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  1. This is the most informative log I've seen in a long while!
    Great work - keep it up
    SNS - Serious Nutrition Solutions
    My advice is exclusively my own and may not correspond with the views of SNS
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by ConcreteConny View Post
    This is the most informative log I've seen in a long while!
    Great work - keep it up
    Thanks buddy! Just making sure I stay consistent and ensuring nothing gets half assed!
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  3. 7/18/12

    Article of the Week!

    Getting Big Through TUT (posted on TNation)
    by Jim Kielbaso – 7/18/2012 Getting Big Through TUT

    "Ask a hundred coaches or bodybuilders for the best way to increase muscle mass and you'll get about a hundred different answers.

    Unfortunately, much of the advice will border on ridiculous. The volume in typical bodybuilding programs is often so high that the only way to recover is through serious chemical enhancement.

    That's one of the perks of anabolic steroids: you can do pretty much anything and get bigger, so crazy high volume workouts are fine. But if you prefer a more natural approach to getting bigger, you need to understand the science behind hypertrophy, and how to take advantage of it.

    The Science of Hypertrophy

    Hypertrophy is the end result of increased protein synthesis within our muscles following training and proper nutrition. Our body adds protein to muscle fibers, which thickens them. Ideally, this thickening continues and slowly builds, making our muscles bigger and stronger.

    But this doesn't just happen. Our body doesn't want to change. We have to force it to adapt, and the way we train is very important.

    A review of the literature on hypertrophy reveals that the most important factor in training is mechanical tension. Tension is created when we lift heavy stuff and our muscles contract against it. The actin and myosin strands in our muscle fibers working against the tension triggers a series of reactions in our body.

    Brad Schoenfeld, one of the leading experts on the science of hypertrophy, wrote "It is believed that mechanical tension disturbs the integrity of skeletal muscle, causing mechanochemically transduced molecular and cellular responses in myofibers and satellite cells."

    What this means is that tension on your muscles increases protein synthesis in the fibers. If you're trying to get big, that's good.

    More recently, Dr. Keith Baar was researching the p70S6K relationship to hypertrophy. He discovered that the key regulator of muscle protein synthesis is something called the mTOR pathway.

    He also found that the more mTOR is stimulated, the more protein synthesis occurs, and that there's a direct relationship between mTOR and mechanical tension. The more tension a muscle is put under, the greater the mTOR stimulation.

    Getting Big Through TUT

    There are two parts to tension that are important to stimulating mTOR:

    Time Under Tension (TUT)

    As the load increases so does tension, which stimulates mTOR, thereby increasing protein synthesis, which is what makes our muscles bigger.

    So, all we have to do is lift really heavy weights, right? Not exactly.

    We can't forget about TUT. TUT also stimulates increases in mTOR, so the longer our muscles are under tension, the more we ultimately increase protein synthesis.

    Okay, what we need to do is lift lighter weights for more reps, right? Again, not exactly.

    mTOR actually starts to be inhibited after about 60 seconds of tension, and if the load is too light, we reduce tension.

    So, the trick is to find the right balance of load and TUT.

    Doing one, really heavy rep will produce a lot of tension, but a very short TUT. We need to find the heaviest weights that we can move for a little under 60 seconds.

    If one rep takes 4-5 seconds (1 second up, 1 second hold, 2-3 seconds down), then shoot for between 6-12 reps to maximize both load and TUT. You can argue about whether 6 or 12 reps are better, but it's anyone's guess. In fact, it might not even matter because the two factors (load & TUT) probably combine equally at either end of the range.

    Metabolic Demands
    Getting Big Through TUT

    Another extremely important finding that Dr. Baar uncovered is that mTOR is actually turned off by too much work or metabolic demand. We know that Testosterone drops significantly in workouts lasting more than one hour, which isn't good for muscular growth. It seems that mTOR acts the same way.

    It was also discovered that workouts using a great deal of ATP also lower mTOR, which means we want to use as little energy as possible during maximal tension workouts if the goal is hypertrophy.

    In short, we need to fully recover between sets and avoid doing too much metabolically demanding activity during the workout, otherwise mTOR will start to shut down, limiting the hypertrophic effect of the workout.

