SNS Focus XT and Citrulline Malate.....Biatch!

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  1. SNS Focus XT and Citrulline Malate.....Biatch!

    Guess whos back... with another exciting log fresh of beneficial content for everyone!!

    Big Thanks to Mr.Coop and SNS for this opportunity!

    Ill go logging some SNS Focus XT and Citrulline Malate!

    What is Focus XT?

    Focus XT is a state of the art formula that combines precise ratios of active ingredients in order to deliver optimal results. It is a truly unique product that that delivers a wide variety of benefits in terms of mental focus, clarity, and improved performance and cognitive function.

    Focus XT can be used by individuals for a variety of purposes, whether it be by individuals trying to improve their workout and athletic performance, by students wanting to enhance focus, concentration, and productivity at school, by individuals whose jobs require optimal mental performance, or others who feel that they may benefit from the variety of benefits that Focus XT is used for.

    What is Citrulline Malate?

    Maximizing Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance*
    Supporting Improved Endurance and Recovery*
    Enhancing Pumps and Cell Volumization*
    Increasing Protein Synthesis which Can Help Lead to Muscle Growth*

    How will I dose these products?

    -Focus XT 1 scoop 20 mins pre
    -Citrulline Malate 8 grams pre

    -Bulking Phase
    -My goals for training, I periodize various phases, here they are
    -Load based (increasing load as the primary focus)
    -Density based (increasing work capacity)
    -Lactic Acid based (maximizing the pump) (volume)
    **Basically ill be doing all 3 focuses to a degree each workout, but for example...if "Lactic Acid Phase" is the primary focus, I may still increase load in the 10-20 rep range, but its not the "primary" goal so I won't be too concerned with that. Ill still increase density to a degree every workout even if its not the primary goal, more so just 1-2 extra sets on my high threshold work is what I will add, as to if it were a Density Phase, we are looking at 20-30 sets(in a 20-30 min period)(shortening the rest periods by 10-20 each successive workout). I have my Gameplan/Blueprints all mapped out in full detail on paper, ill explain a little bit of it on here from time to time, in a "easy to read" fashion don't worry lol!

    -1x LBM
    -2x LBM (if a HIIT cardio day falls on a weight training day, ill add an extra 50-80g carbs depending on the duration/intensity.)
    -120g Fat
    -On a Complete "Off" day, super compensate with 5xlbm is carbs.
    -Basic multi/antioxidant/mineral blend, Protein blends, BCAA blends....BASICS!

    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  2. 6/26/12 Growing Phase Day 1 (4 week start up phase completed)

    Growing Phase Week 1, Day 1
    -Shoulders (Intensity based) (load)

    *Pre Pump without Fatigue
    -Laterals, Pushdowns 2x12 (peak contraction)

    *High Threshold Work (3010 tempo) (90 sec rest periods)
    -Deadstop Seated Barbell Press 3x2-4 (smith rack) (275x...uh oh, neural fatigue is epic, had a "meathead" chest/bicep workout a couple days ago, hey had to have some fun before I get things started!) (255x4, 255x2, 225x2)
    -Wide Grip Upright Rows 2x6-8 (50lb bar)
    -Bent Over DB Rear Laterals 2x6-8 (not a high threshold movement, but still should be highly concerned for shoulder development) (20lb db)

    *Maximum Pump Work
    -Complex (20 seconds rest between sets) (12-20 reps each, just 1 round for today)
    **. Wide Grip Upright Rows (30lb bar)
    A2. DB Side Laterals (10lb dumbbell)
    A3. DB Side Laterals (10lb dumbbell)

    -Maximum Pump work for Traps
    -Complex (same as above)
    **. Narrow Upright Rows (40lb bar)
    A2. Narrow Upright Rows (40lb bar)
    A3. Slightly bent over Shrugs (80lb bar)

