iForce Compete - Reviews start coming in...what say you?

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  1. iForce Compete - Reviews start coming in...what say you?

    Quote Originally Posted by thedarce View Post
    holy **** Vaughn, with Lemon Drop, you're half way there to Cucumber/Lime Compete.

    honestly this Lemon Drop is better than it's Hemavol brethren. with Hemavol you get that tart, mouth puckering, have to swallow your spit taste, ala sucking on a lemonhead.

    With Lemon Drop Compete, its a step down from the tartness [probably because there's less CM in Compete] and all you get is solid lemon flavoring, if you're a fan of anything citrus/lemony but don't like the tartness from it, then by all means you're going to like Lemon drop Compete.

    Physical Performance/Recovery 10/10- this is still blowing my mind, today i did BACK, DEADLIFTS, the game crusher. this is how my back day usually starts, pull ups, lat pulldowns, deadlifts. during deadlifts i start to contemplate quitting lifting. i mean my goal is jiu jitsu, and back day just makes me want to quit lifting, and just go back to pure jiu jitsu. with workouts like today, ones that make me crave working out, only reignites the passion of lifting weight. when fatigue isn't an issue it open up the possibilities of truly giving my soul to the gym gods. LOL not but in all honesty, not having the common thoughts of giving up during deadlifts is such a blessing. maybe this should be added into the mental aspects of compete.
    Quote Originally Posted by thedarce View Post
    2 scoops of Tangy Tangerine in 25oz of water, drank 10oz then added 10 more oz of water.
    Workout :::CHEST:::

    ***first of all, I'd like to say is i wanted to put COMPETE to the test. i did a marathon for chest, kept the weights to what i usually do; but all i did was push myself and kept the breaks between sets to 30 seconds. and these are the results.***

    Taste 9/10 as soon as it hit my tongue, i looked over to my girlfriend and said, i think this is tang. very sweet, and refreshing the taste brought me back to my childhood . told her, "i know they joke about the guy being black, but making a tang flavored intra is ridiculous" it's not really tang, well i don't remember exactly how tang tastes like it's been a good 4 years since I've had it, but this is a very familiar tangy tangerine flavor. drinking half, then refilling kept the flavor consistently pleasant, delicious and refreshing.

    Mental Focus: 8/10 i was draggin a$$ all morning, and maybe I'm hoping for like a direct nootropic effect from it. if you go in expecting that you're going to be let down. in reality what you get is a slight energy boost, then slowly it comes, not really tunnel vision, but more like i was in the zone feeling, everything, everything start to click. i liked it.

    Physical Performance/Recovery 10/10 I'm going to merge these 2 categories together for the sole reason that today, i did what i guess you could consider a 6 set super set for chest. i was blown away by what i was doing today, did heavy chest, and kept the breaks down to about 30 seconds, enough time to put back the DB's, take a sip of compete, get a heavier DB and walk back to the bench. My girlfriend told me why was i in such a rush told her, i was trying to get tired, trying to see how soon i can make myself quit. i did what i planned my workout to be, and looking back i should have added another 1 or 2 exercises because i never quit. it was like there was a list of workouts, came to the ended then said, **** that's it? alright i guess I'm done. was very impressed with it. sweat was dripping down my face, and my shirt was soaking in the end, but in the end COMPETE completely blew me away.

    Hydration 9/10 i peed alot clear, as water. lol but in all honestly i was sweating like crazy, and drank more water to keep my hydrated.
    Quote Originally Posted by GabrielC11 View Post
    IForce Nutrition Compete:FRUIT PUNCH SLAM Review

    Taste: Fruit Punch has never been a flavor that will ever find myself enjoying even before testing fruit punch slam. I do admit this was not bad of a taste. At 16oz of water, it was rather sweet which is how I like most of these intra's. I would imagine it would be a better taste at two. IMO, it reminded of me of a watermelon jolly rancher. Haha I enjoyed the taste but it's not a flavor I would end up getting when compete is realesed.

    Mixability: When using an Intra-Workout such as compete, I occasionally use 16-18oz of water depending on how sweet I would want it. With fruit punch slam I used 16oz of water with it and with in seconds it started dissolve in the water, making its way to the bottom of the bottle. Shook it a couple times so it could fully dissolve. Discovered some particles at the bottom but very little. Not bad with mixbility. Very easy to mix and it dissolved very quickly.

    Performance: The way I reviewed this category is by doing the first half of my workout with out compete & the second half of it with compete and what can i say, i felt a big diffrence with drinking compete and without compete. The first thing i noticed was my workout became way more intense. I felt it had improved the way i was busting through the sets/reps. It gave me the energy and drive to hit more sets that i had scheduled. I moved up weight a couple times during my workout especially squats. Everytime i would take a drink after every couple sets i noticed during the current set, i pushed myself to another level till i hit the reccomended sets. I felt it had shined at one scoop but can not wait to try two scoops beacuse i do do believe that two scoops would be a perfect dose for me.

