HP's Summer of Alpha with Athletix Sports Stack

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  1. I'm going to close this log out tomorrow. You will get my full review and JD I will make a video for you when I train this week. Once again the guy never sent me the video we took. This makes it twice this has happened. I have to get some things together myself with my own equipment.

  2. Awesome! Looking forward to your final thoughts on the Athletix stack
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. As I!!!!!
    Prosupps Forum Rep!!

  4. Ok, I'm working on my final reviews but here is a closing workout just so you know I kept my gains!

    Incline Bench: Warmup, 255x10x2
    Cable Crossovers: 70lbs 3 waysx10x2 Each
    Flat Bench: Warmup, 225x10, 315x10x2, 405x3
    Close Grip Bench: 275x10x2

    Ok, I took last week off except for Monday, due to my parents dropping in on my wife and I suddenly. I only got to bench. If you have been following this log I was off for almost 10 days two weeks ago due to wifey having surgery. I only got half a week in before having take more time off. Also, I was struggling getting back to repping 405. With so little time in the gym and being so hyped. I got in there and smashed the wights. Also I did 405x3 after I did two other exercises. I ALWAYS benched first in the past. I never did prework, let alone incline and crossovers before benching. Never in my life did I ever start this way and still finish strong on the bench. So sad my run with Athletix has to end. JD and Athletix I would love to do it again some day. Thank you for the great opportunity. You guys are awesome.

  5. This was a great log, fun following along seeing how strong your lifts are.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  6. Solid review brother and you did one hell of a job. One of my fav logs this year.
    Prosupps Forum Rep!!

  7. Looking forward to your bench video and your final thoughts on this stack
    Core Nutritionals Representative
  8. Division 1 WriteUp

    Division 1

    This is my personal review of the Athletix Stack. I want to thank JD and Athletix for allowing me the opportunity to run these three products. I ran Licogenix, Div 1 and Formula ĖX the first month and ran two bottles of Div 1 and Formula-X the second by way of mega dosing in month 2.

    Here is the ingredient list and for this product.

    Wide Spectrum Stinging Nettle Root Extract Including 3,4-divanillytetrahydrofuran 400mg/cap

    Increase Free Testosterone Levels
    Increase Libido and Muscle Mass
    Perfect for PCT
    Potent Sex Hormone-Binding Globulin (SHBG) Inhibitor


    With Division 1 I have experienced steady strength gains. I recently, while on this run increased my bench max from 405x1 to 40x4 reps.I hope to continue making progress post stack.The natural pump I experienced while on Div 1 was not evident but when I got to the gym it was felt. My muscles became much more dense and fuller on my upper chest.I also experienced great recovery in the sense I was able to recover and bench upwards of 3xís a week and work back 3xís a week.


    Dosing really wasn't an issue for me I split the 2 pills up 3 times daily vs mega dosing 3 pills, 3 times daily was noticeable but only after making the initial run as stated on the bottle. If you were to begin mega dosing I donít think the gains would be made. There would be tolerance built to where you would stall and think there was no effect.

    Price is where this product really stands out. You can get a 30-40 day supply for 14-17 bucks. Thats like 0.40-0.60 a day. I believe for a natty this is a great choice in product. If you are a person who utilizes cycles you need to look elsewhere. I have kept all gains and felt no difference once ending the stack. I would recommend stacking it with Formula-X to get the overall benefit from the product.


    This is a solid product overall. It can be used on a bulk, on a cut, or even as part of a PCT. It works pretty well as part of a natty stack. In my opinion itís best run with it stacked as opposed to a standalone product. If given an opportunity I would run it again. You would not be disappointed. To justify the reasoning I ended my final workout with a 495x1 squat and 7 plate T-Bar Row for 5 reps. No strength lost but PRís have been made.
  9. Formula-X WriteUP


    This is my first review on the ATHLETIX stack that JudgementDay was gracious enough to send me.

    Ingredients 9
    3000mg D-Aspartic Acid
    2000mg L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate
    700mg N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine
    4000mg L-Leucine
    500mg L-Isoleucine
    500mg L-Valine

    This product contains a full 5 grams of 8:1:1 BCAA's. Most BCAA are leaning towards this product ratio. I believe this makes it extremely effective. One of the things I currently do if IF/LG. This makes it important in maintaining muscle mass as well as making strength gains. This product was important because I would take it first thing in the morning non-workout daysto as insurance during my fasted period.


    This product along with Division 1 gave me a strong boost in the gym to perform any workout I planned in the gym. Outside the gym pumps remained and energy was sustained throughout the evening. I actually boosted this product with 5g of creatine and my recovery was outstanding. I also feel like this did increase my energy levels in the gym. This product provided good energy and I didnít take any preworkout products.