    -Grow time! (4 week start up phase completed, CNS is fired up, ready to go, its adapted to my "guess work" from the start up phase, time to grow!)
    -Down to around 16 percent bodyfat, weighing at 209.
    -Never sticked with a "logical plan" before, me and my "arsenal" have come up with a mapped out plan in full detail, too much to explain, but in short, this first phase is basically a "Load/Intensity based" phase. All im looking to do right now is increase load on my high threshold movements, thrash the fast twitch fibers, while still incorporate slightly more density/volume within each workout, but the primary focus is increasing load. Lactic acid techniques will be used at the end just to aid in recovery.
    -Holy ****, didn't do much work for the pump today and got the sickest shoulder/trap pump of my life. Good Start.
    -Focus XT 20 mins Pre......had tunnel vision(focus) today....YES!!! This is what I need, I train in a public gym, I have a bit more muscle than the typical Joe(not to sound conceded) so its basiccally "All Eyes on me" when im training, it throws me off sometimes, get caught up in conversations....sometimes I even have to stop my workout just to have a quick 10 min seminar! (happened 5 times in the last 2 months lol!), hey I love helping people, but now its my time, no more wasting time.
    -Citrulline Malate 8g Pre.....didn't do much to maximize my pump, but still had a crazy pump....WAY better than usual. Can't imagine when I incorporate more Lactic Acid Techniques/volume, roadmap vascularity? Check mate.
    -Keep in mind, I use very specific execution to compliment my goals, certain intentions like either driving my hands either inwards or outwards for back and chest movements, having the glutes contracted HARD and drive through the heels during quad pressing motions, etc....SO USING MY WHOLE BODY TO LIFT ALOT OF WEIGHT WILL NOT BE INCORPORATED HERE, no weightlifting here, just bodybuilding. I know alot of people are ATTRACTED to people who lift "alot of weight", anyone can lift alot of weight, but is anyone "man" enough to actually "feel" the muscle working as specific as possible, meaning you WILL have to use less weight I don't care who you are, if you bodybuild, execution is COMPLETELY different than weightlifting/powerlifting. (reality kicked in when I deadlifted/squatted 585, my legs and back were tiny! Lowered the weight tremendously, Now they are my best bodyparts!) (keep in mind you will still grow muscle if you use your secondary muscles to DOMINATE the movement, but will it be half-assing your potential? Yep. Drop the ego, be a man, put in the work, and shut up. Lets do it.
    -Dare to Dream, believe in your Dream, and then get your ass to work! -Kai Greene
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  3. So in for this, great start!!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    So in for this, great start!!
    Yeah buddy!

    Mp3/The Right tunes + Focus XT = No stopping me.
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  5. Nice stack

  6. 6/27/12 Arms, Week 1, day 2

    -Pre Pump without fatigue
    Cable Curls / Cable Pushdowns 3x10

    -High Threshold Work (load / intensity based) (3021 tempo) (2 min rest periods)
    Closer Grip Bench Press
    295x3 (PR with this tempo)

    Dumbbell Cross Body Hammer Curls
    100x3 (PR with this tempo)
    90x3 (left hand is weaker, im single okay!)

    Standing DB Supinated Curls
    40x6 (PR with this tempo)

    -Pump Work (30 second rest periods, nothing heavy, nothing to real failure)

    Lying Ez-Bar Skullcrushers 3x12 (40lb bar, if you do this in its optimal position to stretch the long head of the triceps, prepare to use very light weights, its cool though, im a real man.

    Rope Pushdowns 2x10 (peak contraction)

    DB Supinated Curls 2x12

    Hammer Grip Chins 2x8

    One Arm Preacher Curl 2x8

    -Super hydrate myself post workout

    -Good Workout!
    -Good pump with the low volume
    -8g cit malate pre, 1 scoop Focus XT pre (1 hour pre)
    -Focus was a 10/10 today, all eyes on me, didn't bother me one bit.
    -The pump comes alot faster when im using cit malate, LOVE IT! Imagine my lactic acid based workouts...oh man...
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  7. Funny and Informative little article ifbb pro Ben Pakulski just recently made, enjoy! (yes I am aware he is advertising his Hypertrophy M.A.X)

    I got to say, this article cracked me up. Thanks BPak for setting
    us straight! By the way, a "bodybuilder" is just someone who wants
    to build muscle & lose fat so if your'e 59 year old mom wants to build
    some muscle & lose fat, guess what, she's a bodybuilder!