    This is why workouts like P90X or Crossfit get people ripped and lean, but not big. They're so metabolically demanding that mTOR shuts off, limiting protein synthesis. This is great if you want to lose weight and look lean, but bad if you want to move up a shirt size or two.

    So when using the techniques described later in this article (or for any hypertrophy training routine), the research indicates that full recovery should take place between sets so that:

    Maximal effort can be given on each set
    Your heart rate can return to normal levels to reduce the overall metabolic demand.

    Now if all this rest almost sounds like you'll be wasting time farting around, realize how many of the top bodybuilders train. If you've ever watched their videos, they take a long time between sets talking, posing, cracking jokes, and preparing for the next set.

    Does Ronnie Coleman seem in a hurry when he's yelling "Yeah buddy!" from across the gym? And he was definitely on to something when he said, "Everybody wants to be a bodybuilder, but ain't nobody want to lift these heavy-ass weights."

    As juiced and genetically gifted as Big Ronnie may be, he understood mechanical tension.

    Another Wrinkle
    Getting Big Through TUT

    Doing sets of 6-12 reps is a good start, and limiting the metabolic demand is even better, but let's take advantage of all the science we have available. Numerous studies have clearly shown that eccentric contractions (negatives) are very important to hypertrophy. This has been demonstrated in MRI studies that reveal how much more muscle is stimulated during eccentrics compared to concentric-only training.

    Eccentrics have been shown to create greater motor unit fatigue and increase protein synthesis and p70S6K more than concentric or isometrics. We can also handle greater weights (about 120% of our max concentric ability) eccentrically, which means larger loads may be used, creating greater tension.

    Heavy eccentrics also cause greater localized muscle trauma, which has been shown to activate even more tissue repair and protein synthesis. They also provoke Type II fibers to a greater degree, and these fast-twitch fibers have greater hypertrophic potential than Type I fibers.

    Eccentrics are demanding, however, so you can't do a ton of them or do them too frequently without running the risk of injury or overtraining. Make sure to recover fully between workouts.

    There are a few other problems with heavy eccentrics. One is that they often require a partner. The other is that the greatest tension-producing eccentrics are done at fast speeds. Fast eccentrics also create tremendous tendon trauma – which we definitely don't want – and can be dangerous. Tendon trauma also takes significantly longer to repair than muscle tissue trauma, which means you must rest longer between workouts.

    Machines for Growth?

    To safely and practically take advantage of eccentrics, plan one day every week or two for eccentric training, and get ready to use some machines.

    Machines obviously aren't as "functional" as free weights but they're a great way to incorporate eccentric training. Remember, our muscles don't care where the tension comes from, they simply respond to it. So go ahead and use free weights and other functional methods most of the time, but take advantage of machines for this one specific purpose.

    My two favorite ways to blend science and machines for hypertrophy are:

    Drop sets
    Unilateral assistance

    Drop Sets

    Anyone that's been training hard has tried drop sets at some point. Machines, especially with a weight stack, are perfect because you don't need a partner – you can easily change weights very quickly, and they're safer than free weights because you can't drop anything on yourself as you fatigue.

    Unlike the drop sets you did back in high school, for best results remember the science. We want to create maximal tension and keep the TUT under 60 seconds. This requires starting quite heavy for more tension and only performing 1-2 drops. You also want to drop the weight as quickly as possible so your muscles aren't going without tension for very long.

    Drop sets work because you're always using the heaviest load possible at that moment. You're creating maximal tension on every rep, especially at the beginning of the set when you're fresh. Start with a weight you can only get 2-4 reps with (allowing for huge amounts of tension), then drop the weight once you get tired to lengthen the TUT.

    You're also stimulating a maximal number of motor units. As some motor units fatigue during the first set, other fatigue-resistant motor units are still fresh. Dropping the weight and continuing forces these fresh motor units to work without the help of the already-fatigued motor units that have already "crapped out." This means we can stimulate muscle fibers that would otherwise not be touched in a standard set, creating a bigger effect on the muscle.

