After getting some positive feedback on a possible Erase/Endo/NMDA stack on a previous thread, I've decided to track my first log here on AM. Welcome any and all, and please feel free to criticize, encourage, or suggest; would love to have some experienced members along for the ride.

Some background information:

27 years old
Currently 182 pounds
Body fat percentage unknown; I would estimate at 23-25% (pictures to come); aesthetics are secondary to strength goals

Two and a half years ago, I was a miserable 330 pound wretched excuse for a man. With severe (and necessary) changes to diet and exercise, I was able to drop 155 pounds in just under a year. All weight loss came from diet and training alone, no supplementation or drugs whatsoever. I've always been leery of supplementation of any kind (outside of whey and creatine) but investing some time in this forum and hearing clinically based, scientifically backed data along with user experiences have certainly changed my outlook. I tore my meniscus approximately two months ago in training due to poor technique on an ill-advised lift and the physical and psychological regression has been an absolute nightmare - lost over a hundred pounds each on my squat and deadlift numbers. My injury has played the most significant role in deciding to finally introduce natural supplementation; I'm determined to build my strength back up, and although aesthetics are not as important to me in comparison to strength, I wouldn't mind any positive changes in appearance.

I'm in week four of an Erase/Endosurge/DAA bulk powder cycle (dosed at 2 caps Erase, 6 caps Endo, and 3g DAA), and in all honesty I've been fairly unimpressed with this stack so far, especially given how many incredible reviews these products have received. No noticeable effects in "drying" or hardening at all, and it feels like my strength levels are actually declining which has been an incredible disappointment. Of course, I don't believe I've given these supps a proper assessment due to a number of factors (particularly the stress of the knee injury) so I'm looking forward to what the next 30 days will bring.

Thanks in advance for those who follow along or chime in.

Diet has been extremely clean since the leveling off of the weight loss. I'm meticulous about macros and caloric intake, and all food sources are clean and unprocessed. For the last six weeks, I've used the Lean Gains IF protocol, which incidentally I have not been thrilled with in terms of results (but again, six weeks is not a proper length of time for evaluation). I've decided to switch over to Carb Backloading (a modified version of it) based on Tomahawk88's log among others, and in all honesty I'm terrified but willing to experiment at this point. Primary goal is to gain mass and the commensurate strength. This is most certainly not a cut or intentional recomp.

Prior to the decision to test out CBL, training day intake was approximately 3500 calories, rest day intake hovering around 2500 calories. Proteins made up the majority of my diet (300-350 grams per day) with complex carbs and essential fats making up the rest. Now, for the first time in two years, I won't be paying close attention to my caloric intake but rather focus solely on macros (for the backloads) and doing my best to consume enough protein otherwise. Because I am seeking increases in mass, I won't be as concerned with complex versus simple CHO and hopefully find a good balance as far as a moderate surplus is concerned. I am absolutely petrified of too much fat accumulation due to my past (which I understand is a total contradiction based on my goals and purported dismissal of aesthetics), but I've learned from these boards that "serving two masters" is not a good idea for me. I have a tremendous amount of excess skin due to the rapid weight loss that will eventually need surgery, so evaluation of how much fat as opposed to muscle being gained is a difficult process. Hopefully those experienced with CBL or have had similar issues to mine can assist.

Training days:
12-14 hour fast
Fast broken with proteins/fats and fibrous green vegetables
Post workout shake consisting of whey and bananas before loading begins
Loading based on whole foods (though glycemic index will no longer be an issue)

Rest days:
12-14 hour fast
All meals consisting of fats/proteins and fibrous green vegetables (based on anabolic diet/ketogenic diet)


All training based on Wendler's 5/3/1 program for powerlifting. BBB accessory template.

Finally, here's the supplementation protocol:
2 caps original Erase split 1 morning, 1 early evening
6 caps Endosurge, split 2/2/2 evenly
1 cap Intimidate before sleep

Other basics:
Creatine monohydrate
5 grams fish oil
1.5 -2 scoops Omega Flashover pre workout
2-3 grams additional beta alanine
10 grams bulk ModernBCAA if necessary

My apologies for writing a friggin' novel here, but I wanted to be as thorough as possible. Updates to come on a regular basis.

Please, if anyone out there has anything to add, let me know. And thanks again AM.

Pictures to come.