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  1. OK so yesterday was day 3 on the DTP workout, and let me just say this is the most difficult, hard, challenging, gut wrenching program I have been on. I LOVE IT! The workout yesterday I started off killing it and then damn it just kept Killing me! Once I got to second phase it was all I could do to walk back and forth to do the next exercise. Sweat was pouring off me!. EVEN my socks was wet when I got home!. My body feels wrecked! Been a while since my ABS have been this sore too!.

    On to the workout!
    This was again a SUPERSET.
    DB ROW Incline DB press
    45 x 30 45 x 30
    45 sec rest
    55 x 20 55 x 20
    1 min rest
    60 x 15 60 x 15
    1:15 rest
    70 x 10 70 x 10
    1:30 rest
    70 x 10 FAIL 70 x 10
    says 2 min rest I needed like 5!

    Again superset this

    TRAP ROW! I used the machine
    45 lbs x 30 I had to used stop and go technique 35 x 30
    45 sec rest
    45 x 20 45 x 20
    1 min rest
    45 x 15 I can barely move this thing at this point! 55 x 15
    1:15 min
    45 x 10 55 x 10
    1:30 rest
    45 x 10 I just wanted to dig deep Step it up 70 x 5 Getting set up with this is hardest part for me.

    A few notes. I have now off the athletix stack I must say I have loved this stack! I would love to have this stack again!. I will be researching for the review today. I will have it up today or in the next few days!.
    Also I now see after this workout I will need to still have a clean diet but I need more carbs or something to make it through these build days. That was just brutal last night. I was having to drag myself toward the end. I wish my cam took better pics because last night had some amazing veins and pump going on!.
    Here is my log

  2. Brutal workout!

    Can't wait to see your overall throughts on the stack.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. OK Guys Here is my review on one part of the stack I took. I wanted to go ahead and get this one out. I want to thank ATHLETIX for giving me a chance to run a log on this great product!.

    OK first what is it? Its a natural test booster, Meaning that no PCT is needed.
    Its a DAA based product which as many know is the new big thing.

    Ingredients 9
    3000mg D-Aspartic Acid
    2000mg L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate
    700mg N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
    4000mg L-Leucine
    500mg L-Isoleucine
    500mg L-Valine

    To me I think this is awesome mixing DAA with BCAA's and others. I know some can just add those to plain DAA but still great idea.

    Mixability 9
    I never had a issue with this. It mixes very easy and no chunks or dry powder left over, NO MATTER HOW LITTLE WATER USED!. Dont know much more to say on that.

    Taste 9
    I have to say I enjoy the pink lemonade taste. Its good and tart but something about it is very refreshing to me. Actually kinda miss drinking it.

    Value 9
    Ok for me it will be high. I didnt pay for it. Will I buy it? If I find a good deal I sure will!. It has 30 servings at a 3g dose a day. Not sure what price that comes out too, but I have seen some good buys so far. I have seen price anywhere from 33 bucks to 19.99 . So just do some searching and see what you find.

    I would normally not do this, but yes its that good!. I loved everyday of this stack. But not taking into account the stack this product actually works. HOW DO I KNOW?
    Well DAA is known to make the family jewels bigger, and DANG let me just say that this was HUGE.! lol. I gained confidence on this stuff. I just felt better I fell asleep great. Sleep good and deep. Not so much tossing and turning at night. Which I will add I noticed no difference taking it at night vs any other time.
    Ok also another way of telling is strength gains. I had some really great PR's while on this too.
    Another big one to mention is the Ridiculous libido. I truly hope you have a wife or gf or rubber patches while on this. And also needs to be noted the Orgasms seemed a lot stronger while on this too.

    So yea I know this works in gym, day to day life and in bedroom. GREAT STUFF!

    Dosing 9
    Like mentioned before I noticed no difference when I took it. But I will say that it does seem to have a calming effect. It was like taking it with a PWO I would just calm down and be very focused on what I wanted. I loved this.
    On days was PWO off days when I could take it.