    Recovery: At 1 scoop, my recovery time was very quick. I usually take about 50 seconds between every heavy set to recovery before begining the next set but with compete i recovered quicker than usual. Only need about 30-35 seconds to recover. During heavy Squats & Leg Press my recovery time was nice. Did not have to spend that time between sets to rest. Did not want it to end.

    Overall: Overall, Compete at 1 scoop was an epic run. I enjoyed it very much. My workouts were intense, recovery time was quick, performance was outstanding. I love what IForce has came up with and how well this product works. This is more than just an intra workout as Vaughn and many say, Its moreee. I can not wait to try Lemon Drop & Tangy Tangerine at 2 scoops beacuse that would be a perfect dosage for me. This is will be part of my IForce stash once its released. Thanks again to vaugn & Iforce for this oppurtunity. Can not wait for the next two flavors.

    Quote Originally Posted by GabrielC11 View Post
    IForce Nutrition Compete:LEMON DROP Review

    Taste:Lemon Drop is not bad of a taste. Im going to admit I like this flavor better than Fruit Punch Slam. It clearly reminded me of Lemon Drop HemaVol. This flavor was really good. I enjoyed drinking it through out my workout. The whole time It felt like I was drinking lemonade. I enjoyed it. The flavor was not to strong nor to sweet it was perfect. This will be one of the flavors that I do have plans on purchasing when it is realesed.

    Mixability:2 scoops in about 20oz of water. Mixed it will no problems.Powder immediately started to dissolve once it was in the bottle. Excellent mixibility.Also forgot to mention, it starts to foam up If you shake the bottle super fast. This shows how well this stuff mixes. Twirl the bottle a couple times and it's fully dissolved. Does not get better than that.

    Performance:How can I say this.?..Hmm..At 2 scoops..this stuff is killer. I benefited so much off 2 scoops. It did not feel like I was working out. I was blasting through my sets. Did not fill like I was lifting heavy at all in till I saw the weight. It was intense, fast pass. With 1 scoop, compete was already amazing but with 2 scoops it's another level. Started sipping on it 5-10 before my workout. Felt it kick it the begging of the second set. I had the greatest workout with this. Pushed myself even more with 2 scoops than I did with 1. 2 scoops is a perfect dosing for me. This stuff was epic. No intra comes close to how intense compete can be at 2 scoops. What a journey. Forgot to mention I finished off my workout with 20mins of cardio because of how much energy I had in me to keep on going. I had no intentions of doing cardio either. This shows how well this stuff really works. Very nice job IForce.

    Recovery:As I mentioned, with 1 scoop my rest was between 30-35 secs but with 2.. It felt to me as If I did not rest at all. Recovery was quicker. I had that fast past workout. The drive to do more reps was epic. As hard as I went, my recovery was still good. I did not have to take seconds to rest. Once I was done with one set. 20-25 sec rest and boom it's on to the next set. Heavy lifting + 20 mins cardio = AMAZING RECOVERYY. I felt unstoppable.

    Overall :Compete shined at 2 scoops. Intense & great recovery. I benefited very well with 2 scoops & do believe its a good dosing. I'm in LOVE with this product & impressed how well this stuff works. 2 scoops = Faster Recovery, Intense Performance, Endurance, A lot of energy, and most of all it was heaven. Haha. Im enjoying this product very much & can not wait to get my hands on a tub. This is one of my favorites. Theirs no such thing as other intras after this one.
    Quote Originally Posted by GabrielC11 View Post
    IForce Nutrition Compete:TANGY TANGERINE Review

    Taste:First off, the flavor smells amazing. The moment I poured it in the shaker, I could smell the tangerine scent to it. I could not stop smelling it. Now on to the taste, I gotta say this is my ALL-TIME favorite flavor between all 3. The taste was very unique and diffrent. It was a type of flavor I knew I would never get old of. After every sip, it reminded of a Sunny D Tangerine flavor. This stuff was so epic & could not stop drinking it. I was so sad it was almost gone. My top flavor of choice. It was a nice, orangey flavor. Very Refreshinggg. Very nice job on this one. I love itt.! haha.

    Mixability:2 scoops in about 20oz of water. Mixed it will no problems.Powder immediately started to dissolve once it was in the bottle. Changed the water orange immeditly which was cool. haha Excellent mixibility. Pretty much the same result as the other two flavors.

    Performance:Performance at 2 scoops is no doubt an epic run. Killed every set/rep. Intense training. I took control of the iron & the iron did not take control of me. Blasted a couple more reps than planned on close grip bench press & as well went up in weight. Every training session gets better & better after every scoop with out a doubt. I had intense focus making sure I was contracting the muscle while keeping form tight. It's everything that you want in an intra. Had to force myself out of the gym today.

    Recovery : Intense workout has to come with good recovery and that's exactly what happened. Took no more than 30-35 rest between sets. With such a great recovery, I pushed myself to failure. Even doing this, recovery was still quick. Recovery = Amazingg.! Simple as that.

