Jim demolishes the Gym with IForce Compete!!!! (BETA)

  1. Jim demolishes the Gym with IForce Compete!!!! (BETA)

    Big Thanks to VT and IForce for giving me the opportunity to review their new Intraworkout product!

    IForce Compete: Tangy Tangerine
    1 Serving

    Thursday for me is Shoulders so here is last weeks shoulder workout:
    Arnold Press: 55x6, 50x8, 45x10, 40x12
    Machine Mil. Press: 80x7, 60x9, 50x12
    Front Raise: 25x10, 20x12, 20x12
    Lateral Raise: 20x8, 20x10, 20x10
    Bent Over Raises: 15x8, 15x10, 10x12

    Now today's with Compete and NO PREWORKOUT!
    Arnold Press: 60x5, 50x6, 40x10, 35x12
    Machine Mil. Press: 90x5, 70x9, 60x11
    Front Raise: 20x8, 15x12, 15x12
    Lateral Raise: 15x8, 15x10, 15x10
    Bent Over Raises: 20x8, 15x10, 15x12

    Ok. So as far as the workout changes go it was not drastic. I did feel some improvement today that I believe can be attributed to Compete. For my Arnold Press I slowed the movement down to increase the TUT. This made them significantly harder (could tell during warm up) but I was still able to go heavier on the first set. I feel that the compete really started to shine when I got to my second set of the Machine Mil. Press as on the second and third set, even after failing on the first set, I was able to go heavier than last week for the same reps. Also I was fatigued from PT this morning as me and SPC did back and tri (weird split I know but it wasn't optional) so my tri's were already fairly fatigued before I got to tonights workout!

    Now for the breakdown. This is going to be a 1-10 scale with 5 being a normal day for me.
    Taste- 9/10
    - For the taste I gave it a 9/10 because the initial taste was very good and there wasn't any kind of unpleasant after taste like you normally get with supplements. Even gave it the wife test during the workout and she said it was the best supp I ever got her to try. IForce did a great job with this Tangerine flavor.

    Mixability- 10/10
    -When I first poured it into my water bottle it began to dissolve immediately. There were no left over particles, clumping, or powder stuck to the sides and all I used was a regular bottle, no shaker! I don't think I have ever had a powder mix that completely in water, and cold water to boot!

    Endurance- 7.5/10
    -With the 1 serving of Compete I noticed that my rest periods were significantly shorter than those that I normally take and I was still moving around the same, or more, weight than last week!

    Strength- 6/10
    -For strength I felt that I was slightly stronger than normal. I say that because even though on some exercises I didn't move as much weight as last week I was not resting as long and still moved around the same weight.

    Decided to add these two categories after the workout started because the wife pointed them out.

    Pump- 7/10
    -I didn't really notice too much of a difference as for feel but my wife pointed out that my muscles were significantly more pumped up from this workout than normal. She said it was especially noticeable in my traps.

    Vascularity- 8/10
    -She also pointed out that my forearms looked much more vascular, or veiny as she puts it, today than they normally do during this workout. Two pretty cool things that I did not expect today.

    Overall- 8/10

    So far so good with IForce Compete. Will update tomorrow after leg day with two servings of lemon drop!

  2. I'm in! Did you take it pre workout or drink it intra? Sounded like you drank
    It pre workout.??


  3. Quote Originally Posted by StackedCop
    I'm in! Did you take it pre workout or drink it intra? Sounded like you drank
    It pre workout.??
    I drank it intra. I should add that as for the taste it wasn't too sweet to make it where I couldn't drink it without getting sick to my stomach which is a problem I had with blox and extend.

  4. Subbed , give us a good insight and kill it Jimbo!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Celorza
    Subbed , give us a good insight and kill it Jimbo!
    Thanks brother. Will definitely put it to the test today on legs.

  6. Day 2: Legs
    Lemon Drop 2 Servings

    OK, so I can't find my last weeks leg workout in my journal, I guess the page fell out but here is today's. (Bought a more sturdy journal today). Also it would be worth noting that I did use my preworkout supp today (today's was C4), needed the energy for legs.

    Back Squat: 285x6, 275x8, 255x8, 225x12
    Leg Press: 360x8, 360x10, 360x12
    Deadlift: 245x6, 245x8, 225x10, 225x12
    Rom. Deadlift: 185x8, 185x10, 185x12
    Leg Extension: 100x10, 100x12, 100x12
    Lying Leg Curl: 80x10, 80x12, 70x12

    OK, so for today's breakdown I will revert to the 4 attributes that I had originally planned because for the pump I felt a little more but was not extraordinary for a leg day and vascularity was about the same (I don't have veiny legs)

    Taste- 7/10
    For me the 2 servings of Lemon Drop today I rated it lower than the initial review for the Tangerine flavor. This is not because it is a bad flavor as I found the initial taste to be fantastic (wife also liked the initial taste much better than yesterday) but I found the lemon drop flavor to be too sweet when mixed with 32oz of water. It kind of clogged up my throat because of how sweet it was, as I moved through the workout and was able to dilute it a little more it became less of a problem but that was not until halfway through the workout.

