Enhanced goes Terminator X w/ Formula X!!

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  1. Formula X -Day 18

    Weight -173

    The countdown begins on moving into new house this week. We're hoping for a Friday closing date,but w/ the VA loan,we're still not sure.. Sucks,waiting till the last minute on this.

    Both Sat & Sun I missed my alarm,so was unable to get to the gym. It's OK,I think my body needed the rest. Before coming into work tonight,I made it in to get a solid back workout in.

    Again,I drank the C-4 on the way to the gym. Traffic hit just right,so after 30 min of drinking it,I was walking in, ready to go. I drank the Formula X during the workout,and I'll be damned if the workout,once again,didn't get better as time went on.. People are always looking for that "extra edge" in the gym,well,I think this may very well be it! My workouts consistently improve while I'm under the iron. It's like fatigue is a thing of the past when taking this. The only reason I quit my workout today was because I was soaking wet & had to dry off before coming into work. And,no,I don't shower before coming into work. I probably sweat just as much outside here @ work as I do in the gym... I'll clean up before hitting the sack tomorrow morning though! Lol..

    I started the workout today w/ lat pulldowns. After the 2 nd warmup set,my arms were already feeling full of blood. I worked my way up to an old pr on the pulldowns. By the time I hit that last set,my lats were on fire! From there,I hit the bent over rows on the smith machine. BIG MISTAKE!! I deal w/ a bad lower back. Any wrong movement,or wrong posture,& I can sideline myself pretty easily. After the 2 nd set,I felt it "pop". I immediately racked the weight & "walked it off". Feeling the drive to keep on going,I just stripped a little weight off the bar & hit another set,focusing 100% on perfect form... 10 reps later,I walked off feeling no pain.

    I tried the seated rows,but couldn't do them. Just a little too much pain there. I made my way over to the db rows,& worked my way up to the 80's w/ no pain there.

    All in all,I'd say I had an awesome workout,despite the lower back issues. It's just something I've learned to live w/ and deal with..

    As for all the normal updates,I think everything is still right on track where it was the last time we met.. Skin seems just a tad more oily,but that may just be this damned humidity down here..

    Legs tomorrow.

  2. I miss C4/Formula-X combo lol, I need to pick up more C4 sometime.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. Pretty friggin' good stack!!

  4. Formula X: Day 22

    Weight – 170 These last two days were nothing but running & gunning! My caloric intake was extremely low, as I was just too busy to stop & eat much of anything.

    My leg workout the other day was absolutely awesome!! I’ll be glad when I’m in the new house so I’ll have more time to get to the gym & hit legs 2x a week. After it was all said & done, I did 150 squats, 60 leg presses, and 60 lunges… Yeah, I was spent when I was done, but I felt pretty damn good too. My quads were swollen big time & the veins running through them looked like a friggin’ road map! The next day, obviously, I experienced some soreness, but it quickly faded and I’m already ready to hit that workout again!

    This morning, before coming to work, I hit chest. Like most of my 4am workouts, it started rather slow & uneventful, but as it went on, I woke up more & really gained more focus and blasted the pecs more & more. Sipping on Formula X during the workouts is definitely the way to go for me. I’m going to try & get another scoop in tonight before bed. I’ve been wanting to try the 2x a day dosing. I’m working days all this weekend, so the extra BCAA’s will help. I’ll get around 5-5.5 hours of sleep each night this weekend, so the LCLT might help that sleep quality. Now, if I could just get more of the quantity!! I might sleep in Monday morning. We close on the house @ 11:30, so I’ll probably do that. I’ll need that extra rest to move all my junk in after closing anyway. Tomorrow morning, I plan on hitting shoulders.

    I talked to a co-worker today that was just introduced to the cross-fit scene. He’s now a huge believer in it, & now he’s begging me to drink the cool-aid too.. lol. I told him, I just love the weights too much to give it up & go climb ropes.

    So far, I’d say the biggest aspect of Formula X has been my recovery. Both in the gym, between sets, and out of the gym, between workouts, I’m always recovering faster & faster. I could see where this could lead to some sort of overtraining! Like for me, if I have spare time, I’d like to spend it in the gym working out! Everybody’s got their hobbies. Some fish, I like to workout. I need to find another hobby.. lol.. Seriously though, this stuff has really made a difference in my recover time. The addition of the DAA is like the sweet icing on the cake! Libido and workout recovery! WOW! You really can’t beat that!

    I think I only have a few days left on this. That means I’m going to have to get ready to start ordering this stuff! It’ll be worth every penny!

  5. Another awesome update!

    NAT is great taken pre-bed. Tyrosine actually is converted to L-Dopa, then to dopamine, then to Norepinephrine so what I notice is that it seems to calm you unless you get amped up and your body feels the need to make more NE, it will utilize it.
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  6. I'm about to find out! Just took my 2nd dose. Night, night AM brothers! !

  7. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    I'm about to find out! Just took my 2nd dose. Night, night AM brothers! !
    Have a good one
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  8. Yeah it must've been a real good one, I woke up an hour late!!! But at least I made it to work on time.

  9. Took last scoop this morning. I'll try & get my final review up tomorrow.

  10. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    Took last scoop this morning. I'll try & get my final review up tomorrow.

    Looking forward to it.
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  11. Sorry about the delay. I was hoping to have our computer today when we got our net turned on, but no such luck. This review comes to you via my ipad...

    Where do I start? This, and every other Athletix product I've tested just flat out delivers!! From the spike in libido, to the endurance, to the recovery aspects, this is a must have for all gym rats!

    I'm one of the unlucky ones that experiences the unpleasant emergency trips to the bathroom. Other than that, DAA is a God-send! It provides for a very pronounced increase in test levels. The oily skin, the extra energy, the morning wood... All telltale signs that test levels are way up. I think that Formula X is an awesome product for any goal in the gym. I might be going into the keto diet for the next few weeks. This would be an awesome supplement to run during that! The BCAA's would keep me feeling strong throughout the whole diet. Hmmm, I think I just sold myself on this idea. Lol.

    I'll be curious to see how my recovery is, now that I'm all out of X. I had a damn good chest workout this morning. Actually, my whole body aches from moving in, but I had to get back into the gym. We'll see how sore the pecs are tomorrow.

    I don't really have an accurate update on my weight. Just know that it's probably right around the 170 mark & my abs look like ****.... Hence the desire to start the keto diet.

    Sorry if this review is all over the place. I'm typing w/ two fingers, & the wife keeps asking me questions, throwing my off my train of thought.

    JD, I got nothin but love for you & the Athlitix crew. Like I said, you guys consistently put out solid products that work & keep me coming back for more!! Thanks JD for this opportunity to run Formula X!!

  12. Great final review! Thanks for taking the time to log for us and giving us a great detailed log, it was fun while it lasted

    Happy to hear you liked Formula-X
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  13. Loved it dude. Thinking it'll be a staple of mine for the long run.

  14. Quote Originally Posted by enhanced View Post
    Loved it dude. Thinking it'll be a staple of mine for the long run.
    I myself hate getting off Formula-X, but the DAA effects stop after 8 weeks of use, so I try to take 6 weeks off and the effects to to get right back in with a good little break
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