A Regular Review of Test Factor Advanced

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  1. A Regular Review of Test Factor Advanced

    I have looked all over for a basic review of new Test Factor Advanced. I found several reviews that are "soon to be logging", "still waiting on it" or reviews by reps or people who are stacking it with other test boosters etc. So I ordered some up from Nutra Planet....Huge kudo's to NP, they shipped what I ordered super fast! And you can't beat those prices!!

    ABOUT ME: I'm 36, I am not a rep for anyone. Molecular Nutrition wouldn't take me to a dog fight if I was the defending champ so I paid for this stuff because I wanted to try it and see how it worked for me.

    I currently take Men's one a day vitamins, creatine monohydrate and protein powder. I also ordered some of Lecheek Nutrition's "Speed Extreme" I'll be using as a pre workout to get me moving. It has DAA in it so this may also contribute slightly to any results I have. I am on the "Dave Henry diet" ...if you don't know who he is....punch yourself.

    By "Dave Henry diet", I mean I eat very clean during the week. But on Friday night I'll allow myself a little pizza or a few beers. I have never taken a test booster before in my life! My test has always been.... "Great!" Then it was.... "Good"....then it became.... "Okay I guess" that happens with age. I've worked out off and on since I was in my late teens. I'm in good shape now, fairly lean. I could lose three or four pounds around the gut... but that's my own opinion....the wife disagrees. I'd love to look like "AGELESS" when I'm in my 60's ...who the hell wouldn't!!! If you don't know who he is......hit the AM search engine and look this young man up......then punch yourself.

    There's been a lot of hype about this product. I won't be posting that long manufacturer data list. Because I'm personally sick of scrolling past that thing. I do my cardio three days a week along with my weight training. It's what works for me. So I won't be posting my full workout program. What I wil be posting are noticeable gains, noticeable changes, if my dumbell poundages go up I'll be posting that too. But I want to try to keep this review as bare bones as I can for anyone else who may be interested in TFA.


    Will Test Factor Advanced do the same things to me as it does to you?

    I doubt it. Everyone's different, the only real way to know what works for you is to listen to YOUR body, bust your ass with YOUR program and find what works for you.

    This review DOES NOT BEGIN TOMORROW....IT BEGINS NOW! I have already taken my dose as per the instructions and today so far there are no noticeable differences. I didn't expect any the first day either. But this should be fun

  2. The Obligatory before picture. I definitely want more size and a better cut.

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    Killed dinner. Hickory smoked chicken breast. Always rockin.

  3. Crazy day. Took my second days full dose (6caps) of TFA. No real differences to speak of. I do seem to be handling stress really well today for some reason though. That's weird for me. Maybe I'm just in one of those good mood kind of days though.

  4. subd. i've been curious myself about this product.

  5. Day three:

    still in a really good mood when the pressure is on. This middle of the week holiday has me bustin ass at work. Im usually a little grouchy about that sort of thing. But for two days i've been oddly positive about everything.

    The workout:

    Great workout today. I was able to do three sets of 7 pullups with about 30 seconds rest time each!!! I suck at those!!! I can normally do 3 or 4 pullups a rep before im toast. I also noticed a really good solid pump today. I felt more pumped up than I have in a long time. Veins looked a little more defined too. If this is the TFA.... I like it! And it's only day 3!!!!

  6. Welcome princevine!!!! This threads off the effin hook!! Ha!! Just us bro... Lets rip it....

    Day 4... Just been in a good ass mood. For me... Its gotta be the test factor advanced. My wife was even commenting on how upbeat i've been... The peter north effect is an added boner... I mean bonus

    Veins are more pronounced, muscles feel tighter too. Not a mega difference yet... But at day 4 I am already somewhat impressed.

  7. Day 6: I woke up at 7 a.m. With a LOT of energy. My kids even asked why I was up so early. I am an early riser during the week... Because I have to... And I usualy drag ass a bit. Today I popped up ready to rock! So far to date i've noticed more energy, a more positive outlook, better pumps, slight increase in vascularity and a more solid libido. Not shabby

  8. Today sucked! Didn't sleep good AT ALL... Work took it's toll. Just a bad day. But I did get some samples in from AI Sports Nutrition in the mail. That perked me up. No new effects from the TFA to report but I'm probably downing that pack of 3Z samples I got tonight. Hope it works. I could use some solid rest after today.

  9. Testdriver keep doing ya thing. As soon as i can i'm adding 2 bottles to my already excisting cart at NP. I usually try to pick up supps evry 2 or 3 weeks and from how it's lookn i might have to hold out till next week to submit my order, it was rent week so funds are depleted.

