Athletix Sports Sponsored Log Round 2

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  1. Athletix Sports Sponsored Log Round 2

    Thanks so much to JD and Athletix Sports for the chance to log again!

    I loved my run of Formula-X last year, and am looking forward to trying out their AI: Licogenix, for not 1 but 2 bottles! So far this is the last product they have out that I have not yet tried.

    So far the only AI's i have tried were Erase and Erase Pro. EP was down right crazy in its ability to dry you out, so it will be interesting to see how these compare. All accounts i have read so far is that Lico will not be has hard on the joints, (EP really needed to be dosed every 2 days or even every 3 to keep from super drying you out)

    I will be following the dosing on the label to begin with. While I am sure i will be adding more cardio as time goes on, for now there is going to be no change in diet or routine. Ultimate goal is still Recomping.

    I took one serving last night and one this morning, will report back later on any observations!

  2. Subbed
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  3. Cheers!

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  4. Base weight is 168.5 body fat I would say is still in the 12%range

    Weight is down from last week. But that could be anything. Water weight or what ever. Will see what happens next week after a full week on Lico

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  5. Next to no power at the gym. Solid work out either way though

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  6. Power outage still in full force at the gym never sweated like that. Heat may have been of some help though. Felt strong throughout and my dip weight shot up like crazy this session

  7. Can't say I feel much yet. No soreness to speak of. Maybe slightly thirstier. And needing to use the bath room a little more that usual. Those could go hand in hand. Or I am drying out some.

  8. Happy 4th!

    Hit the gym just now. Power is back on. Liked it better the other way. Pump felt good lifts went up a touch. Within normal progression. Recovery is OK. Not feeling sore. But my skin is a bit drier.

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  9. thinking maybe to add creapure back into the mix? what say you?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    thinking maybe to add creapure back into the mix? what say you?
    How long were you using the Creapure before? I use Creatine up to 6 months, but it's prob best to cycle it 2-3 months on and a month or 2 off.
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  11. nearly a year i would say. have a tub laying there so i figured id ask

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    nearly a year i would say. have a tub laying there so i figured id ask
    A break don't hurt, but strength normally goes down a couple reps when getting off creatine, at least for me it does. I'm sure another month won't hurt if you have already been on it for a year lol
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  13. sorry meant havent used it in a year. lol

  14. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    sorry meant havent used it in a year. lol
    Ah then go for it if you want, up to you of course
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  15. About a week in thoughts:

    I do think I am drying out a tad - will wait for the weekend measurements to confrim if that is the case.

    In terms of soreness or achey joints. none to mention so far. Besides the odd arch issue on Monday and Tuesday (which could easily be shoe related) any soreness is pretty much normal DOMS nothing bad or unexpected.

    Progression has been really good (from before starting this log) on a few lifts, goblet & front squats, tricep dips, rows. Thinking this week instead of going for max weight for 8-10 clean reps I will try backing off on the weight and going for slower reps.

    See if that can't shake up my maxes for benching and whatnot. In terms of keeping my heart rate up, or having muscles under stress, I cant think it would detract from anything, if anything it will probably increase everything?

  16. Great update, I find 2 weeks in vascularity shoots up big time.

    aha nice new avatar pic
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  17. Cheers! never had much with vascularity before (any forearm popping pretty much goes away by the time i get back to the locker room) - definitely interested to see how it goes.

    I am tempted to bump up to 6 per day this weekend - and see how that flys. Probably will try it starting Saturday

  18. Welcome to Friday
    Nothing new to report still no soreness or achey joints. Will be bumping up to 6 per day tomorrow to see if I notice any difference. If not or if joints start to act up I will drop it right back down to 4 per day.

  19. My joints got a bit sore on 6 caps, but most people don't get bad joint pain from the anti-inflammatory benefits.
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  20. Weigh in

    Ok weird again up 2 pounds. Waist I would say is the same?

    Notes though. I am definitely holding less water. Hmmm. Will. Be adding cardio in again slowly.

    Unless this is really apming up the lg if set up. Which it could be. I'm at a loss.

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  21. I will sub in this

  22. Started the 6 caps today. Good workout. Nothing too crazy though. ArA came today getting that all lined up for the future.

  23. Recovered well enough from yesterday. Very nice pumps. Lower body felt solid. Fat is def coming off legs and such first but I am making progress. If I can keep gaining while losing even the slightest weight I will be stoked.

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  24. Sounds like it's going pretty good
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  25. Slept horribly last night, maybe 3 hours sleep tops. feel fine tough.

    Nothing to report on soreness or anything, minor DOMs from the weekends training, but nothing bad at all or unusal and they have all pretty much faded today..


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