was better than I expected. I was at an all inclusive resort, so the food was plentiful (which I expected), but the quality was really good. Lots of fresh fruits (best mangoes I've ever had) and veggies, plenty of protein (chicken, fish, steak, etc.), and a decent amount of clean carbs (whole wheat bagels & mini russet potatoes). The cooks were very amenable about cooking the meat without oils, and I brought a bunch of tuna, oatmeal, almonds, and some monster milk so I was able to stay clean throughout my trip and stick pretty close to my macros.

    The all inclusive included all alcohol, and you're going to think I'm crazy but I didn't have a single sip the whole time I was there...I was definitely the only one. I just wasn't into it, I would rather wake up early and hit the gym before everyone woke up than be hungover, puke, and sleep in.

    So on to the supps: the stack helped out tremendously on the trip. I kept the same dosing, except I pushed the second dose later in the day (about 3-4pm) so I would have energy to stay up later. The whole time through I didn't get more than 5 hrs of sleep per night, but thanks primarily to the Oxy I never had a problem with energy. I woke up about 5:30 every morning to get my first breakfast in and hit the gym by about 7:30 (my morning routine takes a little while now since I wait 45 mins from taking my Oxy/AT2 dose to having my AM whey shake, then full breakfast 10 minutes later...so the whole thing takes a little over an hour). Everyday we did something different (dune buggies, catamaran, pool, beach, hard rock, etc.) so it was very active, but I never really got tired until it was time for bed, which was well after midnight. The stack also kept me very lean while there, it looked like I even got a little harder over my time there even though I purposefully increased my daily caloric intake from carbs by about 200-250 cals/day.

    If I'm not mistaken I have 2 or 3 days left, I'll post up a final review, pictures, and final measurements when I'm through with both bottles.


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