    So basically, if you want to build muscle & lose fat, YOU'RE a bodybuilder!

    The 20 DUMBEST Things Ever Said By "Bodybuilders"
    By IFBB Pro Ben Pakulski of

    1) Chicken, egg whites, rice, and rice cakes ONLY.....If you want to get shredded.

    PLEASE DO NOT do this! Your body needs micro nutrients and vitamins.
    I know of so many aspiring bodybuilders and people that just want to better
    their physique that hire people who tell them to follow this diet. FIRE THEM!

    2) Fats make you fat.

    Fats are essential for countless essential body processes. All fats are good
    (trans fats excluded) in some proper ratio. Rotate your fat sources and watch
    your libido and test levels skyrocket. I'm just saying...

    3) You've gotta lift heavy to grow

    Cmon people! If you've ever read anything I've written you know this is not
    true. You've got to lift properly, and maximize tension to grow! Don't worry,
    its easier than it sounds once you get it. In fact, MAX-TENSION is the name
    of Phase 1 and we're shipping it to your front door -- on your terms -- until
    this Friday.

    ==> Test-drive Hypertrophy M.A.X. Phase 1 on YOUR terms

    4) A calorie is a calorie (all calories are created equal)

    Sounds like meathead math to me! Even when trying to get as big as possible,
    the WORST thing you can do is eat indiscriminately. This will set you up for
    insulin resistance and LESS muscle growth. I can't believe all the kids
    brainwashed into thinking pop tarts are okay!

    5) I'm trying to work my "tie ins"

    I still laugh when I read this. J WTH is a "tie in" There is NO SUCH THING
    people. A muscle is a muscle, and its structure is what it is. Where two
    muscles tie together is simply where two muscles tie together. You CANT
    train that. You can certainly train a muscles ENTIRE length, but not the
    space between two muscles.

    6) I'm training to stretch my fascia.

    Ummm, FASCIA DOES NOT STRETCH! 100% proven fact that fascia has
    the tensile strength of STEEL. It may expand, much like muscle does when
    it gets warm, and become more pliable, but as soon as it cools its right back
    to where it started. Fascia grows in much the same way muscle does. You
    may break fascial adhesions which gives the illusion of expansion or greater
    range (this is a great thing!) but unfortunately its not stretching to allow for
    muscle growth peeps. Volumize your muscle via training and fascia will see
    a need to adapt and expand or grow.

    7) Narrow grip T-Bar rows work my inner back

    A-mazing! NO-IT-DOES-NOT! Narrow grip on back simply impedes ranges and
    forces you to use greater internal rotation of the shoulder joint (rotator muscles)

    ==> Test-drive Hypertrophy M.A.X. Phase 1 on YOUR terms

    8) I don't want to "overtrain"

    Listen, an hour or two 5 days a week IS NOT overtraining...EVER...PERIOD. Unless
    you don't eat, and don't which case overtraining is the least of your worries.

    9) Low intensity cardio is best for fat burning

    Hopefully, by now, most of you know that this is a big load of BS and that low intensity
    cardio does in fact burn a greater percentage of overall fat WHILE doing the exercise
    but does NOTHING for your BMR aka calorie burning for the rest of the day.

    10) Fasted cardio burns more fat

    NOPE! Never been proven. Ever. In fact, it has been showen that cardio(or any exercise
    for that matter) done after consuming calories has a greater thermogenic effect.
    (more calories burned)

    11) Preacher curls work my lower bicep

    Oh boy! Weve ALL done this at some point. Myself included. But thankfully I know better
    now. As much as it would nice to work my lower bicep or lengthen my bicep, preacher
    curls do not do this, and either do any exercises. They may overload the lower portion
    of the strength curve, thereby making you stronger in that part of the range giving you
    the misconception that youre lengthening your bicep. In reality, youre just getting
    overall thickness to your bicep.