    Overall :Tangy Tangerine is my favorite flavor of all time. My workout today was the best and very intense. Every scoop gets better & better. I can not wait for compete to be realesed so I could run a full tub of it. I love what iforce has created here & reccomend it to anyone & everyone. This stuff is epic & will be a stable in my supplement stash with out a doubt. I had an epic run with all 3 flavors & its feels bad that it has all come to an end. I enjoyed I very much & wanted to thank vaughn and iforce once again for the oppurtunity to be chosen as a beta tester. Appreciate it.
    Quote Originally Posted by sprintstar01 View Post
    Finally got my hands on the samples!

    Sample of the Day: TANGY TANGERINE

    Dose: 2 servings

    Workout of the Day: Hill Sprints 5x20m 10x45m


    Mixability 9/10 : I mixed the two serving in 25oz of water and mixed within a couple of shakes. I added ice cubs and chilled it for awhile and there was not any residue at the bottom of my bottle so it completely mixed!

    Taste 10/10: This taste was amazing! I tasted like a uncarbed Sunkist or Tang. One can easily gulp this down without hesitation!

    Intra-Workout Performance 9/10: Compete hydrated and kept my energy level high more than a normal BCAA supplement or a Gatorade. It was refreshing, kept me hydrated, and kept me going to run hill after hill after hill.

    Recovery 8/10: Usually I am tired and want to gulp down a whole bottle of Gatorade or anything cold for that matter. I did not feel like that at all today. It was about 85 degrees with the sun still out and I was somewhat fatigued,but I could've easily hit 5 more hills.

    This product is a MUST for athletes that train and compete at any level. BCAAs and Gatorade can only take you so far, but Compete takes you even further! I am really enjoying this product from the first serving. Can I get a tub fellaz?!?!

    more coming shortly looks like the rest of the testers should be receiving their samples today/tomorrow at the latest.
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  2. Looking forward to what our reviewers/testers think of our Compete

  3. Whens it out? )

  4. I say I need some Compete!

  5. Looked at the profile of it. Mee likeyyy

  6. we shipped to NP yesterday. I believe that means they should have it by Monday just in time for an epic 4th of July sale
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by Jim2542 View Post
    Big Thanks to VT and IForce for giving me the opportunity to review their new Intraworkout product!

    IForce Compete: Tangy Tangerine
    1 Serving

    Thursday for me is Shoulders so here is last weeks shoulder workout:
    Arnold Press: 55x6, 50x8, 45x10, 40x12
    Machine Mil. Press: 80x7, 60x9, 50x12
    Front Raise: 25x10, 20x12, 20x12
    Lateral Raise: 20x8, 20x10, 20x10
    Bent Over Raises: 15x8, 15x10, 10x12

    Now today's with Compete and NO PREWORKOUT!
    Arnold Press: 60x5, 50x6, 40x10, 35x12
    Machine Mil. Press: 90x5, 70x9, 60x11
    Front Raise: 20x8, 15x12, 15x12
    Lateral Raise: 15x8, 15x10, 15x10
    Bent Over Raises: 20x8, 15x10, 15x12

    Ok. So as far as the workout changes go it was not drastic. I did feel some improvement today that I believe can be attributed to Compete. For my Arnold Press I slowed the movement down to increase the TUT. This made them significantly harder (could tell during warm up) but I was still able to go heavier on the first set. I feel that the compete really started to shine when I got to my second set of the Machine Mil. Press as on the second and third set, even after failing on the first set, I was able to go heavier than last week for the same reps. Also I was fatigued from PT this morning as me and SPC did back and tri (weird split I know but it wasn't optional) so my tri's were already fairly fatigued before I got to tonights workout!

    Now for the breakdown. This is going to be a 1-10 scale with 5 being a normal day for me.
    Taste- 9/10
    - For the taste I gave it a 9/10 because the initial taste was very good and there wasn't any kind of unpleasant after taste like you normally get with supplements. Even gave it the wife test during the workout and she said it was the best supp I ever got her to try. IForce did a great job with this Tangerine flavor.

    Mixability- 10/10
    -When I first poured it into my water bottle it began to dissolve immediately. There were no left over particles, clumping, or powder stuck to the sides and all I used was a regular bottle, no shaker! I don't think I have ever had a powder mix that completely in water, and cold water to boot!

    Endurance- 7.5/10
    -With the 1 serving of Compete I noticed that my rest periods were significantly shorter than those that I normally take and I was still moving around the same, or more, weight than last week!

    Strength- 6/10
    -For strength I felt that I was slightly stronger than normal. I say that because even though on some exercises I didn't move as much weight as last week I was not resting as long and still moved around the same weight.

    Decided to add these two categories after the workout started because the wife pointed them out.

    Pump- 7/10
    -I didn't really notice too much of a difference as for feel but my wife pointed out that my muscles were significantly more pumped up from this workout than normal. She said it was especially noticeable in my traps.

    Vascularity- 8/10
    -She also pointed out that my forearms looked much more vascular, or veiny as she puts it, today than they normally do during this workout. Two pretty cool things that I did not expect today.