    Overall 10
    I hate giving anything that but the way I feel today about this I will give it a 10. I really wish I had more of it.
    Its not expensive its not a hassle to take. I had some great gains and leaned up a lot while on this too. I know the AI ( which I will talk about later ) helped here too.
    All I can say is it was a good run.

    I dont know how to rate this but they should be mentioned.
    I did seem to have to take a mega dump shortly after taking this stuff, also it seemed to bloat me a bit , it didnt seem to stay around long but should be mentioned.
    Also I did get some acne, not bad but again note worthy.

    And the only other con I know of is running out of this stuff.!

    I will write my review for the second part later on. And add to this so be watching for it. I will continue to log here as well until I pick up a new log. Thanks for those that have been supporting. Im really enjoying myself over here on this forum as well. Big things are coming so just keep your eyes out for me! Thanks again to the reps!
    Here is my log

  4. Great log! Hard work put in here and a honest review what else could you as for...
    Olympus labs Rep
    Use "BCAZ30" for 30 % off at
    "BCAZ35" for 35% off subscription items.

  5. First off your kicking A$$ 2nd I love your log third love the review set up! Keep killing this bro!
    Prosupps Forum Rep!!

  6. Yup amazing log and review!

    Thanks for taking the time out throughout your day to give us a detailed log, it's much appreciated!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  7. Hit me up or at least think of me next time you need another log! I enjoyed the heck out of this! I.will.write up ssecond part of review more than likely Sunday.
    Here is my log

  8. Sorry I have been off a while I will update the second part of review today. I have been on the Kris gethin program for a week and love it. Very brutal workout.
    Here is my log

  9. Great log bro
    Athletic Xtreme - Are you Xtreme enough?
    -Philippians 4:13-

  10. Quote Originally Posted by bigguyn10ec View Post
    Hit me up or at least think of me next time you need another log! I enjoyed the heck out of this! I.will.write up ssecond part of review more than likely Sunday.
    Without a doubt next time we need loggers you will be getting a PM!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  11. Hell yea! Thats what im saying!
    Here is my log

  12. sorry for the delay on updating but Here is what I have been doing

    SAT was a cardio day but I needed to spend time with the wife so I took her to a waterfall I have never been too. Went swimming in some damn near freezing MTN water . ANd just had a good time climbing the rocks and so on. And yes I got to work on cardio later that night too !

    Sunday was shoulder day I was a bit uneasy wondering how my shoulder would handle this but turned out to be ok.

    It asked for Seated behind neck press but NOT FOR ME!
    So I did the seated front military press and superset those with Upright rows

    Military press SUPERSET upright row
    95 x 50 bar x 50
    115 x40 60 x 40
    135 x 30 60 x 30
    150 x 20 95 x 20
    170 x 10 115 x 10

    Next was asking for ARNOLD DB PRESS with DB shrugs
    I cant do the arnold press The twisting motion is too much for my shoulder

    DB PRESS superset with DB shrugs
    65 x 10 110 x 10
    60 x 15 110 x 15
    55 x 20 95 x 20
    45 x 30 70 x 30
    40 x 40 60 x 40

    After I was done I noticed I was supposed to have done 40, 30 , 20 , 15 , 10 on the first two exercises but Oh well.

    I hit some abs and called it a day. I will say that by the time I was doing the 60lb shrugs I felt like I could barely even move them the slightest bit. And today my traps are fried!. I have never had traps feeling this way.


    Today was leg day and I had to go at about 7 am which Is not my time to hit the gym I just have no strength in the tank at this time in the morning.

    200 x 50
    400 x 40
    600 x 30
    690 x 20
    890 x 10 NEW PR
    890 x 10 FAIL lol.
    690 x 20 FAIL
    600 x 35
    400 x 40
    200 x 50

    I wanted to hit hams a bit more so I did Lying leg curls for about 4 -5 sets.

