iForce myself to COMPETE

  1. iForce myself to COMPETE

    1 serving of Fruit Punch COMPETE 15oz of water.
    workout ::LEGS::

    there's 2 body parts that i hate working out, Legs & Back. I do Squats and Deadlifts a bit early into my workout and they leave me drained, i always try to push myself, but it usually ends up leaving me weak, tired, and my workout pace usually slows to a snail's pace. Happy today was Leg day

    I'm going to break these reviews down in 6 different aspects. the 4 that iForce claims COMPETE addresses [Mental Focus | Physical Performance | Recovery | Hydration] and I'm going to add Taste and overall thoughts.

    Mental Focus: 5/10 at 1 one scoop you can tell something is going on, a bit uplifting, relaxing, nothing that drastic. it's not feeling that much from it, it's nice that it's included, but at 1 scoop it's not that noticible.

    Physical Performance 7/10 so this is where it's supposed to shine, well @ 1 scoop it's performing at or just at a bit above the other intra's out there. Recovery felt higher, and with each mouthful of compete that i drank i felt like i was being reinvigorated, i pushed myself, but still fell short due to my physical shortcomings[knee].

    Recovery 8/10@ 1 scoop i would say that it's good, slightly edges out the other BCAA products on the market. i seemed to recover during squats a bit quicker, i usually do 5 working sets for squats, and by the 5th one, I find myself resting a good 2.5 minutes before i could continue. today i was taking about a minute and a half rests, and still felt strong. very impressed. was still catching my breath, and taking some deep breaths during leg presses but nice.

    Hydration 9/10 i noticed this the most post workout, i usually go through 3-4 refills of water during my workouts, i usually sip during leg extensions, but drink by the mouthful during and after squats. i noticed today, i think refilled it twice. once to add compete in, and then a second time and that was it.

    Taste: 8/10 Another fruit punch! yay :/ this is going to be a bit tough to read Vaughn, but this sh!t is sweet, at 15oz this is a very sweet Hawaiian punch flavor to it. good news is, nothing artificial, no bad after taste, just sweet. it's a little sweeter than i like but i bet at like 20+ oz this would be just right.

    overall i am impressed, and am happy I've got 3 more samples left. so far for legs, 1 scoop left me feeling good, wishing i did 2, also thinking that with the effects of 1 scoop, 1.5 might also be good for me. very excited.

  2. As the directions state, 10-20oz per serving. Use more water if something is too sweet. We gave this product a lot of flavor on purpose.

    Excited to see how 2 servings in 30-40oz of water treats you.
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  3. Sweet review so far!
    iForce Nutrition Representative
    iTrain. iCompete. iDominate…iForce!

  4. 2 scoops of Tangy Tangerine in 25oz of water, drank 10oz then added 10 more oz of water.
    Workout :::CHEST:::

    ***first of all, I'd like to say is i wanted to put COMPETE to the test. i did a marathon for chest, kept the weights to what i usually do; but all i did was push myself and kept the breaks between sets to 30 seconds. and these are the results.***

    Taste 9/10 as soon as it hit my tongue, i looked over to my girlfriend and said, i think this is tang. very sweet, and refreshing the taste brought me back to my childhood . told her, "i know they joke about the guy being black, but making a tang flavored intra is ridiculous" it's not really tang, well i don't remember exactly how tang tastes like it's been a good 4 years since I've had it, but this is a very familiar tangy tangerine flavor. drinking half, then refilling kept the flavor consistently pleasant, delicious and refreshing.

    Mental Focus: 8/10 i was draggin a$$ all morning, and maybe I'm hoping for like a direct nootropic effect from it. if you go in expecting that you're going to be let down. in reality what you get is a slight energy boost, then slowly it comes, not really tunnel vision, but more like i was in the zone feeling, everything, everything start to click. i liked it.

    Physical Performance/Recovery 10/10 I'm going to merge these 2 categories together for the sole reason that today, i did what i guess you could consider a 6 set super set for chest. i was blown away by what i was doing today, did heavy chest, and kept the breaks down to about 30 seconds, enough time to put back the DB's, take a sip of compete, get a heavier DB and walk back to the bench. My girlfriend told me why was i in such a rush told her, i was trying to get tired, trying to see how soon i can make myself quit. i did what i planned my workout to be, and looking back i should have added another 1 or 2 exercises because i never quit. it was like there was a list of workouts, came to the ended then said, **** that's it? alright i guess I'm done. was very impressed with it. sweat was dripping down my face, and my shirt was soaking in the end, but in the end COMPETE completely blew me away.

    Hydration 9/10 i peed alot clear, as water. lol but in all honestly i was sweating like crazy, and drank more water to keep my hydrated.

  5. just realized this was up on both forums! Disregard my rep on BB.com LOL

    AWESOME! Glad you enjoyed the flavor and noticed significant effects in the gym! The fact that you said this basically puts the nail in the coffins for all others intras...hnnnnnnnnnngggggggg musci to my ears!
    Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Representative Manager

  6. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    just realized this was up on both forums! Disregard my rep on BB.com LOL

    AWESOME! Glad you enjoyed the flavor and noticed significant effects in the gym! The fact that you said this basically puts the nail in the coffins for all others intras...hnnnnnnnnnngggggggg musci to my ears!
    yes, i'm a huge intrabolic fan, and this is made me say goodbye to it once and for all.