    Overall- 8/10

    So far so good with IForce Compete. Will update tomorrow after leg day with two servings of lemon drop!

    and another
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  8. This stuff taste unreal. Received some samples yesterday and after a 15 hour shift and being awake for 17 hours I decided to hit the gym anyway.

    1 serving of Tangy Tangerine 20 oz of water. Taste exactly like orange cool aid. I can't get over it. I would drink this stuff multiple times a day every day if it were possible.

    This isn't a review just wanted to let everyone know that the hype on the taste is all true. Also I did get through my workout fairly quick. Recovery time was really fast. Compete is legit. It hydrates you better than any other intra I've tried.usually intras make me thirsty during my workout but not the case with compete.

    Thanks Vaughn for sending me samples. I will have a full review of every flavor up by Monday night.
    and another
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Saturday I used my first serving of Compete. I used 1 scoop of Tangy Tangerine in 12 oz of water during my upper body circuit. Saturday was supposed to be an off day but I had time before my big tubing trip so I said screw it, let's try this stuff out!

    Without any rests between these sets, I did the following:
    Bench press
    Bodyweight dips
    Wide grip pull ups
    Hanging leg raises
    repeat once more and then....
    Tricep pressdown drop set
    Incline hammer strength press
    Seated DB side raises
    Bent over DB side raises
    repeat once more

    The only break I gave myself Saturday was just enough time to sip my Compete and continue to the next lift.
    The taste was refreshing, no strange after taste either. It didn't leave my stomach feeling heavy.
    Being my first day and all I don't want to jump to conclusions but I do feel I had a shortened recovery time. I was able to bust through this circuit in less than half hour, and although I was gasping for air for a minute, I was able to walk out of the gym feeling good and was able to chug my protein shake post workout no problem.
    Did I mention this stuff tastes AMAZING!?
    I liked the flavoring of Maximize V2, and Hemavol powder was decent. Max Intense didn't taste so great for me (Peach Mango Tea) but this stuff really had me surprised. Tangy Tangerine is great!

    Today is monday, two days later. I am not feeling sore in the slightest bit so I am going to continue on my week routine. Today is chest and tricep day. Let's see how that Lemon Drop tastes....
    Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Review #2, Lemon Drop

    This is from monday's workout. I used Lemon Drop for this one, instructions called for 2 scoops. I mixed it in 20oz of water and hit the gym on a beyond empty stomach.

    Chest and tri's buddy!

    Incline DB press:
    55x12, 65x12, 75x12, 75x12, 75x12, 65x12 (Feel that SQUEEZE!!! Slow and steady)

    BW dips:
    4 sets of 12 reps, again slow and steady and get that tight muscle contraction at the top

    V-Bar pressdowns (strip sets):
    90x12, 80x12, 60x12, 40x12, 60 seconds rest and repeat twice more

    Seated OH DB extensions:
    55x12, 55x10, 50x12

    Flat BB smith machine press:
    205x12, 195x12, 185x12, 135x18

    Cable cross 21's:
    2 sets using 40lbs, pulleys at shoulder height

    Another very strenuous workout with limited resting periods. Only rested 60 seconds or less between sets, sipping my Compete between sets.
    Normally with a workout plan like this, I just drink water, because an intra drink is just too hard and heavy on my stomach. I haven't noticed any problems thus far drinking Compete between sets though, no stomach issues to note. I plan on keeping my workouts along these lines for the rest of summer to continue getting hard and defined, let's hope Compete can be a go-to for me!

    Side note:
    I really enjoy burning my tri's out before hitting a chest workout. It's amazing how well you can feel your pectorals contract this way, and you can really dial in which areas you're burning. Who gives a crap that I'm the big guy in the gym throwing up small weights, it feels great and I leave the gym feeling completely pumped lol.

    Another side note:
    That lemon drop was pretty good! Now Tangerine and Lemon are tied for my favorite flavors. Tomorrow morning is Fruit Punch....we all know how hard fruit punch is to perfect. Let's see what iForce has in store
    Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Well I don't know how you guys did it but you did it! I mixed 2 scoops of the Fruit Punch Compete in 20oz of water with low expectations (like I said, fruit punch is hard to get right) and I was pleasantly surprised. It actually tasted like fruit punch, and good fruit punch too! I would compare it to a fresh fruit smoothie or maybe a fruit punch Slurpee. It was good!

    I got through my leg presses, dead lifts, bent over rows, preacher curls, lat pulldowns, incline DB curls, cable pullovers, and hammer curl rack runs in less than an hour this workout.
    The Compete was very refreshing, and in keeping up on my trend of shorter rest periods, I feel like Compete did play a big part in this.

    Now that I've tasted all the flavors I have to decide which flavor to buy a tub of!

    Props again to iForce for the flavoring scheme used with Compete
    Quote Originally Posted by JNelson View Post
    Tried the tangy tangerine last night. OMFG this is magic. The taste is unbelievable. Don't even worry about the other flavors. Get this stuff now.