    Unilateral Assistance
    Getting Big Through TUT

    Unilateral assistance work is the key to take advantage of heavy eccentrics when you're by yourself. The basic idea is to focus on one limb/side at a time, using maximal weight for that side. Use both limbs to lift the weight, but only one to lower. Only use the "assistance limb" as much as required to raise the weight.

    Let's use a biceps curl machine as an example. Suppose you can curl 100 pounds for one rep using your right arm. That would create maximum mechanical tension, but the TUT would be very short.

    Here's what to do: put 100 pounds on the machine and curl up with both arms, but only use the left arm just enough to get the weight up. At the top, hold the weight for one second and slowly release your left hand from the bar. Lower the weight smoothly (2-3 seconds) with the right arm only. At the bottom, use your left arm again, raise the weight and repeat.

    You'll reach a point where you can't control the negative any more, usually in the critical 6-12 rep range. Don't go past 60 seconds or let it get out of control – use your assistance arm if necessary so it doesn't get dangerously fast. The assistance arm will "assist" a little more on each rep as fatigue sets in.

    Great machines for this kind of training include:

    Leg curl variations
    Biceps curl machine
    Triceps extension machine
    Seated dip machines
    Chest press
    Row with chest pad
    Leg press with limiter that stops the carriage at the bottom. (Hammer & Pendulum make great pieces)
    Unilateral pulldown
    Leg extension
    Back extension on glute ham raise
    Calf raise

    Unilateral assistance works best on machines where both sides are connected (meaning both sides move even if you push on only one side), but you can make it work on any exercise with a little creativity.

    On unilateral machines like the Hammer Strength chest press or pulldown, you can put your assistance hand on the same side as your working hand for the concentric, then release it and use only one hand for the eccentric.

    One of my favorite applications is on a leg press with a range limiter like the Hammer Strength or Pendulum versions. I like it because it's one of the few ways to safely use high load eccentrics on a compound lower body movement. It's not safe to load up a bar heavy and do eccentric squats or deadlifts, so this is a safer alternative for building the legs.

    Amino Acids

    Without getting too much into the nutrition side of hypertrophy, it's important to note that Dr. Baar's investigation into mTOR also revealed that increased concentrations of amino acids in the blood directly after a workout also stimulated mTOR production.

    This means that peri-workout nutrition makes a big difference in your ability to grow. Skimp out on the muscle-building proteins during the workout window and you risk sabotaging the whole process.

    Wrap Up

    If you've been looking for a practical and natural way to maximize your gains, science has the answer. Use the research on mTOR and hypertrophy to your advantage by:

    Concentrating on the 6-12 rep range
    Using the heaviest weights possible to increase tension
    Keeping maximum tension on the muscles for up to 60 seconds
    Taking advantage of eccentrics and breakdowns
    Reducing the metabolic demand of your hypertrophy workouts by recovering fully between sets
    Making sure you've got amino acids in the form of sound peri-workout nutrition flowing through your veins to maximize the effects of mTOR.

    If you're used to following the magic workouts featured in the monthly muscle mags, this type of training will feel very different. You won't necessarily get the same "pump" as with other routines, and you'll feel kind of fresh because of the long rest periods between sets.

    Don't be fooled. The eccentric work will leave you extremely sore the next day, so be sure to give yourself sufficient rest before hitting it again.

    Size training deserves a scientific approach just like strength training. Apply these principles and get growing."
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  4. Sucks about the sleep issues, unbelieveable you can recover on that little sleep. Really is a testament do a great diet i guess.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam View Post
    Sucks about the sleep issues, unbelieveable you can recover on that little sleep. Really is a testament do a great diet i guess.
    Yeah man, it really sucks because I have to be careful not to "overdo" my workouts, sometimes I tend to go absolutely crazy in the gym and then next thing you know it looks like I atrophied, face gets puffy, neural fatigue which even effects my HIIT cardio, and my body isn't as receptive to nutrients....just a disaster lol.