    But keep keepin us posted here on AM about that test factor advance cause inquiring minds want to know like myself, lol.

    Keep killin it Testdriver.

  10. Awesome man. I feel ya on the bills. Always a pain in tha ass. The day did get better. I was pretty down after a hard day. Started messing around with dumbells....was just gonna get a good pump and call it a day. Turned into one of the best sessions i've ever had.

    Once I got started the veins and the pump just got so solid I didn't want to stop. When I did I damn near puked. I hit it hard! ....but didn't really realize it....Great ending to a crappy day. Time to rest up. Thanks for being here bro. Later!

  11. So I took that 3Z sample last night I got from AI. I finally fell asleep... Woke up 4 hours later to take a leak and could not go back to sleep. Fell back asleep...30 minutes later the alarm goes off for work. Got up with a funky headache. So that stuff is definitely Not for me...

    Onto the TFA review.

    I have had like a bit of a pump all day today and it's not a lift day. Despite my lack of sleep i'm kicking ass at work, home, just a lot of energy. Feel tighter.

  12. My two days of lousy rest caught up to me. Now i've had two days of great, deep sleep. Killed it yesterday training back and shoulders! Got one hell of a pump and im not sore this morning. More muscle is shining through.

  13. Lots O energy today! Just feel great. Pumped. Veinage is looking good. Libido is....well...while i'm typing this my penis is running around the neighborhood barking at chicks

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Testdriver View Post
    Libido is....well...while i'm typing this my penis is running around the neighborhood barking at chicks
    This just made my wife ask me why I am laughing so hard that I am crying... Jesus, that's the funniest thing I have read in a few days!

    “Beastmode is when you can not possibly go any further, but then you make a conscious choice to move forward”.

  15. Ha ha! The libido is definitely rockin. Today however I am very aggressive. I have been taking it out on the weights .....but today is an off day and I feel like smashing sh**!!!!

    I'm not mad. Just aggressive as hell!! Ready to rip sh** up!!! Muscles feel really pumped too. I am also officially supplementing with fish oil gels...just way too many positive benefits not to use them and my old knees could use some extra lube.

  16. Tomorrow makes "Day 12" for me on TFA. MN says:

    NEW Test Factor Advanced is a new & innovative clinical testosterone support supplement. This advanced formulation includes D-Aspartic Acid, that has been shown in clinical studies to increase testosterone levels by 42% after ONLY twelve days.

  17. I decided to get a quick pump on for Going out. I spent 10 minutes starting off with Dumb twenties to warm up. Did some concentration curls and straight curls etc. I finished with 40 pounders and my god!! The pump is unreal! I feel like i may get stretch marks!! Rock solid from just a quick pump!!!! My energy is through the roof! I attacked that sh** cold!! No pre workout or stims either

  18. Had a great workoit session yesterday. Incresed my poundage a bit. I haven't been taking my pre workout stims because my energy is way up. I've definitely carved some fat. Still aggressive as hell. But it's tolerable. I just try to stay chill until it's time to workout. Then cut it loose.

  19. Approacing my third week using TFA on Monday the 23rd. So far this sh!t is awesome. I know there's got to be more users on AM because NP is sold out!

    I said something in a recent thread about how good I feel. It's true. For the most part I do.

    Waking up at 4:30 a.m, Downing oatmeal, fruit, peanut butter, chicken breast, sirloin.... Trying to get in all of my protein and meals without puking...then I go to work.... (that's a whole other story)

    ...Or when i'm damn near passing out from doing cardio in the heat too long or aching in the tub from military presses...wondering why the hell i'm not guzzling beer in front of the TV instead of "doing this sh** again"........i know....It sounds crazy.... But once the sweat dries or the shower is done i really do feel good about it all.

  20. Sidenote : August isaue of Iron Man mag. .. Classic Arnold

  21. Subbed, going to run TFA at the end of the month. Your run sounds good
    “Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed. (Proverbs 12:24)”

  22. Awesome... Welcome aboard!!!

    Today is the beginning of my 3rd week. So far I've been noticing increases in aggression, libido, energy levels and my lifting poundages, pullups etc have increased. Better vascularity and some great pumps. It's been really good to me so far

  23. I am surprise that ain't that many TFA logs, with the amount sold there should be more.
    “Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed. (Proverbs 12:24)”

  24. My thoughts exactly. Nobody's really mentioning it for some reason

  25. So are you going to run 2 bottles?
    “Work hard and become a leader; be lazy and never succeed. (Proverbs 12:24)”


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