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  1. Final Reviews

    Prime: As always, this is a great product for me. I wish that I was able to run it at the high dose that I have in the past but family expenses come first. If I could get this in bulk, I probably would!

    Jack3d: Flavoring with the Fruit Punch is great! It wasn't too much and wasn't too little. The effects are the same as always for me ---Great!

    MBCAA: Flavoring on this is also just right with the fruit punch. I would mix half a scoop of the Jack3d in after it was mixed and sip it throughout the session. The recovery time while on this is great.

    Compound 20:I liked this product but did not get the feeling of being "On" like some others reported. Perhaps that was because I was just coming off of a cycle. The leaning aspect of it is nice. I didn't change diet or how much cardio I did while on this stack so as to keep the variables to a minimum and did in fact lose some BF. The exact percentage I do not know but just looking in the mirror, I can see a difference. Weight stayed steady for the most part so I believe there was a bit of recomping going on here. I think if I run this again, I will run it at a higher dose to see if that works better for me. Maybe do a 6/8 split with it instead of just 4/6 split. Something to think about anyways.

    Erase Pro: Well, I had no joint problems from this run at all. I did notice some drying effects that was nice and test levels were higher than normal. Higher libido, skin was more oily than normal and had zits popping up here and there. Even had one in my arm pit that was very annoying! That rotten little sucker hurt! I blame this on the Prime and EP together! LOL! I dosed the EP every day.

    After running this stack, I can see why others enjoyed it so much and why it is getting the buzz that it is. I would like to see a bigger bottle of the C20 available to be able to run a higher dose but even at the normal dose, it was doing it's job.

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    Jeremiah 29:11-14

  2. Those are great results! You look thicker and leaner now.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by diezel View Post
    Those are great results! You look thicker and leaner now.
    Thank you! The drying effects of the EP with the leaning of the C20 and the boost of test with the Prime yielded some nice results for me.
    Jeremiah 29:11-14

  4. Next time look into adding Test Powder. This is hands down the strongest natural Testosterone product I've ever used. Prime doesn't have any hormonal activity by itself but it does seem to amplify Test Powders effects.

  5. I'll keep that in mind! Thanks for the input!
    Jeremiah 29:11-14

  6. Great results man! Great review also! I love Erase man wish I could stay on that **** year round!
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