    Gotta do what I gotta do though!
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  6. Week 3 Review of Citrulline Malate and Focus XT

    Thoughts so far? Effectiveness?
    -This combo has taken my work capacity / cardiovascular to a whole new level (within 2 weeks the improvements were noticeable)

    -Pumps in the gym have been better than usual (this is noticeable within the first dose)

    -My recovery has been through the roof, literally progressing in every single workout I do, whether its weight training or HIIT cardio. (getting stronger, my work capacity is on beast mode, I simply don't get tired that easy anymore, before taking this stack, after 20 mins of HIIT cardio I would feel like I was about to pass out, same thing for doing heavy squats / deadlifts, feel like im about to pass I can go for hours of HIIT cardio without feeling like im going to pass out, I can go to failure on a set of squats or deadlifts and it will feel like im just barely getting warmed up!

    -My Focus is on a very high level, its like im meditating during my workouts, nothing distracts me anymore, even when doing my cardio I feel like im "in the zone" aka tunnel vision / extreme motivation! This is noticeable within the first dose.

    **Extra Notes**
    -Dose for Cit Malate has been around 6-8 grams pre workout (1 hour pre)
    -Dose for Focus XT has been a half scoop 1 hour pre workout
    -Took 6-8 weeks to get my body really receptive to nutrients, reteach my body how to execute my exercises, so im just getting started! Who knows what the future holds for me! (ill weigh myself next time I go to the gym)
    -Calories right now are around 4000 a day.
    -Training is structured around both myofibrillar/sarcoplasmic hypertrophy, training both fast and slow twitch fibers, trying extremely hard to resist my temptations to burn out my CNS by doing a bunch of failure techniques, excess sets, etc....
    -Cardio choice is High Intensity in a interval fashion, duration depends on my current settings (how much calories I had the day before, how much sleep I got, how I feel, how intense my previous training sessions were from the past couple days....).

    Stay Tuned! And thanks again to all of SNS!
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  7. Tip of the day! (7/20/12) (Yes my Tip of the Days are back!)

    *Taking steps back may sound counterproductive but its ensuring in the future when you take a step forward, you know how to take 2 steps forward!

    Sometimes we tend to be super motivated at our goals that we tend to "overdo" our daily goals and the following happens....
    -Motivation goes down hill
    -Physically your drained the next day
    -Mentally your in a bad mood
    -Neural Fatigue is occurring to an extent that what ever kind of exercise you do, your performance is no where near 100 percent of what your capable of.
    -You may appear a little bloated, muscles atrophied, and vascularity may not be as eminent.

    How do you ensure you keep taking steps forward?
    -Make a logical but flexible(flexible, for example, meaning if your having a really stressful day or didn't get any sleep the night before, adjust and adapt by taking a day off!) plan for your training/nutrition/supplementation protocol and stick to it!

    -Structure a training protocol on your "current settings"(sleep quality, stress levels, where will you be in 24 hours, a week from now?, hows my nutrition?), meaning make sure what ever your doing in the gym, is something you KNOW you can recover from.

    -Ensure your supplementation are structured on optimizing insulin sensitivity, testosterone levels, digestion, energy, detoxing, and sleep quality!

    **Learning this the hard way is sometimes difficult to understand that everything is a learning process. Just remember, improve daily, stay consistent, and stick to your plan!

    Taking a few days off.....past few days were very stressful, lack of sleep, overworked my cardio session during the my last ball game.
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  8. Supplement / ingredient overview of the week! (**New feature to my logs!**)


    What does Agmatine do?

    *Increased Pumps – As discussed above, enhanced pumps and pre-workout N.O. levels may not be as beneficial from a performance perspective as some of us were lead to believe in the past, but they are a definite contributor to an overall good looking muscular physique. And, let’s face it, most people love the feel of that intense pump when they work out. And with Agmatine, most experience longer lasting pumps than with many other ‘Old School’ N.O. products.

    *Antioxidant Role – In today’s society, the way we eat, the air we breathe, it can all take its toll on our bodies. And as if the day to day stresses of normal life aren’t bad enough, the day to day life of bodybuilders or athletes can be even more taxing and lead to even more free radical buildup than with the average person. Agmatine’s antioxidant properties are a very nice extra benefit to a compound that already has so much to offer.

