Neogenix NEUROSURGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Thumbs up Neogenix NEUROSURGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I thought i was going to be forever purchasing CRAZE, which in the begining i wasn't to fond of, but by the second week i had found my sweet spot, and wasn't going to look back at any pwo for a while, until long and behold, guess what rears it's head in mailbox. 2 samples of my new go to pwo by Neogenix "Neurosurge". Let me start just by saying that i wasn't and didn't need to finish the whole packet. i put the 1 packet in a 16.oz water bottle, drank half and it was on. I put my half a bottle back in the fridge and didn't find myself needing it for the remainder of my 8hr.shift. i was zoned out all day. i felt as if i hadn't been of stims for 2 yrs, and this was my first time again. REAL TALK PEOPLE, NO BSSING. for those looking into purchasing a pwo, do yourself a favor and look into neogenix neurosurge. if you don't believe just ask for a sample and see for yourself. not to take anything away from craze but now i'm torn between 2 lovers, feeling like a fool.......................... yeah yall no the rest of the lyrics.

    so i drank the remainder right after work heading to the gym, and dejavu. i was in that zone again. so i was able to get 2 satisying servings from 1 packet. now i could just imagine what that 1 would do if i just chugg'd it, oh i know. straight to the gym.

    thanks for this opportunity and for elightening myself to a new pwo favorite. so long to alot of the pwo prior & R.I.P.

    will post back after consuming 2nd packet

  2. Nice review I'm glad our product worked so well for you. I've been a fan of the half serving for awhile also. It's my sweet spot also.

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