    12) Close grip bench works my inner chest

    Or ANY exercise for that CAN NOT work your "inner chest". I actually had
    a fight with another pro about this. To improve development of your inner chest it is
    simply necessary to fully shorten your pec muscles. Much like a bicep curl "for peak"
    forces your muscle to be fully shortened and thereby grow upward, same idea for inner

    13) I must touch the floor on stiff leg deadlift for a full range and maximum stretch in my hammies.

    Cool you can touch your toes. That doesn't mean that youre getting a greater range in
    your hamstrings. It often means that youre achieving a greater range via putting your
    spine in a compromised position. Go only as far as your hamstrings flexibility will allow.

    14) When you stop working out, does all that muscle turn to fat?

    Clearly every bodybuilder that stops training will turn to a massive fat slob. All that
    muscle has to go somewhere right? Well, no. Fat and muscle are two completely
    different entities. Its like turning chicken breasts into donuts. Although it might be
    cool, I don't see it being likely anytime soon unless you can track down Doc Brown
    and his flying Delorean.

    ==> Test-drive Hypertrophy M.A.X. Phase 1 on YOUR terms

    15) Saturated fat is bad

    Actually, saturated fat has never been shown to have any correlation with all the
    negative things the media might have you believe. Heart disease etc. When it does
    become bad is when its combined with sugars! Saturated fat on its own actually have
    many great positive benefits in the body. Hormone production etc.

    16) Taking glutamine and Whey protein together is bad. They compete.

    In fact they can help with increased protein synthesis when combined.In fact
    glutamine improves immune function and immune function is an indicator of
    strength. Weak immune system = weak muscles.

    17) I'm going to diet and lose bodyfat before I start weight training

    Ok, maybe not said by a lot of bodybuilders, but I still here this idiocy all the time.
    Listen people, Weight training is THE best way to lose body fat and change composition.
    Vinny and I can take ANY physique to 10% body fat with weights and diet alone!

    18) Can I get a lift off?

    If somebody says this before they start, walk away! If you cant lift it on your own,
    you have no business lifting that weight. The only exception is some crappy old shoulder
    and incline presses that make you reach 4 feet behind your head to grab the bar.
    In such cases I remove #18

    19) Creatine causes cramping and muscle tears.

    Nothing even close to that has ever been shown, but the media loves to tell stories
    that sensationalize everything that they put out.

    20) I just can't build my triceps (insert YOUR lagging bodypart here).

    YES you can. You just need to learn HOW to do things properly. They might never
    be the best in the world, but you can bring up any lagging bodypart to match the
    rest of your body with knowledge of proper execution
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  8. I took this yesterday with blue rasp and 9g of cit Malate

    Killed the session of p90x

  9. Quote Originally Posted by GQNemesis View Post
    I took this yesterday with blue rasp and 9g of cit Malate

    Killed the session of p90x
    HIIT (p90x) + Cit Malate = Growth Hormone Tidal Waves

    Hell yeah!
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  10. 6/28/12

    *Mixture of low intensity / high intensity cardio
    -Duration 50 mins
    -Basketball (worked on a bunch of post moves, a bunch of quick moves, jumping, absorbing contact and learning how to stay focused when hit.) My strength/power is a huge advantage when I play in a game, but when my cardiovascular starts giving out, I have to resort with a little bit more finesse, like a running jump hook accross the paint, or fade away bankers.
    -Not only do I want to grow bigger, I also want to start dominating in basketball, which is my favorite sport!
    -Good news, found a local place for competition every monday night for basketball!