    *Improved Insulin Response – Agmatine may help improve insulin response through enhanced insulin production, which can lead to positive benefits for those looking to improve body composition. Improved insulin response is thought of in bodybuilding circles as a key to a leaner, harder, more muscular body.

    *Nootropic Effect – Agmatine may help those looking to achieve a mental edge, whether it is in the gym or in day to day life. It can also help support a healthy mood and has anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. Agmatine may stack very well with other Nootropics, including Focus XT.

    *Stimulation of LH & GH Levels - In addition to the obvious appealing effect on overall body composition, the stimulation of GH and LH levels can also be beneficial for helping maintain a healthy lifestyle as we age. This stimulation of pituitary hormones may also lead to stimulation of other hormones such as IGF-1.

    *Neuroprotective Role – Agmatine plays a neuroprotective role due to its role as an antioxidant and its prevention of over excitation by glutamate.

    *Cardiovascular Benefits – Agmatine has a potential hypotensive benefit that may help aid in cardiovascular health. This hypotensive role is important in a healthy lifestyle for obvious reasons, but may also be found to be beneficial for bodybuilders or athletes that use stimulants or hormone based compounds that may cause elevations

    Summing up Agmatine's benefits (below)

    -Increased Nitric Oxide Syntheses*
    -Inhibit NO Synthase (the enzyme responsible for NO breakdown)*
    -Stimulation of L.H. (Luteinizing Hormone) & G.H. (Growth Hormone) Levels*
    -Promote a Healthy & Positive Mood (Anti-Anxiety & Antidepressant Properties)*
    -Promote Nutrient Delivery to Muscle Cells*
    -Supports Overall Muscle Building Environment*
    -Enhanced Insulin Response*
    -Neuroprotective Support*
    -Cardiovascular Health*
    -Antioxidant Role*

    With all those benefits I have to recommend this supplement for anyone thats looking to enhance their body compoasition, get bigger/stronger, and stay healthy! Dose is simple aswell, 1g either first thing in the morning, pre workout or before bed!

    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  9. Wow dude, you've really gone above and beyond here. I'm glad to see such positive effects from a performance standpoint. Everyone wants a pump, but why not have both?

  10. Quote Originally Posted by mr.cooper69 View Post
    Wow dude, you've really gone above and beyond here. I'm glad to see such positive effects from a performance standpoint. Everyone wants a pump, but why not have both?
    Hell yeah! Just doing my thing bro! Im still pretty surprised at how great this combo is working out haha!

    Thanks again for this opportunity!
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  11. Tip of the day: superb. I can't agree more with your thoughts. Personally, it's hard for me to take days off but i have to force myself sometimes knowing it's the best thing for me. Getting burned out too quickly is a huge step back, or forcing yourself to go train when you've had a rough day just to have a crappy day training is not a good idea either. Taking a de-load week feels like you're losing ground, but again it can be the best thing for your body and mind.

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Rhadam View Post
    Tip of the day: superb. I can't agree more with your thoughts. Personally, it's hard for me to take days off but i have to force myself sometimes knowing it's the best thing for me. Getting burned out too quickly is a huge step back, or forcing yourself to go train when you've had a rough day just to have a crappy day training is not a good idea either. Taking a de-load week feels like you're losing ground, but again it can be the best thing for your body and mind.
    Yes sir! Yeah man, its so hard for me taking days off... Oh and I agree, forcing yourself to train when you don't feel like it usually is a recipe for disaster!

    Ill be back to training 2morrow! Stay tuned!
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  13. That's one solid review you've put up bruther!
    Awesome work, and glad to hear you liked the combination of those products
    SNS - Serious Nutrition Solutions
    My advice is exclusively my own and may not correspond with the views of SNS
    Questions or concerns? → conny[@]

  14. 7/23/12 Cardio (45 mins low intensity)

    -5 sprays of GHenerate 15 mins pre
    -4g Citrulline Malate pre
    -1/2 scoop Focus XT pre
    -Took a few days off so didn't want to come back and do anything crazy.
    -Performance was normal today
    -6 Caps of Natadrol with food
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  15. Added the Natabolic Stack (natadrol/formadrol/GHenerate) to my supplement protocol!
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  16. Quote Originally Posted by TheHardOne View Post
    Added the Natabolic Stack (natadrol/formadrol/GHenerate) to my supplement protocol!
    and the log continues .. niceee .. how long will you be running natadrol ?