    During the run of this product I hit multiple PRís, especially with my pull-ups. I weigh over 300+ lbs and yet I can do various type of pull-ups/chin-ups and hit as high as 26 on the initial set. Iím adding to these numbers daily and the value of the products continue to rise.


    I think that this product is a very good value. This is a 30 supply of DAA, of BCAA's, and LCLT for 30-35 dollars.


    Pink lemonade flavor was awesome.I actually looked forward to drinking it.


    Single scoop dose and mixed extremely well. There arenít many on the market which has this combination with mixability and getting all you need in a single dose.I was extremely pleased with this product in every sense.


    This has become one of my two favorite intraworkout drinks. It's got the aminos, the energy, the recovery, and the test boosting areas all covered. I will certainly pick this up because of the solid value and solid results. No issues were noticeable while taking this product although I sometimes think my stomach may be made out of titanium. I can tolerate anything, well just about anything.
  10. Licogenix Writeup


    This review is for the product Licogenix.

    Here is the ingredient, along with the claims for this product.

    Broussonetia Papyrifera extract 450 mg

    ē Powerful aromatase inhibitor
    ē Antioxidant Benefits
    ē Increased sensitivity to insulin
    ē Anti-inflammatory and anti-nociceptive properties
    ē Hepatoprotective properties
    ē DSHEA compliant!


    Dosed at the recommended dose for a full month, I would have to say I experienced a bit of leaning from this product but unsure how much. I had a lot belly to reduce but I would have liked to run it a full 8 weeks wo get a true feel for what I was utilizing. Itís definitely best stacked with Formula-X and Div 1 for the best results.

    I did experience modest strength gains, but nothing I can attribute specifically to the Licogenix, It is hard to measure how much it may have helped with the other two in the arsenal.

    I did not have any noticeable issues with dry joints while on this product. I have read where others experienced this but I had no bad effects from it.


    Taken at a regular dose, this product is in line with other similar products like Overall, this is a great product for the price but again I love it stacked with the Formula X and Division 1. This will definitely give you great results with the proper nutrition, diet and traiing. I would recommend increasing water intake which may explain why some were drying out.

    I don't generally have a problem with dosing, even three times a day. I just take my first dose in the morning, the second dose right after lunch, and the third dose around when I get home from work. It works out to every 4-5 hours which gives you plenty of time between doses.


    This is a solid product overall. It can be used on a bulk, on a cut, or even as part of a PCT. I used this to help me lean up while recomping. The one downside is that it will definitely produce more visible results with people that are already sub 10% bf. I am not sub 10% so I didnít see the truest effects from the product.

    Overall, this is a great product for anyone, but like anything your diet and exercise regimen is paramount to your overall success. I would have no problem recommending this product to anyone.

  11. Awesome HP! Great log and reviews!
    Psalm 73:26
    My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.

  12. Awesome final review HP!

    Thanks for taking the time out to log for us, this was a great log to follow
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  13. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    Awesome final review HP!

    Thanks for taking the time out to log for us, this was a great log to follow
    No doubt! DOn't worry I will get you a video post stack this upcoming week! I still owe you. Thank you so much for the opportunity JD and Athletix.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by HokiePride View Post
    No doubt! DOn't worry I will get you a video post stack this upcoming week! I still owe you. Thank you so much for the opportunity JD and Athletix.
    No problem! We will contact you if Athletix releases any new products and needs loggers
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  15. very good review brother, I def enjoyed this log. Make sure to link me on any future ones.
    Prosupps Forum Rep!!

  16. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    No problem! We will contact you if Athletix releases any new products and needs loggers
    Damn! AWESOME JD!

  17. Quote Originally Posted by packers6211 View Post
    very good review brother, I def enjoyed this log. Make sure to link me on any future ones.
    No doubt PAck! Definitely!

  18. Final Lift Video! Alpha!

    405 Decline with Slingshot, post Athletix Stack!

    Lifting for the day!

    (work sets listed only):

    Incline bench: 295x8x2
    Flat Bench: 365x5x2
    CGB: 315x5x2
    Decline w/ Slingshot: 405x8 (Filmed)

    BB Curls: 135x3x2
    DB Curls: 40x10, 50x10, 60x8, 70x5
    Machine Curls: Burnouts
    Sponsored Logs
    {Division 1, Licogenix, Formula-X} (Courtesy JD and Athletix)
    {Amino1} (Courtesy JPMiller and MusclePharm)

  19. Very heavy lift!
    Core Nutritionals Representative


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