    ABS for all weighted reps 5 sets to failure. One thing I noticed was I weighed today at gym in at 244 which is down from 250.3 on Thursday
    Now I dont know If me feeling week is due to the weight loss or if I really am just recomping correcting? I have not lost too much strength but I just dont feel as full like I was. Im also getting to where I like the feeling I have of not having a full stomach all the time.
    Here is my log


    OK I want to thank Judgement Day for the chance to run this amazing product.!
    First let me say I have never ran a AI so I have nothing to judge or rate it against. But I can say I will not run another test booster without one now.

    Licogenix is a AI. If you dont know what that is then you dont need it.!Im not going to get into huge details on ingredients but it only list one. On one site I seen it saying there was 7 ? but Anyway.

    Broussonetia Papyrifera extract 450 mg
    I have no idea what this is, and honestly I dont care as long at product works.

    Ok so Im going to keep it a short and simple as I can.
    How did I tell it was working.
    Ok well with any GOOD test booster you will in one way or another raise your estrogen and this can cause issues that are unpleasant but this helps keep that under control. This product also helps with other things like vascularity also.

    Effectiveness 9.5
    I think that is highest I have ever rated something here.
    OK I respond very well to DAA but I do notice that I really think my estrogen raises very quickly with it also, Now when I added this It really blew my mind how well DAA can work.
    This seemed to give me a dry leaner look, which DAA does but this multiplied that!. It brings out veins I never Knew I had. And It really helps with cortisol control too IMO. My belly thinnned out rather quickly and as many know me I like to eat country meals!. So this was a huge help.

    Things I noticed on this.
    Thinning stomach and waist line.
    Dry look
    Joints seemed to be a bit more sore while on this though. Cant say it was this doing it as I was on other things. But It should be mentioned.
    Fuller Muscle look.
    I also was breaking PR's left and right while on this also.
    I really cant say enough about this.

    Dosage 10
    Very simple I took 2 am with food and 2 later on with a meal. You can increase the dose of this but I truly feel that is not needed.

    Value 8
    I think this could be a bit cheaper, although a wonderful product. There are others that are cheaper and although I have not tried them, they all receive good marks also.

    Overall 9
    I really think this is what was giving me that BEAST look in the mirror while at the gym. Its really a EGO boosting product in my mind. It works and really makes your hard work POP. Give it a go . I really wish more would review this as I think its wonderful.

    Thanks again to Judgement Day for the chance to run this.!
    Here is my log

  14. Sick final reviews man, awesome detail, we really appreciate the time you took out for this entire log, thank you!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  15. I 2nd that bro! I'd be stoked to be in any of this guys logs, very detail and wicked good review! Enjoyed it bro.
    Prosupps Forum Rep!!

  16. Thanks so much.
    Here is my log

  17. Well yesterday was a burn day And I would have done really good had I not gotten a sweat tooth early that day. I Did go and do my HIIT cardio burn 321 calories which was about what the candy bar I had was.

    Later I went and mowed my yard and was ready to eat. Took the wife out to eat and destroyed some faitias lol.

    Today will be the Brutal Back and chest workout. I have been carbing up today so I will see if that makes a difference.
    Here is my log

  18. I could go for some faitias right about now
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  19. Today's workout was great. !

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    Here is my log

  20. Lookin Jacked man!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  21. Hellz yeah he is bro that's one big dude that you couldn't pay me to po!! Way to kill it man def can see your work in the pics.
    Prosupps Forum Rep!!

  22. The routine he is on I was looking through, very hard workouts to follow.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  23. What a great workout!


    again this is superset together But its switched up from last week.

