RPM / Drive Sample review

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    RPM / Drive Sample review

    A big thanks to Appnut for the chance to sample these!

    two days is a bit hard to judge anything, but i did notice a bit of a overall strength increase and over all endurance. I am training with very short rest breaks and that usually means by the last sets i am dropping a rep or lowering the weight a little. no so these two days. I am planning on trying the 5 day bottles they sell to see how that goes.

    Not sides to speak of - was not stimmed out or up all night or anything.

    Bottom line i would definitely try them again

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    You can't tell anything in 2 days, and if that is the sample size going out, it is useless. I noticed with these that the 5 day bottles get you to just the point that you are starting to notice it, but not quite sure- so it makes you want to try more. Killer marketing here for sure. I've tried both for 30 days and I did like Drive for increased libido, but that subsides in about 2-3 weeks. I do believe that it may have helped with some body comp, but that is hard to say, because it was stacked with RPM, which is a pretty strong pwo. I imagine that if people like pwos, then they would really like RPM. Myself, I am not a fan of them in general, and hate the crash later.

    IMO, decent products, but a bit overpriced- moreso with Drive.

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