Synthetic Supplements Agmatine

  1. Synthetic Supplements Agmatine

    I just wanted to post up my final thoughts on the 60 caps of Agmatine that was sent to me for review. I wil have to say you guys were very kind to send an full bottle. I have never triend any other supplements by Synthetic Supplents, or agmatine for that matter.

    The bottle contained 60 caps of Agmatine Sulfate 500mg. I took them on off days and on workout days. Once in the morning @ 2caps and 1 @night on workout days. On off days I used them 1in the moring and 1 at night. Today is my last 3 so I took all of them and I am going to the gym in a few so I shold experience more of the awesomeness that I have in thepast!

    I have never taken this type of supplement before, the extended pumps throughout the day really made me feel good about myself. I have not researched the effectiveness of this product in different aspects of muscle gains, recovery, endurance... I dont thin that it is ment for that. I might look it up here after work out and let you know. with this being my last day I am going to take a picture of my bicep before workout and right after .... and possibly later in the day to show how it continues to woprk throughout the day. I will be buying more of this in the future no doubt! I hope that you all are doing well and cant wait to see more of your line in the future. please thin of me when your looking for reviewers and loggers and I hope that I can be more help to you.


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    Before workout took 3caps about 35min ago ..... Off to gym in a few

  3. Thank you for your review!

    I think the testament to true enjoyment of a product is whether you would buy it with your own money afterwards so I am pleased to hear you liked it so much.

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    Awesome workout really worked arms and shoulders and some chest... Should post up a little later and show how it looks.

  5. Still feel good and "full". Thanks again can't wait for more goodies formulated.

  6. Nice review.
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  7. Thanks dude... first time using it and I like it. You guys were right I shouild have gotten it a while ago, However with out the gain in size i probably wouldnt have noticed the effects.


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