    45 X 30 REPS 45 X 30 REPS
    55 X 20 + 5 REPS 55 X 20
    75 X10 + 5 REPS 75 X 10
    85 X 10 X 5 REPS NEW PR 85 X 10
    90 X 5 90 X 5

    135 X 5 75 X 5
    135 X 5 75 X 5
    115 X 10 65 X 10
    90 X 20 55 X 20
    45 X 30 45 X 30

    I had a great pump and full feeling after this workout. I can tell I feel stronger and everything. I look fuller for several hrs after a workout too.
    Today I didnt take any PWO only had gatorade while working out. I didnt sweat like I normally do but Overall good workout.

    results of today. and bodyweight this late in afternoon was at 246.3 Which is pretty awesome I would like to weigh myself in morning when I get up. I think it would be around 240.
    Here is my log

  24. Awesome PR!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  25. Wicked PR Jd Wicked!!!!! Bro is straight up killing this love it!!
    Prosupps Forum Rep!!

  26. Quote Originally Posted by packers6211 View Post
    Wicked PR Jd Wicked!!!!! Bro is straight up killing this love it!!
    I love the logging set up, great detail with lots of dedication to training, makes for a wicked log!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  27. Thanks guys Its time to start a log though I wish I could just change the title. May try that first before I do , but either way Love to have you guys follow it. Thanks again.
    Here is my log

  28. Big guys Lg sciences T911, LECHEEK and DTP program

    New log link. Love to have everyone follow it as well. Thanks again to the ones that did follow and comment here!
    Here is my log

  29. I'll be following!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  30. Yesterday
    I tried a few new things .

    I just used 90lbs and that was enough. THAT IS FREAKING HARD!.
    I did 7 for 3 circuits .

    FRONT squats
    I didnt use much weight as this is a new movement for me.
    I did work up to 140 for 8 for 3 sets though.

    Leg press ( feet low on press focus on quads. )
    4 sets of 15 good control.

    140 x 12 x 4 sets

    Standing Ham curls
    5 sets of failure

    Leg ext
    5 sets of strips sets to failure.

    Lying ham curls
    5 strip sets

    Abs for 3 sets of failure
    15 min cardio

    shoulder warmup

    3 warmups
    3 working
    working 225 x 8
    245 x 8 x 2

    225 x 10
    265 x 8 x 3 sets

    Reverse flat bench
    140 x 10 x 3

    Pec dec
    4 strip sets

    4 sets of failure.
    Here is my log

  31. nice workouts man the bear complex is no joke. Front squats are nice I feel them in my quads better then regular squats
    Platinum Nutraceuticals company rep
    Xcel Sports Nutrition Sponsored Athlete
    National Level NPC Competitor, C.P.T, S.S.N Inbox me any questions

  32. Awesome workouts man! What you running now? or still doing that new LG product?
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  33. I posted in wrong log lol.
    Here is my log

  34. Quote Originally Posted by bigguyn10ec View Post
    I posted in wrong log lol.
    I figured so lol
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  35. I updated the other with the info you wanted though. Hey @ judgement. You on Supplement reviews too?
    Here is my log

  36. Quote Originally Posted by mattys4 View Post
    nice workouts man the bear complex is no joke. Front squats are nice I feel them in my quads better then regular squats

    Yea I posted this in wrong log. But I think I may do the front squats more. Just really weird on me because im new to them. But Im way more sore than I normally am. Also Im not hurting in my back as bad.
    Here is my log

  37. Quote Originally Posted by bigguyn10ec View Post
    Yea I posted this in wrong log. But I think I may do the front squats more. Just really weird on me because im new to them. But Im way more sore than I normally am. Also Im not hurting in my back as bad.
    yup saw after i posted that we are in the wrong log
    Platinum Nutraceuticals company rep
    Xcel Sports Nutrition Sponsored Athlete
    National Level NPC Competitor, C.P.T, S.S.N Inbox me any questions

  38. Quote Originally Posted by bigguyn10ec View Post
    I updated the other with the info you wanted though. Hey @ judgement. You on Supplement reviews too?
    YEs I am, I was following your Athletix log on there
    Core Nutritionals Representative


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