    Taste exactly like orange kool aid. I want to drink this every day, multiple times a day. Best tasting supplement, Period!

    Hit chest for my workout even though i had been up for 17-18 hours and would only be getting 4 hours of sleep. Didn't care cause I was to excited for compete.

    1 serving 20 oz of water. Spectacular.

    My rest times were literally non existent. At least cut down by 30 seconds.
    The thing I loved the most though was how refreshing it was to drink. Usually intra's make me thirsty and i need to go to a water fountain to get some water. Tangy Tangerine was all I needed. Very thirst quenching.

    Thanks Vaughn for the samples. I really can't wait till Saturday and Monday and get to try 2 scoops of the other flavors. You guys did an amazing job.

    Compete will be a staple in my supplement drawer. And I've always been 50/50 with intra's. Nice to have but not necessary. I need Compete in my life!
    Quote Originally Posted by JNelson View Post
    Lemon Drop Review

    2 scoops Lemon Drop in 24 oz cold water.

    Taste - was very good. Not as tart as hemavol. Liked it much better than hemavol lemon drop. Nowhere close to tangy tangerine though. Overall very enjoyable. 8/10

    Recovery - stacked with 1 scoop hemavol and 1 scoop white flood. Another long day at work and was excited for Compete. Once again time between sets were dramatically decreased. Probably the fastest I've got my workouts in ever. Def better than 1 scoop alone. I actually got 300 lbs on lat pull Downs today. That's a first and i got it 5 times. Wasn't tired at all.
    Overall recovery time is 10/10 for 2 scoops.

    Focus- can't say to much since I stacked with white flood and hemavol but I was very focused and overall enjoyed my time at the gym.

    Mixability- mixes perfect. Swirl it around and it dissolves easily.

    Compete is the best intra on the market. I don't think there will be any negative reviews on this product. Everyone knows Iforce for Hemavol and there Protean. I believe Compete is gonna make Iforce a much more popular company in the future.
    Quote Originally Posted by JNelson View Post
    OK onto Fruit Punch.

    Taste was amazing. I am a fruit punch guy so i automatically rate this above lemon drop. 10/10 for me.

    I did arms today and stacked 2 scoops FP Compete with white flood and hemavol. Best pump and endurance of my life. There's no coming back from this combo.

    Once again barely any rest in between sets. I love arm day and compete kept me competing against my workout partner. He was begging for rest and i would have none of it lol.

    After trying Compete I am placing an order on the 4th. Hopefully there's a special 4th July somewhere. I would honestly choose Compete over a pre workout. This will forever be apart of my stack and it should be of yours as well. Amazing ingredient profile and out of this world taste.

    You can't go wrong with any flavors. But I would rate them as follows,

    Tangy Tangerine. Best tasting supplement PERIOD!
    Fruit Punch.
    Lemon Drop.

    Honestly FP and LD are very close but I've always been a fan of FP so it wins me over.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the reviews. And once again thanks so much to iFORCE And Vaughn for giving me a chance to review this groundbreaking intra product. The hype is real!
    Quote Originally Posted by sprintstar01 View Post

    Serving: 2 servings

    Workout: Back and Shoulder Hypertrophy


    Mixability 10/10:
    As before, the mixability of this product was great! A couple of shakes in 25oz. of water and it was completely dissolved with no floaters.

    Taste 6/10:
    I've never been a huge fan of fruit punch flavoring so I am somewhat biased initially. The taste was VERY strong and almost overpowering. I would think one might need to add more water because the flavoring is THAT strong.
    Intra-Workout Performance 9/10:

    All my excercises were done with 3 sets of 10-12 reps. I would able to add a set or get a couple of more reps without feeling fatigued. It really kept me going!

    Recovery 10/10:

    Being tired was NEVER an issue like it normally is for a long volume day. Compete kept me going when I normally stop or fell too tired.
    Quote Originally Posted by thedarce View Post
    this is my last review of compete. the biggest thing that caught my attention with compete was the statement that it was designed with athletes in mind. being huge on jiu jitsu's nut sack i wanted to make sure i tried it during sparring.

    Jiu Jitsu training usually goes like this
    Warm up, practice take downs. work technique, then spar for 30 mins, class over, and spar more up to an hour.
    so it's a good 1.5hrs of good going 100% in the gym. i train in the GI, or fancy pajamas for those of you non familiar with the word GI. and most of my game revolves around lapel chokes, sweeps using lapels, etc. so there's certain things i don't like, i don't like lots of citrulline before or during, because I've noticed anything more than 2gs and i start getting a pump in my forearms, and i don't like it.