    -1 scoop Focus XT 1 hour pre
    -8g cit malate 1 hour pre
    -^^^lol got ready to go to the gym for legs, but felt like playing some good ol' ball instead, good choice, didn't get much sleep last night because of the weather being so hot.
    -Training update....recovery is through the roof, upping the frequency slightly, instead of training each bodypart once every 7 days, now it will be every 6 days, eventually raising the frequency even more frequent in the future.
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  11. 6/29/12 God Workout

    -Leg Extensions 5 sets (each set a double drop set ) (sit erect to shorten the quads, sit back to lengthen the quads, varried each set)
    -Barbell Squats (slightly outside shoulder width, feet slightly pointing out, keeping the glutes contracted) (4021 tempo)
    4 "feel" sets
    405x5 (PR, with this tempo, execution)
    -Lunges (DB) (pushing my hips back)
    35lb db x until my knee is glued on to the floor

    -Ab work

    ***The Good Lord above had this in plan for me today.
    -Most intense / brutal workout of my life, and I(we) plan to increase work capacity in the future. Yay!
    -8g Cit Malate 1 hour pre
    -Focus XT 1 hour pre
    -Trained on basically a empty stomach
    -Yes you saw the correctly, 5 sets.....each set a double drop set on leg extensions.....could of called it a day after that.
    -Setting a pr after the brutal extensions? Wow. (keep in mind I have squatted 585 ass to ground before I had any decent amount of muscle size on my quads, my tempo / execution is completely different now, but it is cool, just aslong as im feeling the quads work without risking injury / feeding my ego.)
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  12. Great to see that the stack is treating you well. The ability to increase your performance threshold is a product of citrulline malate. It allows you to train harder and longer and wake up feeling less sore the next morning.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    Great to see that the stack is treating you well. The ability to increase your performance threshold is a product of citrulline malate. It allows you to train harder and longer and wake up feeling less sore the next morning.
    Increasing my performance threshold / endurance is a specific I really need, so many companies try to make "recovery / performance enhancing" supplements with little / misleading studies....simply taking the recommended dose of 6-8 grams of Citrulline Malate literally does the job! Im going to be having some competition on monday night(basketball), maintaining my power / endurance when my cardiovascular gives out on me will be huge, ill post up the outcome/stats for that.

    And I hope im not that sore...5 double drop sets of leg ex(using heavier weights than normal)....PR on squats with a double drop set....hopefully im recovered by monday so my jumping will be at its peak.
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  14. 6/30/12 "Having the Maturity to Adapt" (day 5 growing phase, week 1)

    -Wide Grip Barbell Upright Rows 4 sets, each set double drop sets (first 1/4 range of motion is started like a front raise)

    -DB Side Laterals 4 sets, then 3 sets, double drop sets each set, 1 set leaning one arm laterals (abs stay contracted, no EXTRA SPINAL MOVEMENT, squeeze at the top for 2-3 seconds, this is a isolation movement, turn it into a full body rocking swinging motion and im not paying for your hospital bill)

    -Seated Dumbbell Press 3 sets 12-15 reps (db's outside of shoulder width, first action is a slight internal rotation of the shoulder)

    -Reverse Pec Deck 2 sets, each set a drop set (shoulder blades protracted through the entire range of motion)

    -Behind Neck Machine Press 2 sets, 3 sets..each set a drop set (this one is tricky to master, on the negative have a slight external rotation of the shoulder, on the positive the first action is a slight internal rotation of the shoulder) (becareful, honestly its hard to explain this one, just make sure you avoid a full stretch of this movement to prevent future shoulder issues)

    -no2xl(morning/post) / bcaa ex post
    -Focus XT / 8g Cit Malate Pre
    -There are days when you simply can't force the heavy weight because of neural fatigue, so you must adapt, had a density/lactic acid based workout instead. The gain from this workout is improving my execution to make the delts fire are optimally as possible, so many intentions were used in this workout, I never felt my delts on fire like they were today. #timetoGROW (now in the future when I go heavier my CNS will be able to recruit more muscle fibers)
    -Good Pump! Sometimes my shoulder pumps are not there because of my previous rotator cuff issues from my past(seated pressing 3 plates / benching 4 plates without any "intentions" will wreck your body).
    -Adaptation is a must.
    -What are "intentions"? Check out everything in the ( insert intention here ) on the workout.
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  15. sns cit mal is a current staple, have yet to try anything more than 1 scoop
    Nutraceutical Innovations
    AMINDS15 - 15% code