  7. NICE! eta gettin close now for this?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by thedarce View Post
    yes, i'm a huge intrabolic fan, and this is made me say goodbye to it once and for all.

    boooom....now dem be fighting words where i come from ;D
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  9. Quote Originally Posted by phantom View Post
    NICE! eta gettin close now for this?

    we should be shipping to retailers by the end of this week
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by VaughnTrue View Post
    we should be shipping to retailers by the end of this week

    great news! if its up for sale on the iforce site before any retailers have it up, i'll just order from there. tangerinine sounds crazy

  11. boom, awesome to see that you found a dosing that works well for you (2 scoops over 1) and that you liked the tangerine so much bro. really can't wait to try this myself
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  12. Very detailed reviews! Can't wait to get a tub

  13. TANG and the black guy comment had me laughing....

    Im guessing you'd love the watermelon too then?

    Glas the workouts are so much more effective now and you are noticing a difference!
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    Live Free, Train Hard

  14. holy **** Vaughn, with Lemon Drop, you're half way there to Cucumber/Lime Compete.

    honestly this Lemon Drop is better than it's Hemavol brethren. with Hemavol you get that tart, mouth puckering, have to swallow your spit taste, ala sucking on a lemonhead.

    With Lemon Drop Compete, its a step down from the tartness [probably because there's less CM in Compete] and all you get is solid lemon flavoring, if you're a fan of anything citrus/lemony but don't like the tartness from it, then by all means you're going to like Lemon drop Compete.

    Physical Performance/Recovery 10/10- this is still blowing my mind, today i did BACK, DEADLIFTS, the game crusher. this is how my back day usually starts, pull ups, lat pulldowns, deadlifts. during deadlifts i start to contemplate quitting lifting. i mean my goal is jiu jitsu, and back day just makes me want to quit lifting, and just go back to pure jiu jitsu. with workouts like today, ones that make me crave working out, only reignites the passion of lifting weight. when fatigue isn't an issue it open up the possibilities of truly giving my soul to the gym gods. LOL not but in all honesty, not having the common thoughts of giving up during deadlifts is such a blessing. maybe this should be added into the mental aspects of compete.

  15. Wonder how this would taste in a scoop of hemavol

  16. this is my last review of compete. the biggest thing that caught my attention with compete was the statement that it was designed with athletes in mind. being huge on jiu jitsu's nut sack i wanted to make sure i tried it during sparring.

    Jiu Jitsu training usually goes like this
    Warm up, practice take downs. work technique, then spar for 30 mins, class over, and spar more up to an hour.
    so it's a good 1.5hrs of good going 100% in the gym. i train in the GI, or fancy pajamas for those of you non familiar with the word GI. and most of my game revolves around lapel chokes, sweeps using lapels, etc. so there's certain things i don't like, i don't like lots of citrulline before or during, because I've noticed anything more than 2gs and i start getting a pump in my forearms, and i don't like it.

    @2scoops of Tangy Tangerine. in 30oz of water

    Taste:still delicious, i think everyone is going to love this flavor, refreshing, tasty, and right now that summer is coming it should be on the top of everyone's list of TO GET supplements.

    i'm just going to describe the session as a whole instead of individually breakdown aspects of compete.

    i took a big mouthful of compete right before class started. i felt good, energized, but i dont think it was because of compete, i always get excited when i step on the mat, 4 years and i still get antsy to get ready to do jiu jitsu. i love it. so class went through pretty quick and for me sparring couldn't come soon enough, the first round came and went, and i took it quiet easy, played with the guy, took it easy, pretty much felt how he was and reacted accordingly to his actions.

    took another mouthful of COMPETE, and was ready for round 2, i started being a bit more aggressive, started making him feel my weight, and made him pay for every mistake they made.

    this went on till class was over, just taking mouthfuls of compete and doing some work.

    now it was open sparring, and the blackbelts came out to play. this is where it counts, i can play and hang with the rest of the class, when it's against a black belt, it always humbles me, makes me realize how much i still need to know and grow.
    after 2 rounds, being smashed i started drinking more and more compete, and it felts so good.

    remember the part in Indiana Jones and the last crusade when they find the cup of Christ and he's using it to save his dad. he pours the liquid over the wound and it heals him. that's exactly how it felt. it felt as if everything, my body, soul, and mind where being healed. i gained my second breath and i started to feel like i was thinking a bit faster than normal. was it the mental aspects of COMPETE? i think so, i felt like my game was on fire, was a step ahead, like if my professor slowed down, and i was getting faster. don't get me wrong, i still got crushed, but i felt like i was still in the game. sparring was over, and i laid helpless on the floor, drained from the experience, and ready to go home. this has been the best sparring session in a while, i didn't feel like a fat out of shape guy mess against the black belts, instead i was a fat out of shape guy who had it together who had a plan and help thanks to compete.

    i need more, ASAP.

  17. Were you shot gunning the powder?



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