    @2scoops of Tangy Tangerine. in 30oz of water

    Taste:still delicious, i think everyone is going to love this flavor, refreshing, tasty, and right now that summer is coming it should be on the top of everyone's list of TO GET supplements.

    i'm just going to describe the session as a whole instead of individually breakdown aspects of compete.

    i took a big mouthful of compete right before class started. i felt good, energized, but i dont think it was because of compete, i always get excited when i step on the mat, 4 years and i still get antsy to get ready to do jiu jitsu. i love it. so class went through pretty quick and for me sparring couldn't come soon enough, the first round came and went, and i took it quiet easy, played with the guy, took it easy, pretty much felt how he was and reacted accordingly to his actions.

    took another mouthful of COMPETE, and was ready for round 2, i started being a bit more aggressive, started making him feel my weight, and made him pay for every mistake they made.

    this went on till class was over, just taking mouthfuls of compete and doing some work.

    now it was open sparring, and the blackbelts came out to play. this is where it counts, i can play and hang with the rest of the class, when it's against a black belt, it always humbles me, makes me realize how much i still need to know and grow.
    after 2 rounds, being smashed i started drinking more and more compete, and it felts so good.

    remember the part in Indiana Jones and the last crusade when they find the cup of Christ and he's using it to save his dad. he pours the liquid over the wound and it heals him. that's exactly how it felt. it felt as if everything, my body, soul, and mind where being healed. i gained my second breath and i started to feel like i was thinking a bit faster than normal. was it the mental aspects of COMPETE? i think so, i felt like my game was on fire, was a step ahead, like if my professor slowed down, and i was getting faster. don't get me wrong, i still got crushed, but i felt like i was still in the game. sparring was over, and i laid helpless on the floor, drained from the experience, and ready to go home. this has been the best sparring session in a while, i didn't feel like a fat out of shape guy mess against the black belts, instead i was a fat out of shape guy who had it together who had a plan and help thanks to compete.

    i need more, ASAP.

    more to come in a few moments...too many amazing reviews to put in 1 post!
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  10. ok thats enough for now...but plenty more out there!

    Quote Originally Posted by mnowak1228 View Post
    Here is the review for "Fruit Punch Compete"!!

    So truth is, I wasn't really looking as forward to tasting this flavor over the others simply bc to me Fruit Punch is overused!!

    Attachment 61435

    Attachment 61436

    Attachment 61437

    Attachment 61438

    Attachment 61440

    Attachment 61439

    This mixed just as well as the Lemon Drop and the Tangerine (my fav), not much sediment left after shaking. On all three of the flavors there is a nice head of frothy foam that develops, but it does subside after sitting for a few mins. I started this review by stating I was not looking as forward to this flavor as I was the others bc Fruit Punch is over used and I still do believe that, BUT........THIS Fruit Punch is delicious!! Very sweet, at 20-30oz of water, but this Fruit Punch will BEAT whatever other Fruit Punch you have EVER tasted. This is like drinking right from a fruit bowl!! Two scoops is still to much for me, I am going to stick with one scoop for now so that means that Ill get a full 50 servings out of a container which is even better for my pocket.

    As for performance while working out, its the same thing as the other two, SPECTACULAR!!!! I feel like I can just keep going nonstop. The recovery time between reps is faster, stamina is better, and the energy you get while lifting is incredible. For some people this could be there PRE and INTRA W/O!!!! Everyone who is involved in lifting, running, cardio or ANY sporting activity should pick a tub up. In fact, NP is having a 4th of July sale on it right now, a tub of Compete AND an iForce T-Shirt. I will link to it below.

    I would like to thank Vaugh and ALL the boys at iForce for their continued progress with bringing us outstanding sports supplimenst and for allowing me to test Compete in all 3 flavors and to write a little review on how special Compete really is.


    Link to NP Sale:

    Quote Originally Posted by Jim2542 View Post
    Day 2: Legs
    Lemon Drop 2 Servings

    OK, so I can't find my last weeks leg workout in my journal, I guess the page fell out but here is today's. (Bought a more sturdy journal today). Also it would be worth noting that I did use my preworkout supp today (today's was C4), needed the energy for legs.

    Back Squat: 285x6, 275x8, 255x8, 225x12
    Leg Press: 360x8, 360x10, 360x12
    Deadlift: 245x6, 245x8, 225x10, 225x12
    Rom. Deadlift: 185x8, 185x10, 185x12
    Leg Extension: 100x10, 100x12, 100x12
    Lying Leg Curl: 80x10, 80x12, 70x12

    OK, so for today's breakdown I will revert to the 4 attributes that I had originally planned because for the pump I felt a little more but was not extraordinary for a leg day and vascularity was about the same (I don't have veiny legs)

    Taste- 7/10
    For me the 2 servings of Lemon Drop today I rated it lower than the initial review for the Tangerine flavor. This is not because it is a bad flavor as I found the initial taste to be fantastic (wife also liked the initial taste much better than yesterday) but I found the lemon drop flavor to be too sweet when mixed with 32oz of water. It kind of clogged up my throat because of how sweet it was, as I moved through the workout and was able to dilute it a little more it became less of a problem but that was not until halfway through the workout.

    Mixability- 10/10
    The mixabilty with this product is fantastic! I have never had a supplement dissolve so fully or rapidly. I put it into the gatorade bottle of cold water, give it a couple shakes and it's like there was never a powder in it.