  16. ***6/30/12 Update

    -Bodyfat is dropping, obliques now visible! Yay!
    -What in the world....I weigh 217 now. And this is after going to the bathroom. Holy.....
    -Endurance is sky rocketed!
    -Never been this focused during my workouts like makes me realize how severely undertrained I was in the
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  17. 7/1/12 Upperbody

    -Tempo 5111
    Cable flys - Cable Pullovers - Cable Pushdowns 3x15

    -High Threshold Work
    Bench Press 2 sets 275x6+1 forced 275x3+1 forced (forced reps are not used every week) (PR with this tempo/execution)
    Barbell Rows 2 sets 275x6, 275x4 (pr with this tempo/execution)
    Hammer Grip Chins / Underhand Grip Chins BWx12, BWx10, Underhand BWx4 (pr)
    Close Grip Bench Press 225 3 sets 8-10 reps each (pr with this tempo)

    8g Cit Malate Pre
    1 scoop Focus XT 1 hour pre
    -15 mins of treadmill cardio post workout because I met up with some ol' high school buddies
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  18. Hmmmm

  19. How many supps are you running besides these?
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  20. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    How many supps are you running besides these?
    I have some bcaa's / protein powder with a 3-4 servings left if that counts.

    Multivitamin/mineral/antioxidant is a staple

    Im trying some AAKG(morning/post workout) to see if all the sayings like "its worthless" is true, which im not even sure if thats worth talking about as this is more of a "longterm" supplement.

    If I was taking something else I would of listed it. I believe my 1st post has all the supps listed.

    Don't worry im not hiding anything behind my back haha, if someone is following my log, I want them to see the truth, I hate seeing youngsters go out and buy a expensive product because someone had a great experience with it, but little did that youngster know that certain someone was not natural, I don't want to mislead anyone.

    And yes im natural. I know some people in that "certain thread" totally misunderstood how and why I log products so they kept bashing me, they consider me "greedy". For example if I were taking a GDA like Glycobol, and apply for something like SLINshot, those pretty much have similar actions, that would be considered greedy/shady. Im not just doing this for myself whether people want to believe it or not, I want to get the truth out there, I don't want anyone to be mislead for the sake of a company trying to make money, its a win-win for both I and various supplement companies, its all for a good cause.

    Oh and I rarely apply for supplements anymore. Most of my logs are made because supplement companies trust me so they are very generous if I ask them or if they ask me if I want to log anything. Huge thanks to the peeps who show me love!

    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  21. Right on. Just bored I suppose.
    Some logs are hard to follow or take seriously cuz you've always got guys running a bunch of other stuff and not making note of it, makes the results kinda skewed.
    That's why I stopped doing sponsored logs, I had so much stuff I wanted to run and I didn't want to have to hold off.
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  22. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Right on. Just bored I suppose.
    Some logs are hard to follow or take seriously cuz you've always got guys running a bunch of other stuff and not making note of it, makes the results kinda skewed.
    That's why I stopped doing sponsored logs, I had so much stuff I wanted to run and I didn't want to have to hold off.
    On all my previous logs I would specifically note if I added anything to the mix, if I didn't it was purely because I forgot.

    And right on! Actually im thankful I only have 1 active log right now haha, im going to make myself a limit on how many logs I can run at one time, which will be 2 at a time MAX. Makes life a bit easier.
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  23. 7/2/12

    -Basketball practice a few hours before our game tonight just went through some post moves / ball handling drills / free throws / paint jump too damn My cardiovascular is surprisingly improving, but my mobility is horrible. My legs feel so heavy, it takes a ton of energy out of me when I jump high for a jump shot or rebound.....looks all ill be doing tonight is scoring near the paint with fadeaway jumpers / jump hooks / boxing out.
    -3g Cit Malate / Half scoop Focux XT before this practice session
    -Duration: 60+ mins (mixture of high intensity / low intensity) (empty stomach)
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  24. Mini Article of the day! Want huge triceps? Here ya go!

