Neogenix NeuroSurge more like boner sauce!!!

  1. Neogenix NeuroSurge more like boner sauce!!!

    so neogenix sent me two packages of neurosurge, and i'll try anything once. i save the packages for leg days, that is the day that i lift the heavy stuff. let me tell you this stuff is G2G!!! very strong stuff. i live in the deep south, so its pretty humid right now. the two work outs prior to this the humility was so high it felt like you were breathing through a straw. one of the things i noticed most with neurosurge is that the humidity didnt even phase me. i could pound out the weight and still be ready for more. i was more aggressive than usual too, i found that i was getting irritated waiting for my partner to finish his sets. all i wanted was to pick up heavy ****. it was awesome. the stuff kicked in very quick for me, like 5 mins. i stayed pumped for probably 3 hours after i got done working out. which is normal for me, but i didn't feel as worn down as i usually do on leg day. now the day after that's another story..i will be ordering a bottle of this stuff!!!

    TASTE:::: 9/10 it was very sweet, and had a pleasurable taste
    AFTERTASTE: 10/10 went down smooth and nothing came up. no nasty after burps!
    TEXTURE:: 10/10 this was the best part, i hate that grainy texture from some prework out powders. this stuff dissolved complected
    EFFECTS:: 10/10 very strong, felt it till the last set. very euphoric, and alot of energy

    OVERALL: 9.75/10 this stuff was great, i don't buy powder prework outs any more, i prefer pre mixed. but this is one i will be buying, its nothing like anything else on the market. i rarely find i product that i think is really worth talking about, im a strick eat alot, drink water kind of guy but this is something that i think will improve any ones workouts. it doesn't matter if its cardio, yoga, or heavy lifting. knocked it out of the park. thank you for the opportunity.

  2. Awesome review glad you enjoyed it. It's one of the few products I tell people they have to try to see how good it is.

  3. you sure you reviewed it? which flavor is sweet and smooth? ^_-

  4. The grape is the one I got

  5. Quote Originally Posted by kojack
    you sure you reviewed it? which flavor is sweet and smooth? ^_-
    What's your point to this?



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