XGabrielEdgeX Review's IForce Nutrition Compete.!

  1. XGabrielEdgeX Review's IForce Nutrition Compete.!

    Welcome to my review of IForce Nutrtion Compete.

    Thanks to the Vaughn & the IForce Nutriton Team for selecting me to get the oppurtunity to review COMPETE!


    First, once again wanted to thank Vaughn & IForce for giving me this oppurtunity. I've been a big supporter of all their products & of course been using them myself. Their products are just EPIC and their always on my shelf of supplements. Now i get the chance to try out their new product Compete which i am very excited to do & will deliver with a great review. My lifting routine at the moment is 5x a week, Heavy with low reps with cardio 3x a week. I plan on using compete on Legs, Back, And Chest days since i lift much heavier than usual on those days. Hope you guys enjoy this review & lets get started with this review.!

    Fruit Punch Slam review comming shortley!!!

  2. Totally in on this! Can't wait to see which flavor you enjoy the most.

  3. in!
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  4. In for the ride!!

  5. Sweet man.. saw this on another board!! IN! Can't wait to see how you like.

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  6. IForce Nutrition Compete:FRUIT PUNCH SLAM Review

    Coming Shortley...
    Will report back with my review after hitting heavy legs today..Will be leaving to the gym in about an hour. Stay Tuned.!

  7. hnnnnnnnnnnnnnngggg so much want
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  8. IForce Nutrition Compete:FRUIT PUNCH SLAM Review

    Taste: Fruit Punch has never been a flavor that will ever find myself enjoying even before testing fruit punch slam. I do admit this was not bad of a taste. At 16oz of water, it was rather sweet which is how I like most of these intra's. I would imagine it would be a better taste at two. IMO, it reminded of me of a watermelon jolly rancher. Haha I enjoyed the taste but it's not a flavor I would end up getting when compete is realesed.

    Mixability: When using an Intra-Workout such as compete, I occasionally use 16-18oz of water depending on how sweet I would want it. With fruit punch slam I used 16oz of water with it and with in seconds it started dissolve in the water, making its way to the bottom of the bottle. Shook it a couple times so it could fully dissolve. Discovered some particles at the bottom but very little. Not bad with mixbility. Very easy to mix and it dissolved very quickly.

    Performance: The way I reviewed this category is by doing the first half of my workout with out compete & the second half of it with compete and what can i say, i felt a big diffrence with drinking compete and without compete. The first thing i noticed was my workout became way more intense. I felt it had improved the way i was busting through the sets/reps. It gave me the energy and drive to hit more sets that i had scheduled. I moved up weight a couple times during my workout especially squats. Everytime i would take a drink after every couple sets i noticed during the current set, i pushed myself to another level till i hit the reccomended sets. I felt it had shined at one scoop but can not wait to try two scoops beacuse i do do believe that two scoops would be a perfect dose for me.

    Recovery: At 1 scoop, my recovery time was very quick. I usually take about 50 seconds between every heavy set to recovery before begining the next set but with compete i recovered quicker than usual. Only need about 30-35 seconds to recover. During heavy Squats & Leg Press my recovery time was nice. Did not have to spend that time between sets to rest. Did not want it to end.

    Overall: Overall, Compete at 1 scoop was an epic run. I enjoyed it very much. My workouts were intense, recovery time was quick, performance was outstanding. I love what IForce has came up with and how well this product works. This is more than just an intra workout as Vaughn and many say, Its moreee. I can not wait to try Lemon Drop & Tangy Tangerine at 2 scoops beacuse that would be a perfect dosage for me. This is will be part of my IForce stash once its released. Thanks again to vaugn & Iforce for this oppurtunity. Can not wait for the next two flavors.

  9. IForce Nutrition Compete:LEMON DROP Review

    Taste:Lemon Drop is not bad of a taste. Im going to admit I like this flavor better than Fruit Punch Slam. It clearly reminded me of Lemon Drop HemaVol. This flavor was really good. I enjoyed drinking it through out my workout. The whole time It felt like I was drinking lemonade. I enjoyed it. The flavor was not to strong nor to sweet it was perfect. This will be one of the flavors that I do have plans on purchasing when it is realesed.