    1)Pre pump without fatigue (just to get the joints lubricated / get nutrients into the muscle, start warming up the nervous system)
    -Light Pushdowns 5 sets of 30 reps (45 sec rest periods) (3021 tempo) (don't worry you won't get fatigued aslong as your not doing any forced reps)
    -Light Deadlifts 5 sets of 10 reps (45 sec rest periods) (3021 tempo) (this is just to make sure your nervous system is warmed up so your joints/muscles will be ready for the heavy poundages) (injury prevention aswell)

    2)High Threshold Work
    -Closer Grip Bench Press 3-5 reps (start with 3 working sets, every week increase density by 2 sets, increase weight every 2 weeks) (5101 tempo) (take a few warm up sets of close grip pressing before your working sets obviously) (we are going for performance, take longer rest periods around 2-4 mins)

    3)Maximum Pump Work (to enhance recovery / take muscle through its entire biochanic range of motion, to its full length, to its fully shortened point)
    **Complex--Go from the first exercise to the next, take 20-30 second rest periods between each exercise and 60 sec rest between each complex set (tempo 3021) (Complete 3 complexes, add an additional complex set every 2 weeks) (Honestly 2 of these complexes should have your triceps achieve a maximum pump) (8-12 reps each exercise)
    -Rope Pushdowns
    -Narrow Grip Skullcrushers (to the forehead)
    -Overhead DB or barbell extensions (or overhead rope)
    -Dips (or close grip pushups/bench press)

    *Take Home Notes*
    -Squeeze your antagonist muscle on the negative on every rep (in this case the biceps/brachialis) for injury prevention and to achieve a better stretch in the targeted muscle with less joint aggravation.
    -Manage to keep the elbows in on all tricep isolation movements
    -Elbows slightly flared on close grip benching, yes keeping the elbows in has its place/advantage. (safety caution)
    -When the muscle is completely pumped from your Maximum Pump work, your done. Leave. (yes stretching the muscle for a specific duration of time when the muscle is pumped "sounds right", but in all honest truth its really not going to do anything significant)
    -We are trying to thrash the fast twitch fibers...explosive concentric! Control the negative.
    -Yes I understand, giant sets / complexes can tamper with with body motor pattern / motor unit efficiency, but common now, lets "KISS". Keep it simple stupid!
    -You want to enhance your pump even further? Take 1g Agmatine, 8g Citrulline Malate(SNS has these in BULK!) 1 hour before your workout. Sumbodyz gona look like he haz synthol in his arms!! Now thats a pump!
    -No forced reps! (we are not looking to burn out the CNS) (yes doing them "once in a blue moon" will be beneficial, but more on that another time)
    -Stay hydrated!
    -Now go GROW!

    Psalm 18:32-34 the God who equipped me with strength and made my way blameless. He made my feet like the feet of a deer and set me secure on the heights. He trains my hands for war, so that my arms can bend a bow of bronze.

    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  25. 1 Week Update

    *****Citrulline Malate (8g) Pre
    *Recovery is enahnced, but obviously being consistent with getting in your macro's, bcaa's post will all work in a synergistic effect. Citrulline Malate has been found to aid in recovery, so you can bet Cit Malate is doing its job!
    *Increased Performance! This is what I really noticed when I added in Citrulline Malate, I can go hard for a good 45-60 mins now without any sign of fatigue, which is great because there are workouts like my previous leg workout that I need to make sure my work threshold is enhanced.
    *Strength is going through the roof! Obviously this is because ive been on top of my game, consistency/passion are my weapons! (structure my workouts to what I CAN recover from, stay consistent with your macro intake, and supplement with various amino acids that induce recovery, like bcaa's and Cit Malate.
    *Body composition, going to take a couple days off to give my body a much needed recovery period, then we are going to take steps foward again!
    *Pumps in the gym come much faster and are much tighter than usual, I love that feeling....doesn't everybody?

    ****Focus XT
    -Tunnel vision enhanced!
    -My concentration in the gym is much better than it usually is, training in a public gym, its all eyes on me. You get the picture!
    -People underestimate being focused, neurologically you will be STRONGER, your overall performance work threshold will be enhanced, not to mention you feel great!

    Thanks again to Mr.Coop / SNS!
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.


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