  17. Quote Originally Posted by GQNemesis View Post
    and the log continues .. niceee .. how long will you be running natadrol ?
    Looks like the natadrol is going to be 5-6 weeks, then finish off the final few weeks with forma.
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by TheHardOne
    Added the Natabolic Stack (natadrol/formadrol/GHenerate) to my supplement protocol!
    I've always had good results with Natadrol. You doing 6 caps per day?

  19. Quote Originally Posted by sidoious View Post
    I've always had good results with Natadrol. You doing 6 caps per day?
    Yeah buddy! 6 caps too high?
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  20. 7/24/12 Chest
    **Goal? Increase Load and pump the muscle with nutrients with as low volume as possible, then get out. (cns warm up / overload / pump / hydrate) (Both myofibrillar/sarcoplasm hypertrophy techniques focused in the same workout)

    **Pre-Pump without fatigue (light cable flys / light presses)
    -Once force output is explosive, time to start the workout.

    **Progressive Work (with the high threshold multijoint movements) (3111 tempo) (rest periods are for performance, so whenever I feel im ready!)
    -Wide Grip Incline Barbell Press (4 warm up sets then....)
    275x5+1 forced rep (PR)

    -Flat Dumbbell Press (1 warm up set)
    120x7 PR

    **Pump Work (2231 tempo)
    -Flat Dumbbell Flys (slight external rotation on the eccentric and a slight internal rotation on the concentric(with elbows locked out), taking the pecs to its fully stretched / fully contracted position)

    **Fully hydrate myself for a hour after I workout, then its feed the machine time!

    -2 Natadrol Caps Pre (30 mins)
    -4g cit malate pre (1 hour)
    -1/2 Scoop Focus XT pre (1 hour)
    -GHenerate 5 sprays (20 mins pre)
    -Accidentally ate a little too much fiber/low glycemic carbs yesterday so my stomach was extremely bloated, im pretty sure the GHenerate that I took pre bed didn't even get put into action because my stomach / digestive system was just out of whack. Lesson learned once again, TheHardOne, low GI carbs never worked for you in the past, they won't work for you now.....Roger that!
    -Stronger today even with though I only got like 2 hours of sleep!
    -Weighed on a empty stomach at 213!
    -Aggression in the gym was okay, could be better! 7/10
    -Pumps in the gym was actually pretty damn good! But could be better. 9/10
    -Focus in the gym today was on point! 10/10
    -6 Natadrol Caps a day, started yesterday, my mood is noticeably already improving, feeling really good! (better than usual)

    *Gotta take my size above and beyond!

    “Never be lazy, but work hard and serve the Lord enthusiastically.” Romans 12:11
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  21. Quote Originally Posted by TheHardOne View Post
    Looks like the natadrol is going to be 5-6 weeks, then finish off the final few weeks with forma.
    Awesome looking forward to Nata results now .. hopefully it will lean u out and add a lil more strength

    6caps is decent .. I have actually even seen pple do high as 8caps .. So see how u feel after a week


  22. Back 7/25/12

    -Pre-Pump / Warm Up
    Light pulldowns / deadlifts / rows

    -High Threshold Work (rest periods designed for performance) (3111 tempo)
    Barbell Rows 365x5 PR
    Deadlifts from the knee 455x7 (pr with this execution, deadstop everytime)

    -Maximum Pump work / Take muscle group through its entire range of motion (60 sec rest periods, performed as a complex, just 1 round) (4222 tempo) (10-15 reps each) (stretch between sets)
    Underhand Pulldowns
    Low Cable Close Grip Rows
    Overhand Wide Grip Barbell Rows
    Narrow Grip Upright Rows
    Barbell Shrugs

    -Fully hydrate myself

    -2 Natadrol Caps Pre (30 mins)
    -4g cit malate pre (1 hour) (4g seems to still get the job done, plus im afraid of running out! lol!)
    -1 Scoop Focus XT pre (1 hour)
    -GHenerate 5 sprays (20 mins pre)
    -Best back pump ive ever had in my life. 10/10

    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  23. Tip / Motivation of the Day! 7/25/12

    Here is a quote that will benefit anyone's life....