    Mixability:2 scoops in about 20oz of water. Mixed it will no problems.Powder immediately started to dissolve once it was in the bottle. Excellent mixibility.Also forgot to mention, it starts to foam up If you shake the bottle super fast. This shows how well this stuff mixes. Twirl the bottle a couple times and it's fully dissolved. Does not get any better than that.

    Performance:How can I say this.?..Hmm..At 2 scoops..this stuff is killer. I benefited so much off 2 scoops. It did not feel like I was working out. I was blasting through my sets. Did not fill like I was lifting heavy at all in till I saw the weight. It was intense, fast pass. With 1 scoop, compete was already amazing but with 2 scoops it's another level. Started sipping on it 5-10 before my workout. Felt it kick it the begging of the second set. I had the greatest workout with this. Pushed myself even more with 2 scoops than I did with 1. 2 scoops is a perfect dosing for me. This stuff was epic. No intra comes close to how intense compete can be at 2 scoops. What a journey. Forgot to mention I finished off my workout with 20mins of cardio because of how much energy I had in me to keep on going. I had no intentions of doing cardio either. This shows how well this stuff really works. Very nice job IForce.

    Recovery:As I mentioned, with 1 scoop my rest was between 30-35 secs but with 2.. It felt to me as If I did not rest at all. Recovery was quicker. I had that fast past workout. The drive to do more reps was epic. As hard as I went, my recovery was still good. I did not have to take seconds to rest. Once I was done with one set. 20-25 sec rest and boom it's on to the next set. Heavy lifting + 20 mins cardio = AMAZING RECOVERYY. I felt unstoppable.

    Overall :Compete shined at 2 scoops. Intense & great recovery. I benefited very well with 2 scoops & do believe its a good dosing. I'm in LOVE with this product & impressed how well this stuff works. 2 scoops = Faster Recovery, Intense Performance, Endurance, A lot of energy, and most of all it was heaven. Haha. Im enjoying this product very much & can not wait to get my hands on a tub. This is one of my favorites. Theirs no such thing as other intras after this one.

  10. hope the tangerine review is as great as the other 2. great feedback bro and glad you're noticing effects from just one dose. oh, and glad you're loving the flavors too
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  11. Pretty soon iforce will have dominated the pre workout, intra workout and post workout supplement world

  12. Quote Originally Posted by StackedCop
    IForce has dominated the pre workout, intra workout and post workout supplement world

  13. IForce Nutrition Compete:TANGY TANGERINE Review

    Taste:First off, the flavor smells amazing. The moment I poured it in the shaker, I could smell the tangerine scent to it. I could not stop smelling it. Now on to the taste, I gotta say this is my ALL-TIME favorite flavor between all 3. The taste was very unique and diffrent. It was a type of flavor I knew I would never get old of. After every sip, it reminded of a Sunny D Tangerine flavor. This stuff was so epic & could not stop drinking it. I was so sad it was almost gone. My top flavor of choice. It was a nice, orangey flavor. Very Refreshinggg. Very nice job on this one. I love itt.! haha.

    Mixability:2 scoops in about 20oz of water. Mixed it will no problems.Powder immediately started to dissolve once it was in the bottle. Changed the water orange immeditly which was cool. haha Excellent mixibility. Pretty much the same result as the other two flavors.

    Performance:Performance at 2 scoops is no doubt an epic run. Killed every set/rep. Intense training. I took control of the iron & the iron did not take control of me. Blasted a couple more reps than planned on close grip bench press & as well went up in weight. Every training session gets better & better after every scoop with out a doubt. I had intense focus making sure I was contracting the muscle while keeping form tight. It's everything that you want in an intra. Had to force myself out of the gym today.

    Recovery : Intense workout has to come with good recovery and that's exactly what happened. Took no more than 30-35 rest between sets. With such a great recovery, I pushed myself to failure. Even doing this, recovery was still quick. Recovery = Amazingg.! Simple as that.

    Overall :Tangy Tangerine is my favorite flavor of all time. My workout today was the best and very intense. Every scoop gets better & better. I can not wait for compete to be realesed so I could run a full tub of it. I love what iforce has created here & reccomend it to anyone & everyone. This stuff is epic & will be a stable in my supplement stash with out a doubt. I had an epic run with all 3 flavors & its feels bad that it has all come to an end. I enjoyed I very much & wanted to thank vaughn and iforce once again for the oppurtunity to be chosen as a beta tester. Appreciate it.


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