whey protein and fat loss

  1. whey protein and fat loss

    hay guys....last night my friend brought her whey protein i asked her what for?she told that her trainer recommended her to use whey protein for fat loss...i was amazed that how can protein itself lose fats?what are your thoughts over it?

  2. It doesn't burn fat.
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  3. A high protein diet has been linked to weight loss.

    I guess if you replace a protein shake with a meal/snack then you could loss weight because of a calorie deficiency.
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  4. OP, It does burn fat through several physiological pathways, some direct and others indirect.

    1. "The thermic effect was greater after the whey (14.4 0.5%) than after the casein (12.0 0.6%; P = 0.002) and soy (11.6 0.5%; P = 0.0001) meals and was greater after the whey, casein, and soy meals than after the high-carbohydrate meal (6.6 0.5%; P < 0.0001). Cumulative fat oxidation tended to be greater after the whey meal (16.2 1.1 g) than after the soy meal (13.7 1.0 g; P = 0.097) and was greater after the whey and soy meals than after the high-carbohydrate meal (10.9 0.9 g; P < 0.05). (Acheson, Lubrano, Araymon, Beaumont, Azar, Zufferey, Monnard & Pinaud, Moennoz, Bovetto, 2011)."

    • "Whey protein reduces short-term food intake relative to placebo, carbohydrate and other proteins."
    • "Whey protein affects satiation and satiety by the actions of: (1) whey protein fractions per se; (2) bioactive peptides; (3) amino-acids released after digestion; (4) combined action of whey protein and/or peptides and/or amino acids with other milk constituents."
    • "Whey ingestion activates many components of the food intake regulatory system."
    • "Whey protein is insulinotropic, and whey-born peptides affect the renin-angiotensin system."

    "Therefore whey protein has potential as physiologically functional food component for persons with obesity and its co-morbidities (hypertension, type II diabetes, hyper- and dislipidemia) (Luhovyy, Akhavan & Anderson, 2007)."

    1. Acheson, K., Lubrano, A., Araymon, S., Beaumont, M., Azar, S., Zufferey, C., Monnard, I., Pinaud, S., Moennoz, C., & Bovetto, L. (2011). Protein choices targeting thermogenesis and metabolism. American Society for Nutrition, Retrieved from
    http : //www . ajcn. org/content/93/3/525. full

    2. Luhovyy, B., Akhavan, T., & Anderson, H. (2007). Whey proteins in the regulation of food intake and satiety. Journal of the American College of Nutrition, Retrieved from http : // www .jacn. org /content/26/6/704S. full

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  5. thanks guys



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