    "Above all, love each other deeply, because love covers over a multitude of sins." - 1 Peter 4:8

    What does this have to do with bodybuilding / attaining the physique you dream of?

    *If you learn how to appreciate the negative things that happen in life then there will not be anything negative in your life! Remember, everything that happens in life is necessary, its to make you a better person, its the people who don't except what happens in life and tends to always say....."What if"......or "I could".....or even...."Maybe". When ever you have a goal, always think positive, its the only way you can improve. The moment when you start to be negative minded is the moment you start taking steps backward.

    I try to preach this to everyone that is close to me in my life, the world we live in, people are always trying to put others down, the terms/phrases..."Can't"...."I would but..."......and "I don't know" is being used too much. Never let anything / anyone hold you back from your dreams.

    Think positive, appreciate everything/everyone in your life, and prepare to progress at an extremely fast rate! (in your goals and as a person!)

    You know your doing things right when you have haters!
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  24. 7/28/12 Arms

    -Closer Grip Bench Press (3111 tempo) (rest periods 2 mins)
    295x7 (PR)
    275x8 then a double drop set

    *Max Pump Work / Taking muscle through its entire Range of Motion
    Rope Pushdowns super set Overhead Extensions (2 rounds) (8-12 reps each exercise, 3222 tempo) (2 min rest between each round)


    -One Arm Cross Body Hammer Curls (3111 tempo, rest periods 2 mins)
    80x10 each arm
    80x9 then a double drop set

    *Max Pump Work
    -Incline Curls superset Scott Curls (2 rounds, 3222 tempo, 2 min rest between rounds, double drop set on last set of scott curls)

    -Weird....I was fully hydrated, im not stressed out, I actually didn't take any stimulants today, I trained after a meal so glycogen levels were full....the pump for some reason just wasn't there today? lol Like literally no blood would go in the targeted muscles? I always get nasty pumps! This is weird. Plus I trained at night which my pumps are always better at night...hmmm....maybe has to do with me not getting hardly any sleep?
    -Performance (strength / focus / endurance / aggression) was on point today though! 10/10!
    -7g Cit Malate Pre
    -5 Sprays of GHernerate first thing in morning, pre workout, post workout, and then will take before bed. (temporary dosing protocol)
    -6 Natadrols a day
    -My mood has been getting better everyday!
    -Getting noticeably leaner already!
    -Weighed in at 213! Leaner and bodyweight maintaining? AWESOME.
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.

  25. Update / 50 mins of Cardio (mixture of low intensity / high intensity)

    -On empty stomach
    -4g Cit malate pre
    -No stims
    -6 Natadrol's a day
    -Going to go back to eating a meal every 3-4 hours(which seems to be the sweet spot for spiking higher levels of protein synthesis) instead of doing Intermittent Fasting.....IF is great, I just don't like having that super full(stomach about to explode) feeling all the time, just a personal preference. I would recommend this eating protocol for someone that isn't worried about building muscle though!
    -Still messing with the GHenerate Dose....Stay tuned folks!
    -My assumption of my pump not being there yesterday is my body is literally using majority of my carbs/glycogen at an extremely fast rate, my muscles are so flat....was using about 400g carbs a day for 3 days....wayyyyy too little for me, going to bumb that back up to 700, possibly 800.
    -And was still stronger yesterday even though I was super flat.....holy growing time batman!
    -During todays Cardio my cardiovascular amazes, I was so out of shape a couple months ago! Performance was great today! 10/10

    Consistency, Passion, Stay Quiet and Humble, and strive for daily progression! =Domination

    Philippians 4:13 I can do ALL things through christ who strengthens me
    *LG Sciences Board Rep*
    Changing Lives is what I crave.


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