    Endurance- 7/10
    My rest periods during the workout were about as long as they usually are on leg day, this is no sign of a poor product by any means, I just have a love/hate relationship with leg day and could barely walk before even starting deadlifts! In fact even though I was using the same amount of rest as usual I found that I had more energy than normal as I was able to actually do the leg curls and leg extensions that I was unable to do last week!

    I'm rating the strength a good deal higher today as last week my highest squat was 275x6 and it blew but today I pounded out the 285x6 and found it to be about the same level of difficulty as last weeks 275! I also think my highest of DL last week was 245x6, but today I did it for 8 right after that!

    Overall- 9/10
    I found that with the 2 servings of Compete I was able to push a little harder in the gym today and even though I was sweating like a pig (it's 104 over here) from the first set I never got the lightheadedness or any other signs of dehydration that I normally get with a tough leg workout! My only complaint as far as today went was how sweet the taste was but all I needed was some more water with it and it was not a problem at all!

    So far so good with IForce Compete, even the wife liked the taste well enough that I will probably end up buying her some when I do buy it from NP!
    Quote Originally Posted by Jim2542 View Post

    IForce Compete: Fruit Punch
    2 Servings

    Today's Workout: Arms

    Barbell Curl: 80x6, 80x8, 70x10
    Tricep Pressdown: 110x6, 130x8, 120x10
    RG Curl: 60x6, 60x8, 60x10
    Skullcrusher: 80x6, 60x8, 60x10
    Hammer Curl: 30x8, 30x10, 25x12
    Leaning Tri Ext.: 90x8, 110x10, 100x12

    Today's workout felt good and because of some of the effects of the Compete I was able to run through the workout a lot faster and stay stronger than I normally can when I hit this workout. We were really flying through this workout but I wasn't doing any less weight than normal and for a few exercises I was doing a good deal more! And now for the breakdown!

    Taste- 9/10
    The 2 servings of fruit punch were awesome! It tasted great with the 32oz of water and I didn't have any of the problems like I did yesterday with it clogging up my throat during the workout. It was a little sweeter than the lemon drop but it wasn't sickly sweet like a lot of fruit punch flavored supps.

    Mixability- 10/10
    Again, the powder does not leave any chunks in the bottle and doesn't stick to the sides or the bottom. It almost completely dissolves in the cold water bottle and there is no gritty texture to it at all!

    Endurance- 8/10
    I was flying through the gym today! The rest periods were brief and a lot of times I was jumping my wife when she was supposed to go because I was ready for the next exercise! Found myself needing a lot more weight than expected on most of the exercises and did not need much rest to move on and do it again for more reps! Was sweating like a pig but no dry mouth or any other signs of dehydration even though its 105 degrees out today!

    I was moving good weight today! I normally can't do as much weight as I did today with the good form that I had, sometimes I find that I have to put a little body english in for some of these exercises when I get the weight up like I did today.

    Decided to add these two back into the breakdown because of the obviousness of these attributes today.

    Pump- 8/10
    This is nothing like a pump you would get from Agmatine or Hemavol, or various nitrates. But for it not being expected it was a very noticeable increase, for a couple of the sets I had to stop and really shake out my arms because the pump was that painful! It was a great feeling!

    Vascularity- 8.5/10
    As expected the vascularity was great today! It actually lasted for a good bit of the day after the workout was completed. It felt good to see all those veins popping up and down my arms! Really nothing more to say about this except for how noticeable it was in the forearms and biceps.

    Overall- 9/10
    Over the course of these 3 workouts with IForce Compete I am sold of it's efficacy as an intraworkout powder. If you use BCAA's during your workout now I would definitely recommend giving Compete a shot, it's a solid product and it was very effective for keeping me hydrated and energized for the workout. Once I put the music in and got started today it was hard for me to stop. This isn't a preworkout so don't expect some stimmed out energy or anything like that but it is a noticeable improvement in performance!
    Quote Originally Posted by mnowak1228 View Post
    Lemon Drop Compete Review:

    Attachment 61130

    Attachment 61131
    Mixed with 10oz of water.
    Attachment 61134
    Settled to the bottom at first when first dumped in.
    Attachment 61132
    Shook vigorously for about 20 seconds and Compete dissolved almost completely!!
    Attachment 61133
    This is what was left in the bottom, NOT BAD AT ALL, and actually dissolved more as it sat for about a half hour.

    Ok so for mixability I give it a 9/10. I havent tried any Pre W/O's or Intras that have dissolved completely so this isnt a bad score!

    Taste def gets a 10/10, I actually added a little more water to it bc it was very strong tasting just like a fresh squeezed lemonade!! I found it to taste better with the extra water, but either way this flavor is awesome. Reminds me of Lemon Drop Hemavol!!!