    Mixability- 10/10
    The mixabilty with this product is fantastic! I have never had a supplement dissolve so fully or rapidly. I put it into the gatorade bottle of cold water, give it a couple shakes and it's like there was never a powder in it.

    Endurance- 7/10
    My rest periods during the workout were about as long as they usually are on leg day, this is no sign of a poor product by any means, I just have a love/hate relationship with leg day and could barely walk before even starting deadlifts! In fact even though I was using the same amount of rest as usual I found that I had more energy than normal as I was able to actually do the leg curls and leg extensions that I was unable to do last week!

    I'm rating the strength a good deal higher today as last week my highest squat was 275x6 and it blew but today I pounded out the 285x6 and found it to be about the same level of difficulty as last weeks 275! I also think my highest of DL last week was 245x6, but today I did it for 8 right after that!

    Overall- 9/10
    I found that with the 2 servings of Compete I was able to push a little harder in the gym today and even though I was sweating like a pig (it's 104 over here) from the first set I never got the lightheadedness or any other signs of dehydration that I normally get with a tough leg workout! My only complaint as far as today went was how sweet the taste was but all I needed was some more water with it and it was not a problem at all!

    So far so good with IForce Compete, even the wife liked the taste well enough that I will probably end up buying her some when I do buy it from NP!

  7. Lol, I'm glad it tastes good enough for your wife to like it.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by TheGilmore
    Lol, I'm glad it tastes good enough for your wife to like it.
    She can't stand the taste of any Supp I've ever had her try so I have to give it the wife test for this :P


    IForce Compete: Fruit Punch
    2 Servings

    Today's Workout: Arms

    Barbell Curl: 80x6, 80x8, 70x10
    Tricep Pressdown: 110x6, 130x8, 120x10
    RG Curl: 60x6, 60x8, 60x10
    Skullcrusher: 80x6, 60x8, 60x10
    Hammer Curl: 30x8, 30x10, 25x12
    Leaning Tri Ext.: 90x8, 110x10, 100x12

    Today's workout felt good and because of some of the effects of the Compete I was able to run through the workout a lot faster and stay stronger than I normally can when I hit this workout. We were really flying through this workout but I wasn't doing any less weight than normal and for a few exercises I was doing a good deal more! And now for the breakdown!

    Taste- 9/10
    The 2 servings of fruit punch were awesome! It tasted great with the 32oz of water and I didn't have any of the problems like I did yesterday with it clogging up my throat during the workout. It was a little sweeter than the lemon drop but it wasn't sickly sweet like a lot of fruit punch flavored supps.

    Mixability- 10/10
    Again, the powder does not leave any chunks in the bottle and doesn't stick to the sides or the bottom. It almost completely dissolves in the cold water bottle and there is no gritty texture to it at all!

    Endurance- 8/10
    I was flying through the gym today! The rest periods were brief and a lot of times I was jumping my wife when she was supposed to go because I was ready for the next exercise! Found myself needing a lot more weight than expected on most of the exercises and did not need much rest to move on and do it again for more reps! Was sweating like a pig but no dry mouth or any other signs of dehydration even though its 105 degrees out today!

    I was moving good weight today! I normally can't do as much weight as I did today with the good form that I had, sometimes I find that I have to put a little body english in for some of these exercises when I get the weight up like I did today.

    Decided to add these two back into the breakdown because of the obviousness of these attributes today.

    Pump- 8/10
    This is nothing like a pump you would get from Agmatine or Hemavol, or various nitrates. But for it not being expected it was a very noticeable increase, for a couple of the sets I had to stop and really shake out my arms because the pump was that painful! It was a great feeling!

    Vascularity- 8.5/10
    As expected the vascularity was great today! It actually lasted for a good bit of the day after the workout was completed. It felt good to see all those veins popping up and down my arms! Really nothing more to say about this except for how noticeable it was in the forearms and biceps.

    Overall- 9/10
    Over the course of these 3 workouts with IForce Compete I am sold of it's efficacy as an intraworkout powder. If you use BCAA's during your workout now I would definitely recommend giving Compete a shot, it's a solid product and it was very effective for keeping me hydrated and energized for the workout. Once I put the music in and got started today it was hard for me to stop. This isn't a preworkout so don't expect some stimmed out energy or anything like that but it is a noticeable improvement in performance!

  10. I drink BCAAs intra and will we be adding compete to them! Thanks for the review bother!

  11. great review, and glad you noticed a difference from 1 to 2 servings. seems like 2 servings is the sweet spot for most users. glad you enjoyed it bro
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by allnatural923
    great review, and glad you noticed a difference from 1 to 2 servings. seems like 2 servings is the sweet spot for most users. glad you enjoyed it bro
    It was definitely a difference and it will definitely be something I use more often!

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Jim2542 View Post
    It was definitely a difference and it will definitely be something I use more often!
    Are you splitting up the servings or both scoops intra?
    iForce Nutrition Representative
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

  14. Quote Originally Posted by PuZo

    Are you splitting up the servings or both scoops intra?
    Both intra.


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