    Now this is where things get a little strange to me bc I have never tried anything that helped me recover faster between sets, I almost didnt/dont believe it. All of my equipment is in my attic so today was brutal with the heat, 112 degrees, and I normally get very light headed around the second or third set and have to go take a brake bc I literally feel like Im gonna pass out with these kind of temps, but today I went three sets back to back no breaks, then took 5 mins, in the attic, chugged some of the Compete, and finished three more sets while sipping on Lemon Drop Compete. Im seriously AMAZED!!!! I didnt even get that sore between sets like normal. I usually take a two to five min break every two sets. I really didnt feel like I needed a brake at all. My concentration was there in full force from start to finish without any thought of stopping early bc I was damn hot. Im seriously dumbfounded, I dont know what is in this that makes it work so effectively!! I also felt a little more focused, I was dead on with completing my W/O no matter what.

    SH*T JUST GOT REAL WITH "COMPETE"!!! Home run with this one iForce!! Tomorrow two scoops.........
    Quote Originally Posted by mnowak1228 View Post

    Serving Size: 1 scoop - 6000mg Servings Per Container: 50
    Calories: 10
    Amount Per Serving
    % Daily Value
    Total Fat
    Total Carbohydrate
    Athletic Enhancement Matrix:
    L-Carnitine L-Tartrate
    L-Carnitine Fumarate
    Endurance Enhancement Matrix:
    Citrulline Malate
    Anti-Catabolic Matrix:
    Whey Protein Hydrolysate
    Performance Enhancing Electrolyte Matrix:
    Sodium Phosphate
    Potassium Phosphate
    Magnesium Aspartate
    Calcium Aspartate

    Mental Edge Enhancement Matrix
    Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Vinpocetine
    Natural Energy/Antioxidant Matrix:
    Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid)
    Vitamin B12 (as Methylcobalamin)

    Attachment 61218
    Vaughn's famous beta baggies!!

    Attachment 61219
    Tangy Tangerine just poured into about 20oz water, settled directly to the bottom. (I did end up adding about 10oz of more water bc this is very sweet and tangy)

    Attachment 61220
    Shake vigorously for about 20-30 seconds, let it sit for about 5 more minutes and shake again. This is whats left at the bottom!!

    Attachment 61226

    This is what it tastes like. I swear to you this is def my NEW fav flavor of ANY supplement I have ever tasted!! Taste for me gets 11/10........another winner!!

    You see how well "COMPETE" mixes, you have read about what I think Tangy Tangerine tastes like so now for the performance of not just one scoop, but TWO SCOOPS!!

    I honestly would stick to either one scoop before and one intra, or at most 1.5 scoops intra. I have no idea how this stuff works with the body, but its seriously amazing!! When lifting I can start to feel the initial burn, but even that goes away very rapidly. Once Im fully warmed up I dont need very much rest time. I did two sets back to back of 4 exercises with only about a 2-4 min break between two sets. When I hit the weights after the break I def have more strength normal, I still got fatigued, but its not like normal. Compete really gives a noticable the very first time you use it. When I do order its going to be Tangy Tangerine, and I will only use one scoop for now with about 15-20oz of water. I have never used or even heard of anything like this stuff. iForce has honestly taken it to a different dimension with COMPETE!!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  11. why no copy pasta mine VT? Need moar posts here to get my thread.
    <3 boobs

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Adobo View Post
    why no copy pasta mine VT? Need moar posts here to get my thread.
    im gettnig to it!! LOL
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  13. POKE!
    <3 boobs

  14. Man I need to place order tonight. I'm so torn between lemon or tangerine
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  15. Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    Man I need to place order tonight. I'm so torn between lemon or tangerine
    both taste amazing(im drinking LD right now), but Tangerine takes the win.
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  16. Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    Man I need to place order tonight. I'm so torn between lemon or tangerine

  17. This thread, really puts things in perspective!

    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative

  18. Just got my tub of Tangerine......had to wait for more funds, but the time is here!! LOVE Compete Tangerine!!!!

  19. awesome! Let us know what you think of the product once you try it out!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  20. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    awesome! Let us know what you think of the product once you try it out!

    Cmon Vaughn.....I was a beta tester. Compete is the BOMB for intra W/O, thats why I bought it!!! Ill keep you updated though!!

  21. Hard to keep all the reviews straight, my bad!
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  22. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    Hard to keep all the reviews straight, my bad!
    Hahaha....Np! Even YOU are allowed to make a mistake once a year!! Lol

  23. Just recently looked at the profile on this stuff. Looks excellent. I'll be picking up a tub or two in a week or so.

  24. good call! Each flavor is fantastic, but tangerine reigns supreme
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  25. Love the endurance aspect. Just feel like I can keep going. Ex. Heavy Squat day plus additional legs in the morning. Then 2 baseball games in the afternoon (not softball, TOWN TEAM BASEBALL for guys out of legion ball). After the first game I was just dead. Drank 1 scoop with 32 oz of water after the game then sipped on 1 scoop with 32 more OZ of water throughout the 2nd game. Felt better in the 2nd game than I did the first game.

    I bought the lemon drop flavor in the 4th of July sale. Flavor is strong! And it actually tastes like lemon drop candy!

    Endurance and Recovery are the best aspects of this product! Will be a repeat buyer!!


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